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The MADE will be a fully interactive videogame museum in San Francisco, in the United States.  Help us secure a space.
The MADE will be a fully interactive videogame museum in San Francisco, in the United States. Help us secure a space.
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Coming Up On 3 Years!

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The MADE turns 3 years old in September!


And we're having a party! To celebrate our anniversary, which ya'll are completely responsible for, we'll be hosting a series of events on Saturday, September 6, during open hours. The schedule is being finalized, but we'll be having live music, stand up comedy, a few game tournaments, and food/beverages, as well as prizes for attendees!

We're also hoping to setup Artemis that night, preferably with a few ships! For those of you unfamiliar with Artemis, , it is a starship bridge simulator. Players take seats ala Star Trek, personing consoles like the science station, weapons console, helm, etc. And, of course, one player gets to be captain and bark orders at everyone, ala Kirk or Picard, or even Mal.

Artemis has become a regular thing at the MADE, every first Saturday of the month at 7PM, so you will be able to play again if you enjoy it. If we can get 12 players, that's enough for two full ships playing either together or against one another.

We may not have told you yet, but earlier this year, we ceased charging admission to the MADE, and as such, this party will also be free to attend. Artemis is free. Our classes are free. Everything's free! 

Thanks to your continued support we offered three times as many classes this summer as last summer. we created and completed multi-week sessions in C, Unity, Presonus, Android and even Minecraft mod-making.

By all accounts, we're still a great success and continue to make advances in our offerings, our collections, and our staffing. This is all because you folks had the foresight to donate to our cause 3.5 years ago. 

Thanks again for your continued support, and keep an eye out for another kickstarter campaign from us in the coming months: this time to rehost and port a long lost MMO!

2014 at the MADE


It feels weird having been so long since our last update, but we've been posting this type of news on instead of on here simply because we've got to address far more fans than just you wonderful initial 306. But I did want to share something super secret that I can't post about on our blog just yet. You're getting this info before we start to make a big deal out of it.

The MADE is about to launch an extremely complicated, difficult project: we will be attempting to relaunch Habitat. Habitat was the first massively multiplayer online game, in 1987. The game was created by Lucasfilm Games, and hosted on the Q-Link service for Commodore 64 users. It was designed to support 10,000 concurrent users, but never actually shipped officially.

We have obtained the Habitat source code from one of its original authors. But that's only about 1/4 of what's needed to make this happen. We also need to build a Q-Link proxy computer, we need to get the source onto a Stratus VOS computer, and we need to output the C64 binary from the PL/1 and C code it's written in.

This is all extremely complicated, but the upshot is that we hope to port the server code to C, and to Linux. Anyone who wants to help is welcome to contact me about our upcoming Habitat relaunch beer bash. 

Long story short: we'll be bringing together people focused on all of the different disciplines required to get this working, feeding them pizza and beer, and trying to get this stuff to compile, followed by a year or two of slowly porting the server code.

We've just rolled out our Lucasfilm Games exhibit, which features games like Maniac Mansion, Tie Fighter, and Shadows of the Empire, all playable. Come down and see us before we dive into a huge redesign of the space later this summer.

Thanks again for supporting us! We would not be here without all of your support!

We're Expanding!

OMG! Is that guy from that videogame museum STILL updating us Kickstarter donors 2.5 years after the fundraising ended, and all goals were met!? Geez, can't he just leave us alone and not tell us about all the cool things our donations enabled?

Nope! Sorry to clog your inboxes yet again with another fabulous update about the Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment: you know, that videogame museum you helped to get off the ground back in April of 2011?

Well, the MADE continues on course to become the world's premier dedicated videogame museum, and despite having long ago met every goal we posted on our Kickstarter, we can't help but come running to you, our loyal donors, every time we make a big step forward. After all, you made this all possible.

Said big step is the addition of over 600 Sq ft of new space across the hall from our existing space! This new space will be a dedicated classroom and social space for meetups and co-working. Our new classroom will support 14 students initially, and we're hoping to fit 18 to 20 when we're all built out.

This new classroom, named the 1up Classroom, was funded by generous donations by the Will and Anya Wright Foundation, David Scott, and Dolby Labs. Google is also pitching in to donate computers for the facility. 

