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The sleekest, slimmest, most awesome cooling stand exclusively designed & engineered for the aluminum unibody MacBook Pro.
The sleekest, slimmest, most awesome cooling stand exclusively designed & engineered for the aluminum unibody MacBook Pro.
The Kickstarter campaign was a success! You can now order at our official store site. Click  link below to order now.
The sleekest, slimmest, most awesome cooling stand exclusively designed & engineered for the aluminum unibody MacBook Pro. The Kickstarter campaign was a success! You can now order at our official store site. Click  link below to order now.
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    1. Missing avatar

      dim3m on

      Sadly, I no longer use my Tilt for cooling my MBP. Even tho the design is still impressive and just fits perfect. The amount of cooling it provides is just isn't enough.

      There are 2 things that needs to change in the design in my opinion. The lower outer shell should be made out of aluminum mesh. To provide better ventilation and durability. The current design pushes the warm air the gets build up but still. That warm air warms the Tilt. So not enough ventilation.


      2. One big ass fan! Really. Best way to remove large amount of warm air build up is move as much of it out. One small tiny fan that is designed to direct the warm air into one direction isnt enough. I say more ventilation mesh/ holes so that the warm air build up can escape faster.

      So now do both that and still keep it in the sleek form factor of the Tilt.

      Im planing to modify my Tilt to do this.


    2. Missing avatar

      dim3m on

      I've had my tilt attached to my MBP ever since I got it. Wohoo

    3. Missing avatar

      Richard Innes on

      Just wanted to add my two cents.. Had the TILT attached to my MBP since early January when it first arrived and its never been off. I love it. I used to use a logitech lap guard to combat the heat thrown off by the laptop, but now not needed. It even fits into my laptop case still attached (admittedly the USB cable becomes a bit awkward when trying to get it to fit into the laptop case, but can be solved by wrapping around the back corner).

      Overall, extremely happy! Great product guys!


    4. jacktan on


      I would second the "shifting" of the tilt if it's left permanently on the MBP. I leave it on all the time , putting it into the black microfibre sleeve, into the laptop compartment of my backpack daily.

      Once every four to 5 days, I will notice that the Tilt has shifted sideways by about 2 to 3mm. It is not necessary to unlatch the Tilt. I just need to push the Tilt with my thumb from the opposite side and it will be back in place.

      Other than this, I like that I now no longer have to place the MBP on a separate cooling base.

    5. madMINDS 3-time creator on

      Check out this fantastic review from one of the United State's biggest Apple Sites They love The TILT!

    6. madMINDS 3-time creator on

      Another stellar review from The TILT! This time from one of Greece's top Apple sites where they give the Tilt 4.5 out of 5 stars. Get your Google Translate ready and check it out:

    7. madMINDS 3-time creator on

      @Bernard - thanks for your comments and feedback. Many of the things you mention definitely seem to be due to a faulty TILT and we are more than willing to send a replacement to you. As you can see from the rest of the reviews/feedback on this page as well as the official TILT page here our customers have been VERY happy with The TILT. Please e-mail us directly at and we can take care of you.

    8. Missing avatar

      Frederick Jeng on

      OOPS! After re-reading my comment, I must've had a "brain-fart." I meant to say I have a 15in Macbook pro and not a 17 inch. But then again, users of the TILT should know by now they've only made it for the 15 inch anyway (not 13 inch, not 17 inch, not anything more or less than a 15 inch MBP). But just i case people glossed over the original TILT description and only read the reviews, I just wanted to make that clear.

    9. Missing avatar

      Frederick Jeng on

      As one of the early adopters and one of the first to receive the first shipment. I want to give a follow-up review after using it DAILY on my MBP since December 2011 (so almost 4 months of daily usage)! I can truly say that I am not able to use my 17in. Macbook pro "anywhere" without any complications or hassle.

      1) Sometimes I like using my MBP on my lap while sitting on the couch and watching my sports games on television. During those times, I generally chat and browse the web. I have yet to have my fan turn on. I do not feel any heat ON my lap from the MBP with the TILT. My body heat does not activate the fan on the MBP to turn on.

      2) I have an solid oak home office desk. I work from home half the week and have yet to have any issues with TILT. No TILT feet marks, not slippage, and perfect leveling of my TILT+MBP as a whole.
      - The rubber feet is even MORE useful when working on glass-topped tables. It keeps the MBP in on location and I can't even slide it without exerting more force (which is a good thing). I just lift it and put it in a new spot where I want my MBP at that time.

