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Bring The MagPi magazine, the best and only magazine for the Raspberry Pi enthusiast, from the digital realm into the physical realm.
Bring The MagPi magazine, the best and only magazine for the Raspberry Pi enthusiast, from the digital realm into the physical realm.
616 backers pledged £29,576 to help bring this project to life.

The Printing Process...

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Hi everyone,

We are delighted to announce, further to our last update, that we are on track to start shipping next week. Then it is just a case of trying to get your rewards out of the door as quick as possible!

Printing The MagPi

We thought that some of you might be interested in seeing some pictures of The MagPi during the production process. We asked our printer ( to take some pictures of the magazine progressing through the various printing/finishing tasks so we could show you some of the huge machinery involved!

Printing plates being made:

On the press:

Lining up on the press:

Issue 7 inside the stitching machine:

Stitching and finishing:

A finished mag:

We will post again when we start shipping with more pictures! Not long now!

The MagPi Team

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    1. NialP

      Whats going on with RasPi projects at the moment?
      Haven't heard from the MagPi team for a while and its now 3 weeks after this update which said they would be starting to ship the following week (2 weeks ago)

      Then there is the Pi Supply which has also seemed to have gone dark.

      The Kickstarter curse was on 3D printer projects, maybe its crossed species to the Raspberry Pi...

      Any updates guys? Would be happy with just a couple of lines saying whats going on when a predicted deadline is missed, just to tell us whats going on and that things have been pushed again.

      Hope all is well and your all just busy getting magazine sets packed and posted.

    2. Missing avatar

      ttcircus on

      Well, i don't care about the delays, at least you didn't give up! Isn't that what KickStarter is about anyway? That's how I see it and I'm looking forward to receiving the mags and the 'gamble' case.
      My kid will one day find these and a rpi in the attic and they will love it :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Keith Woollacott on

      Being an unpaid volunteer is always a thankless task - someone will always find fault without ever volunteering to help ease the load.

      Thank you to everyone who has worked towards the (imminent) release of the final product; like Nial, I have deliberately not read the latest issues online and look forward to receiving the magazines when they arrive.

    4. NialP

      Publishing is either dead easy or a bickle fitch!
      Probably in hindsight further in depth research before the campaign went live would of helped and most likely would of prevented most delays, but you cant turn back time.

      At least now for printing each issue from know on you now know what is required and how to layout etc so it should just be small adustments and then sending it to the printers who a week later send back a bunch of stacks of MagPi magazines.

      The BIG question is.. are you going to be shipping as planned by the end of the week?? I have resisted reading all but 3 issues online so 5 of the mags will be brand new to me to read so am really hoping they come soon so I can finally read all the articles and write ups.

    5. The MagPi 3-time creator on

      Hi Bryan, we are truly sorry for the delays - we would never have promised something we didnt think we could deliver, and unfortunately we heavily underestimated the task of converting these to a print ready form.

      However the whole point in Kickstarter is that there is an amount of uncertainty - and as you probably know, none of us are publishing professionals so have had a long and challenging road to get to the position where we can say we are about to start shipping. It has been worth it, to get you guys the rewards for your pledges, which we couldnt have done this without.

      All I can do is apologise, but as Bernardo says we are all unpaid volunteers, and have been working flat out to get the magazines to the best quality we can in printed form, as well as continuing to release a monthly magazine.

      I hope you can take this into account.


    6. Bernardo Garces on

      I don't know why I even bother to answer, but perhaps you miss the small point that all this process of rewriting and editing has been done by volunteers.

      That is, in case you wonder, that they did it for free.

    7. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    8. The MagPi 3-time creator on

      thanks a lot...if you think that looks good in the picture, just wait till you have them in your hands!

    9. lochnessduck on

      thanks for the update; the finished magazine looks great!

    10. The MagPi 3-time creator on

      Thanks for your support Nial, should have issue 9 to 12 ready soon too, and then should be much quicker at getting them printed!

    11. NialP

      Hurray! Nice work guys!
      Seriously excited about finally getting my mags!
      Its been such a build up and I know you guys have been working like crazy to get the best possible product out to us.
      Cant wait till next week (ish).
      Thanks MagPi Team!