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The MADE will be a fully interactive videogame museum in San Francisco, in the United States. Help us secure a space.
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The Expansion Continues!

Posted by The Made (Creator)
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Remember 2013, when we opened a new classroom across the hall, thanks to the help of David & Sarah Scott, Dolby, and Anya and Will Wright? The time has come again for us to expand into another room across the hall, a small one that connects to our classroom.

We want to turn this into a living retro computer lab. We'll keep working samples of most of the common home computer types: Amiga, Atari, Atari ST, C64, TRS-80, DOS/486, and more!

We're compelled to open this new room because we have a humongous, on-going donation of old computer hardware coming in the door. It's been going on for some time, and we're still receiving items from this donor! You can read about it on our Website

This new living computer lab will be a great haven for new volunteers! We hope to bring in a few of you to help us build and maintain this lab! We need experts on all manner of old computer hardware, so please contact us or stop by to let us know you want to help!

We wouldn't be here without your help, and we're hoping to continue growing with you alongside us. The MADE continues to help the people of Oakland to enjoy the history of digital gaming without charging fees for admission or classes, and we need your help to continue. Please consider donating to the MADE through Paypal at .

Thanks for sticking with us! We're on a great trajectory, and your support will keep us rising and expanding!

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