      3) I like to watch movies while I'm in bed. Generally WITHOUT the TILT, this is when my fan turns on and when my MBP becomes extremely hot; so hot, that I have to move my MBP to a different spot so as to not to "overheat." After using the TILT, I feel it protects my MBP by cooling it (with or without the TILT usb fan). I've rarely used the TILT usb fan, but there are times where I have used it.

      4) I've easily taken off and put on the TILT on my MBP multiple times (mostly to just clean the bottom of my MBP or use the TILT usb fan). Keep in mind that I'm OCD and just like to clean things. To the regular consumer, the TILT does NOT make the bottom of the MBP dirty. I just like to once in awhile "dust off" miniscule dust particles every so often; I clean the whole MBP once in awhile when I clean my monitor, keyboard cover, and handprints on the surfaces near the mousepad, so while I'm at it, I clean the TILT inside and out, and the bottom of the MBP.

      5) Lastly, the TILT still fits perfectly. It has not shifted towards any direction. It has not become loose. Family members who have the MBP ask me how come mine is larger than theirs. They don't notice that I have an aftermarket accessory stand. They just assume, the MBP was a special size from Apple! The design is flawless!

      THANKS MADMINDS! I feel like I got my MONEY'S WORTH! I'm a picky guy and I value my hardearned money and so far I've never regretted buying your product. Also, I RARELY give credit where it is due, only if it warrants it such as a great customer service and/or superb product. I also have to say a belated THANK YOU for expediting my order to be one of the first to receive it because of special circumstances!

      How about something for the NEW ipad3? Anything new products? Please keep us updated!

    10. madMINDS 3-time creator on

      @ Steven - thanks so much for your support of The TILT! We are so happy to hear that you bought 4 for your entire family. The latching mechanism was designed to hold tight to your MacBook Pro but "molds" after time so it can come on and off easier when you want. We do really appreciate your feedback and glad to know your family loves it so far. We are constantly looking for ways to improve for future versions.

      Please e-mail us at and we can take care of any of the issues that you mention. Thanks again!

    11. Missing avatar

      Bernhard Geist on

      Hi, received my Tilt some time ago but have to say that my experience is way mixed. I now stopped using it.
      Here are my findings:
      the good: design is good, snaps securely to the MBP if done properly
      the bad: the rubber feet leave traces on my desk. Standard wooden desk, no other thing does that on it
      the really ugly: my MBP runs hotter with the Tilt attached than without. This is not only some gut feeling but I fired up a hardware monitor application that reads all of the termal sensors and the two fans. I have to add that I'm sort of a power user with virtual machines running and an huge external screen attached same time.
      And with the Tilt the temp is higher. this is especially true without the fan. But with the fan on the noise is much more than the built in fans so this doesn't make sense at all

      So my verdict: nice design - function is meh. Sad. I really like your work and attitude.

    12. Steven Lim

      Hi guys,
      Great job on the Tilt! We have ordered 4 of it for our family! Have always received compliments on the TILT. Look great and it worked. Loving it! We do have a few feedback for you.
      1) The USB plug sometimes get caught when placing the MBP+TILT combo in a bag. It would be great if it could be place into a slot or cutout on the TILT - without having to remove the TILT.
      2) As USB ports are already scarce on the MBP, a "replacement" USB port (or more ports) on the TILT would be great!
      3) The Fan on the TILT is audible. No real issue, it is noticeable only when its USB plug is pulled - the silent is louder that the fan (if that make any sense).
      One of the rubber feet on one of the TILT is missing - may have been missed in assembly or it fell off during use. Please help me with its replacement, thanks in advance.

      The TILT I'm using came off the MBP 3 time since I had started using it. Kind of slide apart from the MBP. I only remember it seems to happen when I was putting it into a bag. However, it did not come apart after I re-attach it to the MBP - even when I tried different push/pull to get to "un-intentionally" come apart. Does the latch need to be re-attached after a period of time? Is my TILT defective? My concern is my MBP getting damage if it fall apart from the TILT. Please advise.

      On the whole, A great job Guys! Wishing you a Bright future.

    13. Missing avatar

      dim3m on

      Any plans for a 13" version?

    14. madMINDS 3-time creator on

      Richard - did you check out our website to see how to properly attach The TILT to your MacBook Pro? It should snap right in securely. You can e-mail us directly at for direct correspondence.

    15. Missing avatar

      Richard Rose on

      Hi guys, I received my tilt and gave it to my in-laws, as it was a present for them. The problem we noticed is that the tilt doesn't snap onto the macbook. It just sits on it. If you were to pull the macbook up while it's sitting on the tilt, the tilt would just fall off. Shouldn't it snap into the tilt, or is ours defective?

