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A 4" inch scale toy line inspired by the fun & joy of the mid 70's, 80’s, and 90’s action figure eras!
A 4" inch scale toy line inspired by the fun & joy of the mid 70's, 80’s, and 90’s action figure eras!
A 4" inch scale toy line inspired by the fun & joy of the mid 70's, 80’s, and 90’s action figure eras!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Banksy just now

      Great idea, Jason. A jungle, ancient ruins or decayed urban scene would be great too, a la Thundarr the Barbarian.

    2. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator 38 minutes ago

      Exactly! I'll work up a few mock-ups to show everyone on the next update!

    3. Grosse Fidelity about 1 hour ago

      @Jason love the packaging idea, it gives us a quick diorama option instead of just tossing it.

    4. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator about 1 hour ago

      @Jeff Great picks man!

      @The AWOK Tribe, wow I'm tired ha! The backerkit is really coming along they have a nice little test area that lets us test all the different reward levels as well as the Pre-Order Store!

      I had an idea I want to run by you all with the armor and weapons boxes. I figured most people just throw the boxes away, but how about if I put different texture on 5 of the 6 sides of each box in order to make stuff like a Stone Wall or Wooden Barricade? Okay just a thought that i figured would be fun and add a little extra value to what would other wise be packaging ;)


    5. Jeff Wade about 2 hours ago

      I want to get them all. If I had to pick 4 out of the locked, In no order:

    6. Shaun Barrows about 4 hours ago

      I may be the only Dark Tower fan here, but I would love to see metallic silver wolf heads one day. Then all I'd need would be a few MU Doctor Doom bodies and I'd have my own Wolves of the Calla.

    7. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator about 5 hours ago

      It's Monday! back to work on the Backer-kit is coming along but still a few things that we are trying to wrap our heads around.

      Glad you guys dig the Ghost Hound idea!


    8. Missing avatar

      Eric Wheeler about 16 hours ago

      Yay for ghost wolves! Spectral Pale is cool and all, but doesn't really lend itself to troop building. Throw in a matching wolf head, and I'm gonna *hafta* get extras just so I can try to make him sorta shadowy but still glowy and mostly translucent so I can make a Black Shuck.

    9. Missing avatar

      Leonardo C. Cornelio Jr. 1 day ago

      @Jason - Oooh, aces! Looking forward to them.

      Free Thane!!!

    10. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator 1 day ago

      @Leonardo well not only do videos showing off each figure as well as armor and part swapping but also we will do lots of photos 360. As well as packaging mock ups!

    11. Missing avatar

      Leonardo C. Cornelio Jr. 1 day ago

      And one more thing: How do these guys scale in comparison to Playmobil figures? Y'know, in case myself and others manage to gather enough funds for a small Chunari army and need a castle for them to guard. That Wolf Knights' Castle set looks like a good fit, if it wasn't itself so pricey...

    12. Missing avatar

      Leonardo C. Cornelio Jr. 1 day ago

      @Grosse Fidelity - That "alternate head pack" sounds mighty tempting, but only if they came painted, so I can just pop 'em onto a figure straight out of the package. That said, I can only realistically see something like it happening in AWOK Series 2, and that might be a little ways away still.

    13. Missing avatar

      Leonardo C. Cornelio Jr. 1 day ago

      @Jason - Quick question: When production samples start trickling in, will you guys be doing a video outlining a figure's articulation and showcasing how easily swappable the armor pieces are? Staring at pics of the figures' layout once or twice a day can only help so much. :) Thanks!

    14. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator 1 day ago

      Good Morning!

      Again I'm glad I we don't have to choose the favorites because it really is hard. During the KS we chose the order based on colors and not necessarily on our favorites in order to bring as diverse look to the line as possible but if we ate able to produce all of them that will happen regardless ;)

      Brandon and will be leaving the backer kit and preorder page up for at least 6 months. This will allow for fans to pick what they want now and save up a little each month until we close out the pre-orders and move into production. Keep an eye on the backerkit store because figures will become available as the needed funds are met to produce each character.

      I can really imagine a magic wielding character unleashing a ghost hound attack on an enemy force. How do you fight a ghost? Run like hell ha!


    15. Grosse Fidelity 1 day ago

      @all here's a dilemma I face when choosing 4 figures if I choose them based on simple character the list is different from if I choose based on included accessories lol
      So either:

      Spectral Pale
      Chunari Archer


      Boone for that extra head that grin is evil
      Cruelor for the helmeted head of course
      Greyzer for the screaming head
      Juniper for the extra Pale head

      We need a future release for a head pack!!

