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Bring The MagPi magazine, the best and only magazine for the Raspberry Pi enthusiast, from the digital realm into the physical realm.
Bring The MagPi magazine, the best and only magazine for the Raspberry Pi enthusiast, from the digital realm into the physical realm.
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The day you have all been waiting for... (IMPORTANT - Please Read)

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Hi all,

It has been a long time coming, but we can finally say the magic words you have been waiting for so patiently...WE START SHIPPING TOMORROW!

(If you dont have time to read this entire email, please at least read the bit at the bottom about shipping addresses)

As you probably know we recently finished the final updates to the issues and had them all at the printer.  The final copies of issue 8 arrived with our distribution partner ModMyPi ( yesterday and they are preparing to start shipping these out starting tomorrow. We will get some pictures of them going out and post them here in due course.

We cant wait to see these out in the wild and in the hands of our very first and most loyal backers.

Once again, we thank you for your continued support and patience. The delays were certainly not expected, but we felt they were necessary so we could provide the best possible final product. On a recent personal Kickstarter someone left a comment which I really liked in regard to the delays that roughly read "if there are not delays with a Kickstarter project, it wasn't ambitious enough" - well ours was certainly ambitious, and we are glad to be finally reaching the end...but without any of you we would never have even had the opportunity to I will say again:


We hope you have enjoyed our 2013 issues thus far (you can find them at, and rest assured that we will be printing those shortly too. We should have some exciting updates on this in the coming weeks - we will be sure to post them on here as well as on our Facebook page at

We have nearly caught up with our backlog of work proof-reading and preparing previous issues for print, and will then be able to move to a smoother process, releasing the printed and online copies at around the same time. This will be a lot easier now without the huge amount of hours being put towards converting and preparing back issues alongside the monthly releases.

We want your pictures!

We would very much like to see pictures of yourselves, your children, your friends, your hacker clubs, your animals, your RasPi powered cyborgs or anyone or anything else you can think of enjoying their printed copies of The MagPi, or even just pictures of the binder and magazines taking pride of place on your desk/coffee table/bookshelf (we like pictures :-) - and we don't receive that many). Please take the time to post them on our Facebook page at or email them to us at


A few weeks ago we sent a message asking for anyone to let us know of any address changes due to moving house. We have had a fair few of these, and have responded to all of them to confirm the updated addresses have been logged. If you have sent an address change and not received a response please send it again through the Kickstarter messaging system ASAP to allow us to update it.

All the best,
The MagPi team

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    1. The MagPi 3-time creator on

      That was supposed to say @ J Ashfield!

    2. The MagPi 3-time creator on

      @ A double treat - end of exams and MagPi!!

    3. Missing avatar

      J Ashfield on

      Got my bundle today, thanks a lot for all your effort
      Now to wait until my exams have finished to start reading them :(

    4. NialP

      Great news! I haven't read the first 5 issues from last year so they will be like 5 brand new mags for me. I have flipping through the online pages of this years mags but have deliberately avoided going through them as I would normally do with a magazine online or in hardcopy so when the 2013 copies are printed then they will also be a good read.
      I prefere real paper magazines to web based, its so much better to have physical copies instead of reading off a screen.

      Great job guys, 6 months over but these days thats pretty standard! You lot have had an epic job to get these together and I think everyone here is going to enjoy them very much!

    5. Missing avatar

      Peter McDonald on

      Congratulations guys. The hard work is nearly over. Looking forward to getting the mags and stufff.