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The MADE will be a fully interactive videogame museum in San Francisco, in the United States.  Help us secure a space.
The MADE will be a fully interactive videogame museum in San Francisco, in the United States. Help us secure a space.
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Recent updates

Donor Party Friday!

This is it. The party you have been waiting for. Doors open at 6, but we expect folks to show up a little later, as this is California. We'll have modest food and beverages, and lots of games to play.

Come down and let us thank you for your generous donations!

610 16th St.

Suite 230

Oakland, CA 94612 dial #0230 to be buzzed in.

First programming class held at the MADE!

Your generous donation to the MADE has enabled us to hold our first programming class.

You can read a brief synopsis of the class at

We've got two children right now, and we'll be adding more as they show up. Classes are now taking place Saturdays at 10 AM at the MADE. They are free. We figured ya'll would be enthusiastic about our offering free game programming classes to the children of Oakland. Therefore, they will stay free.

As a resident of Oakland who has seen the various and sundry turmoils of the past six weeks first-hand, I cannot express with enough vigor how important expanding our programming classes will be in the coming months. Oakland is a wonderful town, but it is also a troubled city, and through these classes we can directly impact the future of local children. There's no possible price tag that can be placed on the value of returns that can come out of these educational investments. Our task now is to get as many children as possible into our programs.

We have two tremendous teachers right now, one of whom has published a book on programming games in Python, the other of whom has written his own programming language called Rhope. Despite their gigantic engineering-focused brains, the pair report their first class was "Fun!" As much was reported by the students as well. Fun while learning? We'll call that a rousing success!

We'll need your continued support to grow and evolve these classes. With your further donations and help connecting us with other potential donors, we'll be able to offer these classes ad infinitum. 

Want to get involved? Come to our Wednesday, 7PM meetings and let us know how you can help, or how we can work togeteher. We can always use more teachers, and more students. 

Thank you all for your help. We are quite excited about these classes: this is what the MADE is all about, and we've reached this goal in our second month of physical existence. Not a bad milestone!

And, of course, once class is over, there are plenty of games to be played. We definitely believe that you need to play games to make games. So do our first batch of students.

Busy Week of Events at The MADE

Let's get this out of the way first: The MADE has entered alpha. This alpha can be considered to be on par with, say, the Minecraft Alpha: playable, awesome, but features are still being designed and added.

As we're taking inspiration from Minecraft, we're opening up our alpha phase to the public. Check out our Blog about upcoming events:

You'll also notice that this blog entry contains a photo of the space as it stands right now. It's a bit sparse, but we feel we've hit the right notes with this, our first implementation of the space's layout.

The key features, right now, are playable games on old and rare systems. The next feature we'll be adding is placards explaining the context of each game on display. And after that, we'll be adorning the walls with related materials. Call that our roadmap. We feel we're at minimum viable product right now, which was our goal for the first month.

What now? Why, we need to hold events. I'd like to hold 3 a week, or more. This week, we're banging out all three on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Every Tuesday night is Fight Night (old skool fighting game night) this Wednesday night is DorkBot, ( ) and we're holding an Amiga talk on Thursday, about the computer, by people who built that computer. All events start around 7 PM.

We will be live streaming all of these events, so take a gander online and see what we've done in the last year since you began supporting us.

The donor party looks to be happening on November 18. If you cannot make it, we hope to project TinyChat on the screen so ya'll can join us virtually.

We're off to a great start! From now until the end of the year, we'll be working on building out the space, and preparing the Museum to be open on a daily basis. We expect that to come together by January, with the museum being open for tons of events in the meantime.

And so, with the end of the year coming up, we wanted to reach out again to you to let you know we're still here for your tax write-off purposes. We'll always give you a write-off for games and equipment, and for monetary donations.

The MADE will require a great deal of capital investment to become a world-class institutions on the level of the SF MOMA. But for now, we're just focused on raising the funds to pay for our space through next September. Once those funds are raised, we'll focus on raising the capital to move to SF in 2012.

But in the short term, we're focused on events. Pop into our Website to see links to our livestreams of this week's event, and check out our blog to see a photo of the space as it stands now, in its alpha form.

Thank you all for your support. If you want to continue to support us, please come to our events, and tell your friends about our events. Also, join our Facebook group.

Thank you all for your support. We think we've finally begun to deliver on our promises. Now ya'll should come revel in what you have enabled to be created!

Day 1, Saturday, October 1

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We've got a space!

The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment now has a home! We signed a lease on a 2,064 sq ft space in Oakland on Friday. The location is at 610 16th St., Suite 230 Oakland CA 94612. It's at the corner of Jefferson and 16th, and is about 3.5 to 4 blocks from BART, depending on your station exit. We have 24/7 access to the space, and the rent includes power, cleaning and maintenance.

The lease is only for 12 months, so this space will be mostly about preparing for the next space, which we hope will be in San Francisco by 2013. In the meantime, we will be moving into this space, sorting and cataloguing all our assets, and trying to set up at least 3 on-site events per week. We want to have tons of reasons for ya'll to come to the space often.

We want to host classes on making games, talks by people in the industry, tournaments, and LAN parties, so if you want to get onto our calendar, drop me a line at or email Van at Some things we're already planning include an expo at the Chabot Science center in November, weekly fighting game tournaments (Street Fighter 2, etc.) and classes in how to program games in Python. We have lots more planned, but these are the initial thing we know we'll be doing. Additionally, we'll be hosting Block Party in December, which is a Demo Scene party. We also want to hold a 48 hour game dev party at some point before the end of the year.

We take possession of the space on October 1. It is wheelchair accessible.

If you want to send us things, you're welcome to pop them in the mail now. Shipping address is:

The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment

610 16th St.

Suite 230

Oakland, CA 94612

Thanks for all your help, folks. Thanks to you, we have enough money in the bank to keep this space open and running until the end of May, next year. That's a huge runway, and plenty for us to make sure we get on our feet and get ourselves to San Francisco next year.