But none of it could have happened without your initial support. Your donations have brought us to a point where the museum can now expand on its own, while its educational projects take on their own life in their own space across the hall.

That means the main space of our museum is going to be re-laid out and turned into a more dedicated exhibit space, with more room for playable exhibits, and more wall-space for artwork. We're also looking into new presentation styles for showing off all those posters, documents, and manuals you've donated to us over the years.

Again, thank you for your donation to the MADE. We're opening the classroom on September 1, with a formal party to celebrate our 2 year anniversary on September 21. You're all invited!


Two years on, the MADE is finally stable. It's been a fight, and it's taken a lot of hard work, but this past week saw the major accomplishment of bringing on-board some very big new sponsors. Overnight, we've gone from fretting to make the rent every month, to being secure and stable for the foreseeable future.

Of course, we'll want to jeopardize that stability by growing. I know, we just got this thing to a stable place, but I think you'd all agree, our current location is too small and too hard to find. 

Therefore, we are building the foundations for a move this fall, to a retail location. Details aren't certain yet, but if things go smoothly, we should be sliding into a terrific new location by the end of the year.

In the meantime, come see our exhibits in the lobby at GDC next week, and be ready to party yourselves silly in late April! We're going to host a big party for all of you Kickstarter donors, no matter how much money you donated. We want to show you what we've done, and thank you for your belief in us. 

We couldn't have done it without you.

It's been 2 years already!? The MADE invites you...

Rewind 2 years. 2011. It's February, you've just discovered this "Kickstarter" thing, and perhaps you're perusing the meager offerings of the site to find something worthy of your hard earned cash. Somehow, you stumbled upon our project and decided to bless us with your currency.

Did you ever think that donation would actually create something you could put your hands on? Did you expect that we'd succeed in every way, and bring the joy of computer programming to hundreds of kids in downtown Oakland? Did you think we were capable of doing everything we've done?

I sure hope so, because if you didn't believe we could do all these things, you shouldn't have given us your money!

Well, here we are, two years later, and the MADE is not only alive, it is thriving. Because of your belief in us, and in our project, we stand here two years later, successful, and still the only dedicated, open to the public videogame museum in America.

We've added huge sponsors in those 2 years, from our first sponsor, Kalypso Games, to Google and Rackspace, to Portrait Displays and Peddie Research, and finally to Dolby Labs and Kixeye.

We are currently preparing our third Game Developers Conference exhibit, which will host 16 playable games across three different topics. 

And--now keep this quiet and don't noise it around yet.... this is just for you Kickstarter donors-- we may be ready to move into a newer, bigger space nearby, in a retail location, by the end of this year. Shhhhhhh.... Nothing's firm yet, but stay tuned!

As this all got started with you people back in April of 2011, we figure it's only reasonable for us to hold a giant, awesome party!

If you donated to us in our Kickstarter, no matter the amount, you are invited to a party at the MADE, Friday April 26.

Details on just what this party will entail will come later. If you want to bring a date, we do have to ask for $10 a head for non-Kickstarter donors. Additionally, we'd like to hold this event as an exclusive Kickstarter-donor event, so you can only bring 1 other person to the party: a date.

Some of this may change, but for now, just cross off April 26th as "taken," and plan on coming to a party that evening in Oakland.

Thank you all for your support and trust in us. Here's another little reward for you:

In case you missed it, we have been capturing and uploading episodes of the long lost GamePro TV show from 1996. This was the second attempt at a GamePro TV show, and it was on the Sports Network. We've posted all 6 episodes online on YouTube, and they're coming to soon as well. Episodes 4, 5 and 6 will be on Kotaku later today, so watch one now to be cooler than the rest of the Internets for an hour or two.

Finally, we've got a new blog post up with some observations from watching how kids learn in our programming classes. We've discovered that little girls tend to default to pair programming, at least, when there are other little girls to pair up with.

As always your continued support is appreciated. Come visit us on the weekends, and see our all playable exhibits, or come by on Friday nights to fight it out with the Fight Night fellows. EVO qualifiers are coming up, so keep an eye on our Website!