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With $10,000 we will deliver 200 yarn wigs in Jan. 2017! 1 wig = $50. Wigs are FREE to the kiddos who love them :) Shipped worldwide!
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Founders: Holly Christensen & Bree Hitchcock
Founders: Holly Christensen & Bree Hitchcock

Not so long ago, 2 Moms started a project to make a few dozen Princess yarn wigs for young girls battling cancer… 

Chemotherapy treatments leave young scalps too sensitive for traditional wigs, but yarn-wigs are comfy, soft, and warm. However, Magic yarn wigs are inspired by beloved Disney characters, and invite children back to the world of play and daydreaming. They are a beacon of fun, laughter, and play during a scary time. Gallery of our Princesses and Pirates

Princess Allira
Princess Allira

The Magic Yarn Project has received coverage by over a hundred internet media sources, magazines, and local news stories. As word of our project spreads so does the demand for our wigs! And with such high numbers of newly diagnosed children with cancer every year (roughly 83,000 young girls, ages 2-10), we have a backorder list that never seems to dwindle.

As of November 2016, we have shipped over 1300 wigs to 22 countries for FREE!!! Our 900+ volunteers and donors are the Magic Makers of our project! They allow The Magic Yarn Project to bring sparkle to the lives of very precious children with no extra monetary burden to their families. 

  • $10,000 will cover the supplies and shipping costs to deliver 200 wigs.
  • Each wig costs an average of $50.
  • If we exceed our funding goal, we will simply make and deliver more wigs. 
  • We have multiple hospitals partnerships that will gladly accept as many wigs as we can give them.

Join us as we hope to bring magic to the lives of children battling cancer and inspire volunteerism to make a difference.

Magic is something you make.

Yours in service, 

Holly and Bree

Volunteers and Princesses
Volunteers and Princesses



Risks and challenges

With proper funding, there is little that could interfere with our goal of delivering 200 wigs in January.

Our wigs are easy to make and we have provided online tutorial videos so that anyone anywhere may make a wig and send it our way for inspection and delivery.

We have multiple local workshops (free to volunteers) planned for December and January and will easily be able to craft at least 200 wigs.

And with our long list of backordered wigs, we will quickly find 200 brave warriors to gift our whimsical wigs to.

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