    16. madMINDS 3-time creator on

      @sachin - We are so sorry about that! It must have completely missed our QA process. We received your e-mail as well so we will respond directly to you to get that taken care of. Thanks!

    17. Missing avatar

      sachin on

      Hi Spencer/Clinton,

      Received the TILT, works and looks great thank you. However, I didn't receive any padded rubber feet attached to the underside of the TILT or in the box. I am an international backer and have ended up paying more in customs, but I guess this is something that cannot be helped.

      I agree with Robert, maybe keep the side bit open (in V2) so that the USB can be tucked into the side of the TILT when not in use.


    18. Missing avatar

      Niall Gillespie on

      As with several other comments below I've got the USPS site saying that they had notification that they (USPS) were expecting to receive the package for shipping on 12 Jan, but there's been nothing since then.

      LN22 8019 705U S

      Any idea what's up?

      Thanks in advance.

    19. Robert Brauner on

      I recieved my Tilt a few days ago, and as you promised, it is exactly as advertise and and what was promised , a rarity these days. Great Job, keep up the good work, looking forward to you next project. My only suggestion, find a quicker way to access and hide the USB power plug.

    20. Missing avatar

      Richard Innes on

      Thanks!! Received it today! Absolutely love it - better than I could have hoped. Thanks again. Richard.

    21. Missing avatar

      YANG on

      It keeps telling me the same thing since 8th Jan and still not seeing the package, any problem during the delivery? tracking number : LN228018917US

    22. madMINDS 3-time creator on

      @ Richard - We checked with USPS and your shipment should be arriving by next week. So it's all good! Thanks!

    23. Missing avatar

      I-Tsung Lin on

      I received it two days ago in Taiwan and it works very well. Thanks.

    24. Missing avatar

      Richard Innes on

      Hi, international backer in the UK. Not received my TILT yet and when I check the USPS tracking number that you sent to me on 9th Jan - it just says:

      "Status: Electronic Shipping Info Received

      The U.S. Postal Service was electronically notified by the shipper on January 12, 2012 to expect your package for mailing. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date. Delivery status information will be provided if / when available. Please be advised tracking is not available for this product. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later. "

      Does this mean there has been a problem?

      If it helps according to my email I'm order #156. I can email you the tracking details too, if that makes it easier to trace.

      Thanks, Richard.

    25. madMINDS 3-time creator on

      Hi Miguel - we sent you an e-mail directly on how we can solve the issue. Thanks!

    26. Miguel Doménech on

      Hi!! I've just received my Tilt at Spain!!! Thanks for all... but i have a problem! At the bottom of The Tilt there isn't one of the rubber buttoms. I've just send an email to with this photos to prove the problem ( and ).

      What can I do?

      My Tilt is unstable!!


    27. madMINDS 3-time creator on

      Hi Robert - I assume you are talking to us and not Matt as he is a backer. We are a bit confused as we have e-mailed back and forth with you already and that your address field was not filled out in the Kickstarter interface so we had no address to send to you. Then you sent us your address but said you might not be able to receive it USPS. So then we e-mailed you again confirming if we could send to you or not via USPS and we are still waiting for an answer. This is Spencer. The one you have been talking to. We are still waiting for your confirmation to send.


    28. Robert Brauner on

      Matt: I have written many times and give all the information you requested. It is no 14 Jan 12, and I have yet to receive any notice of shipment even though the updates indicate that everyone who backed the project was sent their Tilt.

      I am still waiting for an email from you or someone giving me the promised update.

    29. madMINDS 3-time creator on

      Hi Matt - we are sorry to hear about your issue with the latch. Please e-mail us at so we can trouble shoot what is going on.


    30. Andrew Cybulska on

      Received mine today. It's fantastic! Blends right in. Great job and thank you so so much! You'll be getting a few orders from my co-workers soon!

    31. Missing avatar

      Matt Shannon on

      Hi Guys! Received my Tilt today. Very good job! Like Dan below, I cannot get the locking mechanism to latch to my MBP. I am afraid to try much harder for fear of damaging the lock. Do you have an idea of the break in time? How far should you be able to move the locking "handle"? Do you have any more insight beyond the video on the main site?

      Let me leave focusing back on the "coolness"! You've solved a real problem for me. I know you'll make a cool million! (OK - I'll stop the bad puns now).

