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The MADE will be a fully interactive videogame museum in San Francisco, in the United States.  Help us secure a space.
The MADE will be a fully interactive videogame museum in San Francisco, in the United States. Help us secure a space.
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Summer Camps, Comedy Night, and a survey

Greetings Level 1 MADE Donors! Can you believe we're already half-way through level 2? Our fundraising drive has been somewhat less successful than our original Kickstarter drive, so we have had to get creative.

Thus, we're hosting summer camps! For kids 9-13, every week this summer, starting June 25 and with the July 4 week off, we're hosting a 1 week long summer camp. Kids will learn to program, do 3D modeling, create pixel art, and of course, play classic games. No Call of Duty!

Camps are $275 per week, with a $25 per week lunch option. Email to reserve your camper space!

On June 15, we're hosting an open house game night orientation for potential campers. Come find out more info, or check out the Website

June 14 is our first Comedy night. At 6:30, Indie developer show and tell begins, with comedy starting at 7:30. $10 a head, and we'll be featuring some local stand-up acts of the nerdcore variety.

Finally, all of your game developers who donated to the MADE: Want to help us get $5 and contribute to an academic study that seeks to find the root causes of software development gaming project failures?

For every game developer that fills out this survey: the creator will donate $5 to the MADE. The survey is part of his PhD thesis, so your input will only be used for academic purposes. The survey takes only 15 minutes.

Thanks for your help, and as always, spread the word!

The MADE's Level 2 Fundraising drive needs your help

Greetings MADE donors!

We're kicking off our 24-hour game beating marathon at the MADE, tomorrow at 5 PM PT, and we'll continue streaming and beating games for a solid 24, at least. For every $1,000 donated during our Level 2 Fundraising campaign, we're going to beat 1 game.

The goal is to finish off our Level 2 fundraising drive, and meet our $20,000 target. We will run out of funds in June without additional donations. It costs $2500 a month to keep the MADE open.

It would be a tragedy to close our doors now, as we've begun ramping up our classes due to overwhelming demand. We're adding a JavaScript course, a course in Unity, and a music making class, all free for kids.

You can help us continue this great work! You can donate now via PayPal at 

Even if you cannot afford to donate, you can help us out by spreading the word, posting the link around the Web, and watching our live stream, which will begin tomorrow night at 5 PM PT and be linked both on our blog and on the fundraising page. When the stream begins, we'd be indebted to anyone who could get us on the front page of Reddit.

We've worked very hard to build the MADE into an excellent educational resource for Oakland. Given the funds to continue to pay rent, insurance and Internet fees, we'll be able to expand all of our programs, and fire up our forth-coming membership program. Said membership program will include check-out rights for duplicates in our inventory,   free admission, and access to our game bar, where you can play any game in the collection on original hardware.

Everyone who donates $40 or more will receive a monthly membership to the museum per increment of $40. In addition, everyone who donates during this weekend's 24-hour game beating-marathon will receive one full month of membership, for any amount over $10. Thus, if you donate $40, you'll get 2 months membership. 

Thank you for all of your support. We're indebted to all of your generosity for our existence. We continue to be stingy with your funds, and remain entirely volunteer run. No money has been spent on gaming equipment, save for $20 spent on some Sega Genesis joysticks and a few boxed games at a rummage sale. And even these funds were taken from our on-site donation jug, not from your donated funds.

We are going after grants and corporate funding, but such efforts proceed slowly by their very nature. With your help, we can bridge the gap between when our current funds run out in June, and when our more viscous sources of funds arrive this fall and winter.

The MADE hosts its first Game Jam

Greetings MADE donors! The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment has been rolling along, meeting even more goals during the month of March. We opened the month with big bang as we showed out History of 3D exhibit at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

We got terrific exposure, and thousands of people streamed by the booth to play games ranging from Wolfenstien 3D and Ultima Underworld, to Microsoft Flight Simulator and Bioshock.

GDC took terrific care of us, and we were the only non-profit with a major display on-site. If we were a commercial company, we would have had to pay 6 figures for the exposure, advertising, space and logistical support we received at the show. All of this was donated to us.

This past weekend, the MADE took part in a world-wide Game Jam, titled "What Would Molydeux?" The Jam was a 48 hour development marathon, where teams built games based on the tweets of a faux-Peter Molyneux. The Game Jam site now hosts all the games made over the weekend:

Teams at the MADE accounted for just over 10 games made this weekend. We're very proud of all our teams, and are considering doing something like this once a month.

