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Providing a complete line-up of long-awaited The Mana Pool merchandise and creating entertaining content for you full time.
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Posted by Chewie Slate (Creator)

This thrill-ride is almost done!  After a month on the Kickstarter rollercoaster, we're coming around the last turn and heading back into the station.  And let me tell you, it's been the best ride ever!  But we're not done yet!

I love meeting listeners.  I really do, it's great.  And I was bummed that no one was able to go for the Day of Dorking reward tier.  I was contacted by a few people, but ultimately I think the cost was a big factor.  Well I don't want my own lofty ambitions keep us from meeting new people, so an idea was hatched.  Why not set up a "Day of Dorking Lite" reward?

The Day of Dorking Lite reward will be $500.  You'll still get all the merch, and you'll still get to come hang out with us, play some Magic, eat lunch, play some Magic, eat dinner, and probably play some Magic.  Everything mentioned in the original will still apply.  Now, given how hard it is to schedule the 4 of us to get together and how little warning there usually is (we usually get no more than 10 days notice, sometimes 14), adding in another party to that and doing it far enough in advance was going to be NUTS.  But we were going to figure out a way to do it for someone who wanted to throw in $750.

Now I'm not one to invalidate something by offering it up in a cheaper state, so the caveat to the Day of Dorking Lite is this: we're not going to guarantee that all 4 dorks will be there.  Of course I'll be there, because duh.  Mike will more than likely be there.  And hopefully one of the other two (you know, the ones with kids) will be able to make it as well.  But we're only going to guarantee 2 host dorks with a hopeful splash for the others.

So there you have it, a last-minute attempt to actually play some Magic with you guys!  Don't forget the new bulk sleeves add-on (listed in the add-ons!) as well as all the other add-ons you might want to throw in!  Don't forget too that the Mythic Dork shirt goes away in less than a day!  They are exclusive to this Kickstarter and will be retired once it's done!  I'll have extras of everything else though.  No matter what, you better make your decisions quickly, because all is said and done Thursday morning at 10:30 Eastern!


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