    16. Missing avatar

      Leonardo C. Cornelio Jr. 2 days ago

      @Chuck - But those claw weapons always come as a pair (and a bit too on the nose the Tiger figure), so doesn't that mean we technically still have to choose another weapon for him? If so, then I'd choose the spear, because if I remember things right, the end part is removable turning the spear into both a dagger AND bo staff. FOUR weapons! BOOM! Bye-bye, profit margin! :D

    17. Dwalin 2 days ago

      @Chuck Foulds - cool idea with the mash up you have going on. I'm with ya, gotta let Scraps outta the cage!!!

    18. Missing avatar

      Chuck Foulds 2 days ago

      My 4 choices would be Scraps, Juniper, Greyzor and Cruelor. Scraps is my favorite, so I'm hoping he'll make the cut.

      For the Tiger, I'd love the armored Cruelor head and the claws as a weapon.

      I'm actually planning on getting Atreiu and displaying him with the puma head and Tiger's armor and putting Atreiu's full armor on Tiger. I kind of like the idea of a fully armored Tiger.

    19. Dwalin 2 days ago

      The Ghost Howl Clan = BAM!!!

    20. Shaun Barrows 2 days ago


      Now you've gone and made GitD Pale an awesome troop builder too.

    21. Dwalin 2 days ago

      FREE THANE!!!

    22. Dwalin 2 days ago

      @Jason - ghost hound head sounds fantastic!

    23. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator 2 days ago

      Everyone is making great picks! I'm so glad I don't have to decide the figure order ha!

      Right I think GITD pale needs an extra head maybe a "ghost hound head" again you guys can vote in that ;)


    24. Dwalin 2 days ago

      @Banksy - extra heads with Spectral is a solid idea. I'd like to see him offered as a KS Exclusive if he doesn't get picked, but we'll see what shakes out. I'm definitely buying either way.

      @Eric and Barry - Good choices. I figure if you want Boone you gotta get Scraps, or vice versa. I want to put my scavenger crew together!

    25. Missing avatar

      Barry Chapman 3 days ago

      Lots of great ideas on here and I really appreciate that Jason is open to our ideas. This has been too fun.
      So my hard to narrow it down...

      Cruelor, kind of like the Hordak/Destro of the Kingdom as the 2nd evil entity.
      Chunari Archer, fantastic color scheme that sets it apart from the rest and it's another troop builder for the good guys.
      Boone, he's Purple!
      Scraps, a raccoon! Plus the striping is a nice contrast and if he is not stripy enough, I can put Jason's upcoming tutorial to good work on him.
      Oh, also, free Thane!

    26. Missing avatar

      Eric Wheeler 3 days ago

      My top 4 would be Cruelor, Boone, Greyzer and I guess Scraps, but really anything that gets made, I'm a-buyin'. Cruelor, Boone and Greyzer all all have sweet new alt heads (that helmet head that comes with Cruelor was my choice for the 2nd Tiger head as soon as I saw it). And Cruelor and Boone nicely illustrate how a little change in color can spice up re-used parts ("But in purple... I'm stunning!").

      Hadn't occurred to me before, but yeah - an extra head or two for the Spectral Pale would certainly increase its versatility. Good call.

    27. Missing avatar

      Banksy 3 days ago

      If GITD Pale came with a couple extra heads that would make it more attractive

    28. Dwalin 3 days ago

      @Tantema Garnik - thanks and good to see you, my friend!

    29. Tantema Garnik 3 days ago

      Oi! Been out of touch for a while.
      @Dwalin – glad to hear all is well!
      @Lucy – if shields come out I’d also like to see handles and not clips.
      @All - Unfortunately some things came up literally on the last day and I had to dial back my investment. I was able to hold onto at least one All-in so there is that. Now with the backer-kit staying open for as long as Jason has teased we should be able to make some excellent headway on those stretches! And I plan to get back to where I should have been when the campaign closed!
      My vote:
      1. Cruelor (awesome army builder with a great new head)
      2. Juniper (great builder, variant head for building on Pale’s body and armor variant for building Atrieu)
      3) Greyzer (great builder, awesome head for variation with Horrid knights and will look great with Horrid knight armor too!)
      4. Grimley (more armor and head variations for the Chunari soldiers and wolf pack builder can utilize Chunari armor too).
      Scraps is very cool with great weapon and armor colors but Grimley offers more options for my personal interpretation of the line. And that is what I think I like most… these awesome designs are open for interpretation and have already joined a world populated with Mythic Legions, Sectaurs and customized MOTU in my head and on my shelves.
      Congratulations Jason and Brandon on a successful campaign and for bringing the Animal Warriors of the Kingdom to life!!!

