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The MADE will be a fully interactive videogame museum in San Francisco, in the United States. Help us secure a space.
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Coming Up On 3 Years!

Posted by The Made (Creator)
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The MADE turns 3 years old in September!


And we're having a party! To celebrate our anniversary, which ya'll are completely responsible for, we'll be hosting a series of events on Saturday, September 6, during open hours. The schedule is being finalized, but we'll be having live music, stand up comedy, a few game tournaments, and food/beverages, as well as prizes for attendees!

We're also hoping to setup Artemis that night, preferably with a few ships! For those of you unfamiliar with Artemis, , it is a starship bridge simulator. Players take seats ala Star Trek, personing consoles like the science station, weapons console, helm, etc. And, of course, one player gets to be captain and bark orders at everyone, ala Kirk or Picard, or even Mal.

Artemis has become a regular thing at the MADE, every first Saturday of the month at 7PM, so you will be able to play again if you enjoy it. If we can get 12 players, that's enough for two full ships playing either together or against one another.

We may not have told you yet, but earlier this year, we ceased charging admission to the MADE, and as such, this party will also be free to attend. Artemis is free. Our classes are free. Everything's free! 

Thanks to your continued support we offered three times as many classes this summer as last summer. we created and completed multi-week sessions in C, Unity, Presonus, Android and even Minecraft mod-making.

By all accounts, we're still a great success and continue to make advances in our offerings, our collections, and our staffing. This is all because you folks had the foresight to donate to our cause 3.5 years ago. 

Thanks again for your continued support, and keep an eye out for another kickstarter campaign from us in the coming months: this time to rehost and port a long lost MMO!

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