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The MADE will be a fully interactive videogame museum in San Francisco, in the United States.  Help us secure a space.
The MADE will be a fully interactive videogame museum in San Francisco, in the United States. Help us secure a space.
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A New Year at our New Museum

Thanks to your generosity, we have made the MADE. Every goal we set up in this Kickstarter has been fulfilled entirely thanks to your donations. We have been open for three months now, and are offering regular classes, events, and starting next week, exhibit hours.

In case you hadn't seen our schedule lately, it's on the front page of our site: wherein you might notice we're opening from 2 to 9 on Tuesdays starting next week. The MADE will be open for general admission for these hours, and the day culminates in Fight Club at 6 PM.

We'll be adding more open hours soon, once we intake our first wave of interns from the local colleges. They're coming back to school in a week or so, and we're ready to put them to work. If you can call helping out at the videogame museum work.

We're also planning on opening co-working hours for local game developers on Thursday, but we'll update you on that in two weeks, when the schedules of everyone involved become less viscous.

Our classes are a raging success, thus far, and we have new kids showing up every week. Soon, we'll have to start splitting classes up due to size. We need more teachers!

And in case you hadn't heard, we inherited 20 years worth of GamePro magazine's equipment archives last month. It was a huge undertaking to save everything, and we're now cataloging and sorting through the 100+ boxes of equipment and relics.

Your donations will sustain the MADE through March, 2012. That's just 3 months away. We now need your help again to fund the next 6 months of the MADE. Spread the word, and let everyone know they can donate to us on our Webpage, or in person. We accept corporate donations and grants, as well, so if you can point us towards some lucrative opportunities therein, please inform us.

We also need your help to make this Museum into all that it can become. If you've got an event or group you think could use the MADE for its projects, or if you want to teach classes, speak, or generally help out, please come down to one of our weekly Wednesday meetings. They start at 7PM.

The History of 3D Opens Saturday

Our first exhibit, the History of 3D opens this Saturday, 10 AM to 5 PM at The MADE in Oakland, 610 16th St Suite 230 Oakland, CA 94612

Come check out and play some amazing games you may never even have heard of before.

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Surprises for party tonight!

Remember! Dial #0230 to be buzzed in at our building!

We just had a new shipment of stuff arrive for the party, and we now have a Vectorex and 10-player Bomberman on hand! We hope to have these working for the party, so come on down and play with us!

Party Tomorrow Night

The party is still on for tomorrow night! We're really excited to have you all finally come to the space. Again, doors open at 6 but the party really starts at 8. If you show up at 6, we might put you to work helping us set up. Or we might just sit you in front of a game to play until 8.

We've got a DJ for the event, too! 8BitPeoples Member StarPause has agreed to provide us with music for the night, so expect some awesome chiptunes!

We hope you're as excited as we are for tomorrow. We'll see you then!

Party FAQ

Some folks have had questions about the party. Here is a short FAQ on it.

Is this the party I get to attend because I donated $25 or more?


Can I bring a date?

Yes, but we ask that anyone you bring make a monetary donation, as they are able, at the door. You can bring as many people as you want if they are willing to donate at the door.

I did not get a ticket! I am freaking out!

There are no tickets. You're fine. Breath deeply. We have your names on a list at the door.

Should I bring anything?

Yes. Whatever you want. Videogame equipment for donation is encouraged. We'll give you a tax write-off for equipment donations.

Where/when is this again?

Doors open at 6 PM on Friday 11-18-11


Dial #0230 on the box downstairs to be let in.

What should I wear?

Clothes. Anyone in costume will be photographed!

What if I can't make it?

Please email either or and we can chat about finding a time to have a make-up party, or a time when you can attend another event and we can treat you extra special at said event.

Thanks all!