    30. Missing avatar

      Ach West 3 days ago

      Would the Spectral Pale come with an alternate wolf head like the normal Pale does? If so, all four of my votes are going to that - I would love a glow-in-the-dark lunar wolf pack!

    31. Missing avatar

      lucy 3 days ago

      Also, I'll be voting for Chunari archer, Greyzer, Cruelor and Spectral Pale.

    32. Missing avatar

      lucy 3 days ago

      I second the request for shields asap; and with handles, not the clip-on kind.

    33. Missing avatar

      Banksy 3 days ago

      Battle damaged armor is a great idea.

      Lamar - I agree with you that the Cruellor alternate head is cool; I suggested previously using it as the alternate Tiger head as well. I think it would work for the Tiger. (It would also work really well with a green tiger with yellow stripes and dark red armor.... hint, hint for future variants, along with a white tiger with light blue or turquoise armor)

    34. Dwalin 3 days ago

      @All - I just wanted to say that I love the comments you all post. Always so interesting and the new ideas are fantastic!

    35. Missing avatar

      Bryan Thornton 3 days ago

      @Jason maybe in the next lineup we can get a shield or two?? I know we didn't get to them (and never actually saw them) in this one, but would like to have one or two.

      Didn't the critters come with stickers to make armor appear damaged? I agree actual molded armor would be better, but was just recalling that I saw something like that down with the critters.

    36. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator 3 days ago

      @Lamar that battle damaged armor is a great idea!

    37. Missing avatar

      Lamar Perry 3 days ago

      @ Jason what would really be cool is some battle damaged armor in the next KS to go along with the next series.


    38. Missing avatar

      Lamar Perry 3 days ago

      @All top 4 juniper is definitely in there but I must have Cruelor that extra helmeted head he comes with is something totally different out of the whole line up, as well as the one that comes with Boone and Greyzer. So now that I think about my top 4 would have to be Cruelor #1, Boone #2, Greyzer #3 and last but not least either Grimley or juniper really can't decide between the two.


    39. Missing avatar

      Tom Black 3 days ago

      My top 4
      And Spectral Pale (I'm a sucker for anything gitd)

    40. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator 3 days ago

      @Gross Im not sure how backer kit does payment processing. Let me look into it ;)

      You guys are making that top 4 pic really hard ha!

    41. Shaun Barrows 3 days ago

      My top 4 (although that's far too few)

      1, Grimley
      2. Scraps
      3. Juniper
      4. Chunari Archer

    42. Missing avatar

      Tiffany 3 days ago

      @jason. Hmm top 4 figures:
      Top choice = Juniper to go with Tiger, = Awesome set of pawns fo ML chess, and has helmeted pale head.

      Next 3 choices = Chunari Archer, Grimley, and Boone in that order.
      Honorable mention = spectral Pale.

    43. Shaun Barrows 3 days ago

      In six months I can amass quite the army.

    44. Grosse Fidelity 3 days ago

      @jason with the backerkit open for 6 months are you planning on multiple billing cycles to help spread out the pain on my wallet?

    45. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator 3 days ago

      *Top 4 figures. I'm having one of those days! ha ha ha


    46. Dwalin 3 days ago

      @Bryan Thornton - I agree, no matter what figures are in the next KS, I love them all!

    47. Dwalin 3 days ago

      FREE THANE!!!

    48. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator 3 days ago

      @Leonardo I will show you guys everything you need to paint, down from the kind of paint, brush q-tips and what not.

      I will also mess up an eye on purpose to show you how easy it is to fix. You'll see how to keep stuff like shaking hands from making a mess pupil and what not. It will be fun and easy and once you know the tricks its actually really relaxing to paint.

      Yes we feel really good about unlocking some of these characters in the backer kit. Which I'm working on at the moment!


    49. Missing avatar

      Leonardo C. Cornelio Jr. 3 days ago

      @Jason - Thanks for clarifying. I missed most of the celebration party (I tried to watch but was at work), and the info's got me excited for the Backerkit campaign.

      Six months, huh? Hopefully I'll be able to put away a bit more funds to up my pledge some during that time, maybe go for one of the bigger reward tiers. And I believe I speak for all of us when I say, "Free Thane!"

    50. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator 3 days ago

      Correction - *Not the production run of each "Locked" figure.

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