      - Matt

    32. madMINDS 3-time creator on

      As promised...The TILT is shipping! Thanks every one for your patience and understanding. Your tracking numbers will be sent throughout the weekend so don't panic if you haven't received it yet. Also please do us a HUGE favor and leave a review on our site once you get it in your hands! (at the bottom you can leave a review)

      THANKS you guys rock!

    33. Andrew Cybulska on

      Got my tracking number the other day. Extremely excited!

    34. soxcited

      Received my TILT. It fits, works and looks great. Thanks madMINDS...

    35. Kasper on

      Wow! Excellent fit and finish!

      I was worried that the TILT would add too much visual bulk to the design line of the MBP. However madMINDS did a great job of designing the visual mass away through careful sculpting. This truly is a product worthy of being mated to Apple's excellent design! It also has a great feel in the hand. The surface is almost indistinguishable from the MBP's aluminum.

      I am overwhelmingly impressed! The pictures and video don't do this justice. By far, the best accessory made for the MBP.

    36. Kareem Abulaban on

      amazing product. can't wait for v2.
      my macbook pro. is running so much better now. especially while video editing thanks so much guys and merry christmas!

    37. Missing avatar

      Andy Contreras on

      One last thing do you guys sell tripods? Okay I am done now.

    38. Missing avatar

      Andy Contreras on

      ❤ Loving my tilt! the next step i think is some nice software so the is always running. In the mean time the mechanism is just my hand. Sorry it's to awesome I had to find something to complain about :D

    39. Philip Shook on

      Got my Tilt the other day. What a great idea to become a product. Looking forward to other great ideas. :-)

    40. madMINDS 3-time creator on

      Hi everyone - if your TILT has arrived please make sure to watch the quick HOW TO video of the proper way to attach The TILT. It's on our site under "VIDEOS". This will ensure that The TILT is securely attached to your MacBook Pro. Please also note the latching mechanism comes straight from our factory so it will "mold" to your MacBook Pro as time goes on.

      For those who have not received their TILT yet, BE ASSURED, it is on its way. Per our earlier notices, the shipping is being completed in phases so everyone is receiving at different times but it will get to you and you will receive an e-mail notification once it is processed.

      Thanks everyone for the support, feedback and for the early awesome reviews! You guys rock. Have a happy holidays!

    41. Missing avatar

      Andy Contreras on

      Omg thank you for the Tutorial video I was gonna start complaining. Anyways awesome job guys thanks so much for everything. You're the classiest of gentlemen.

    42. CHUE HER on

      ... is jealous that people have their Tilt already. I can't wait to get my e-mail shipment confirmation. Guess I'll wait patiently by my inbox and mailbox here in Kansas City.

    43. madMINDS 3-time creator on

      Hi Dan - glad you got The TILT today! Did you have a chance to watch the quick HOW TO video of the proper way to attach The TILT? It's on our site under "VIDEOS". If that still is not working, since the latches come straight from the factory, some might need a "breaking in" period for it to become more pliable and lock in. Let us know if you are still having issues later on and you can always e-mail us at as well.

    44. Missing avatar

      Dan Kletter on

      Arrived today, thank you very much! Hate to ask… Am I the only one having trouble getting it to "snap" into place? Either I am unable to pull the lock out or it's just not grabbing on to the back of my MBP. What am I doing wrong?

    45. Missing avatar

      dim3m on

      I got mine today and its such a great cooler. Fits and works seamlessly. Here it is…. Thanks madminds.

    46. Missing avatar

      Frederick Jeng on

      I got my TILT and it is what I expected! It was easy to install. It feels durable. Also I feel that the tilt ergonomically makes the mac book pro comfortable with the raised yet "tilted" keyboard. Lastly, I haven't heard my fan turn on since using power intensive programs or experienced any heat on my lap while using it on the sofa while watching tv. Lastly, It looks seamless with the overall design AND the silver color matches exactly with the mac book pro! After showing it to my family, they didn't realize I had the TILT on the mac book pro because they thought it was originally part of the mac book pro. Thanks MADMINDS!

    47. Monica Betel on

      Just got mine today and it looks amazing! Couldn't be happier. :)

    48. Missing avatar

      Bryan Chong on

      Just received mine! Looking snazzy. Thanks again!

    49. madMINDS 3-time creator on

      @ Kareem - yes shipping began yesterday and will continue throughout until every order is filled. You will receive an e-mail notification once your package is shipped with tracking #.

      @ Travis - please e-mail me directly at and we can work something out.


    50. Kareem Abulaban on

      hey guys anyway we can get a shipping confirmation i can start calling in sick and waiting by my door for the ups guy?

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