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With the funds we raise on Kickstarter, we will complete production on issue 7 of the Kingsboro Press. Read more

Brooklyn, NY Art Books
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This project was successfully funded on January 11, 2011.

With the funds we raise on Kickstarter, we will complete production on issue 7 of the Kingsboro Press.

Brooklyn, NY Art Books
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About this project

All funds raised on Kickstarter will go directly to produce issue 7 of the Kingsboro Press.

Founded in 2007 in Brooklyn, Kingsboro is a critical and engaged look at young art, design, and literature. Kingsboro is ad free and has, until now, remained totally self-funded. Curating around an independent production model is vital to the critical rigorousness of our work. In addition to fostering a close knit circle of creative like-minded friends and colleagues, we are filling a void for new, independent production methods, and providing a much, much needed outlet for innovative, young work. We approach every new issue as an artists print or unique edition, an entirely self-produced object with its own inherent visual language. We are distributed across the US, and in Europe and Australia, with more outlets coming soon. Additionally, we are included in several prestigious libraries and museum collections internationally, including the Library of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Issue 7 will be a groundbreaking new issue for us in both length and format. Over 100 pages in top quality content, and our first foray into using a professional printer to produce a full cover, hardbound journal with room for silkscreened and Riso-printed hand interventions, Issue 7 will be like nothing we have ever printed before.

Some issue 7 features include:
+Will Boone interviewing artists Mark Flood and Mel Chin about their seminal project from the early 90s in which they made art for all interior spaces on the popular show 'Melrose Place;' (includes never before seen images of the complete 'Melrose Place' series)
+Forgotten, amazing 1920s author Harry Stephen Keeler exclusive short story re-print
+Limited edition poster projects from James Vinciguerra (Total Control) and Rich Samis (the Men)
+Written and visual collaborative work between NYC based artist Erik Lindman and Hunter Hunt-Hendrix (Liturgy)
+Writing from Crass frontman and counter cultural icon Penny Rimbaud
+New work from NYC artist and Kingsboro compatriot Chip Hughes
+contributions from Kingsboro regulars Jordan Awan, Merlin Chowkwanyun, Alex Gartenfeld, Milano Chow, Seth Zucker, Yan Yan and some top secret, extra special guests (including one very special re-print and interview with a certain pioneering art/hardcore band from Texas......)!

For more images of Kingsboro issues past, small editions, and images from various shows and events please visit


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    All backers will receive a limited edition, handmade artist print produced by the Kingsboro Press on the occasion of the release of the issue. Prints will be mailed to all backers without exception, and release parties for the issue will occur in both Los Angeles and New York, to which all backers are encouraged to come to and party!

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    All backers who pledge $15 or more will receive a copy of issue 7 of the Kingsboro Press!

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    Backers who pledge $50 or more will receive a copy of issue 7, and a pack (at least 10) of limited edition, original prints by various artists involved with Kingsboro. Editions will be printed on a RISO, and will be hand numbered and signed.

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    Backers who pledge $150 or more will receive an addition special, extraordinarily limited hardcover book: an anthology (curated by Dan, Megan, and Jordan) of all of the very best from issues 1-6. This book is special to Kickstarter supporters only and will not be sold in stores or available for distribution!!

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