To that end, we are still working on our Level 2 Fundraising goals. We are currently paid up through May 20, and require further funds to keep the space open beyond that point. To accomplish this, we're planning a 24-hour Game-play marathon at the end of April, during which we will beat at least 20 games and show a live-stream of the event. For every $1,000 over the goal amount of $20,000 we raise, we will beat an additional game. We're hoping ya'll can keep us playing for days on end.

But also please consider donating to us at in the meantime. We're starting a new class on Saturday, which will focus on JavaScript and HTML 5. This will help us further enforce Saturday as free-class day. We're hoping to add even more classes soon, and every dollar you donate will be used to keep our doors open and the lights on so we can accomplish this goal.

Fundraising Campaign Level 2

Greetings MADE donors! Just a note to let ya'll know what's going on over the next few weeks. As before, we are running our second fundraising campaign at the MADE, to get to level 2:

Please spread the word!

Today, as usual, Fight Club is going on as we speak at The MADE. This fighting game meet-up is an all-day event, and ends around 9 PM. Admission is free.

While this is going on, the Museum also plays host to co-working hours for independent game developers. Thus far, Tuesdays are our busiest day at the MADE, and both of these events are well attended.

We now have open hours 3 days during the week: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 2 PM until 8 PM. The evening hours are a little fungible, with Tuesdays often going until 10 PM, and Wednesdays and Thursdays usually closing around 7 PM. We are actively looking for a recurring event/group to make Thursday night their day to meet at the MADE. Spread the word!

This Friday, we have our Dance Dance Museum Revolution party, which starts at 7PM. The evening will feature multiple playable dancing games, chiptunes artist Crashfaster, and prizes for the best boogie-er.

The following Saturday, as always, 10 AM kids programming classes in Scratch and Python. All kids are welcome, but ages 10 and up seem to be most amenable to the classes so far.

This Saturday, February 25, beginning at 1 PM, we'll be holding a MADE volunteer day. Come down if you want to help or donate equipment. We've made huge headway in tables and shelves recently, and Wednesday night, we expect to be moving in a bunch of new furniture.

Again, we cannot continue all of our events and classes unless we receive renewed support and donations. We're a shoe-string budget organization: the tables and shelves of which I speak have been purchased entirely with funds gathered at the door during our events. So far, that total has been around $600, all of which we've spent on Craigslist-ed tables, televisions, some table cloths, and as of Wednesday, shelves!

As with your previous donations, the money we are collecting for our level 2 fundraising drive will be spent only on rent, Internet and insurance. Power is included in our rent. All in all, it costs $2500 per month to keep the MADE open. We are currently set to run out of funds on March 20.

Thank you for your time, and please come to the MADE to see what we're up to! We would not be here without your donations, so you should darn well come by and see what it is, exactly, ya'll have created.

Level 2 Fundraising Begins!

Greetings MADE backers! Can you believe it's been almost a year since we initially created this Kickstarter campaign? What a year it's been, too. Not only did we accomplish our goal of raising $20,000 for six months of operations, we also achieved every goal we set for the MADE's first six months, and in most cases, we met those goals within the first three months.

We've now got open hours during the week (1pm to 9pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays), we've got successful and free classes, and our History of 3D exhibit was just commissioned to be displayed in its entirety at the Game Developers Conference in March. After that, we hope to send the exhibit out to tour the world.

Our kids classes are just phenomenal. While we currently only have six students, they're learning at an incredible pace, far faster than most scientists and educators would have expected. Some of our students hate math and are doing poorly in school. And yet, if you look at our white board in the class room, you can see these same math-hating kids are learning about cartesian graphs, angles, and advanced equations, all so they can learn to program games in Python. And they're actually enjoying learning these things! Videogames are an incredible motivator.

Not bad for a bunch of game geeks powered almost exclusively by optimism and your belief in our work.

But it is now time for us to begin building the foundation for the MADE's future. We currently have operating funds on hand that will get us to the end of March, but beyond that, we're on shaky ground, financially.

So, we have begun out fundraising campaign to get to Level 2. We're aiming to raise another $20,000, which will get the Museum through the end of 2012. Once again, all donated funds will be used on rent and space expenses, such as Internet and insurance. The only other expense we are anticipating is the purchase of some shelves, which we badly need.

Your further donations to the MADE are tax deductible, and we'll be hosting another donor party for Level 2 donors who contribute any amount of money, large or small.

So, please, take some time to donate to the MADE, or to let your friends know they should be donating as well. We need your help to continue the incredible work we're doing.

You can donate at and spread the word by sharing our Facebook Level 2 page: