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$40,902 pledged of $65,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

$40,902 pledged of $65,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Tantema Garnik about 1 hour ago

      @Dwalin - I can't wait to see the armor packs and start matching them to the critters. Just gotta push past funding so we can break into the stretches!

    2. Dwalin about 2 hours ago

      Just increased my pledge...again! Lol Added more Critters to build up my Wolf Pack.

    3. Dwalin about 2 hours ago

      @Tantema Garnik - Glad you added on your blanks!!! Can't wait to start customizing (-:

    4. Tantema Garnik about 2 hours ago

      @Jason Bienvenu - Enjoy your weekend and thanks for the quick responses!

    5. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator about 4 hours ago

      We've seen a lot of increases thank you!!!

      The packages will be resealable and revealed as soon as the last basic figure is revealed.

      We got a lot of request and are changing the Midnight blue head to the more generic ape without the eye patch ;)

      The stickers will be more traditional stickers you might get with a girl Joe vehicle since water decals can be a bit challenging if you have never used them before. Have a great weekend I'm typing via phone and will try to reply the best I can on it ha!


    6. Tantema Garnik about 7 hours ago

      I just noticed the Midnight Dark Blue critter seems to be wearing an eye patch. This is my favorite color choice for the blanks but a distinguishing characteristic like that is going to limit just how many I can use to army build. Any chance of a more generic head? For such a great price point I didn't think an additional head would be packed in. A second head would provide options but for a single head I personally would like to see something a little less unique.

    7. Tantema Garnik about 8 hours ago

      @Jason B. Tattoos, scars, burns, rankings or faction specific details for armor and shields... all are great ideas. When you mentioned decals in the first Q&A were you thinking water slide decals or more traditional stickers?

    8. Missing avatar

      Justin Mohan about 12 hours ago

      Do you guys think you could make the packaging resealable to so we can take the figure out and use it then put it back in the packaging when we are done. Gentle Giant has that for their 12" retro Super Powers stuff

    9. Grosse Fidelity about 13 hours ago

      Great reveal I had to increase my pledge as a result!!
      We hit 40k now let's hit goal and above so we can start stretch goals!!!

    10. Shaun Barrows about 13 hours ago

      Tribal tattoos based on affiliation would be pretty neat.

    11. Luke Dewig about 14 hours ago

      Per my previous comment, i just upped my pledge by another $50 so i can add-on some blank critters during backer-kit.

    12. Luke Dewig about 14 hours ago

      Blank figures are a terrific idea, Jason! I will definily add funds to cover a set... by the by, you may want to indicate that you cannot add them on right now, but by adding funds in excess of your pledge selectuons, you will 'credit' your account so you can add the during the backer-kit phase. But it is important to add the funds now to reach to kickstarter goal!

    13. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator about 14 hours ago

      @Shaun Ha! Yes we will be offering armor Sets ;)

    14. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator about 14 hours ago

      Thanks everyone! Decals a, What would you like to see? Scars? Tattoos? Cuts? All?

    15. Shaun Barrows about 14 hours ago

      Will there be armor packs offered? With the introduction of the Critters, I'm concerned about nekkid animals wandering around the forest.

    16. Tantema Garnik about 15 hours ago

      Agreed Dwalin - the Critters look awesome. Such a great idea. If a decal pack ever gets included these will be even more fun. Adding a set now!

    17. Dwalin about 15 hours ago

      The Critters look amazing!!! Adding to my pledge right now!

    18. Missing avatar

      Lamar Perry 1 day ago

      @JB this would make for an awesome cartoon or anime, can't wait for the figures. I backed the last Kickstarter, and I'm backing this one as well.I hope this one goes all the way.Good Luck Guys!!!

    19. Missing avatar

      Justin Mohan 1 day ago

      Thanks for answering my question. You guys rock :)

    20. Tantema Garnik 1 day ago

      Just watched the second Q&A and I am loving the blank add-on idea. With that in mind I've been thinking about my budget for this project and the three packs are looking like an option but I didn't see a price point in the campaign listing. Will there be any discount for the army builder sets? And will their weapons load out be the same? Might be an option for discounted figures with one less head and reduced armory.

    21. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator 1 day ago

      Thank you so much Pete, we are all riding into battle together and will soon taste the rewards of sweet victory!

    22. Pete 1 day ago

      I've been collecting figures since the 70's and these are very cool! I don't fund as much as I should on kickstarter but I'm in for 3 figures. I shared on FB and twitter as well. I hope you guys reach your goal.
      Good Luck!

    23. Dwalin 1 day ago

      Love the Juniper figure and fan art!!!

    24. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator 2 days ago

      This was gonna be Fridays update but do you guys wanna go ahead and see it now since the fox is out of the bag?

    25. Shaun Barrows 2 days ago

      Can you tell us where these two new figures fit into the stretch goals now that the fox is out of the bag?

    26. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator 2 days ago

      Oops! Looks like the ToyArk story ran early! The two new figures Revealed are Juniper the Fox and Greyzer a warrior Monk! That means 4 standard figure reveals left!

    27. Tantema Garnik 2 days ago

      @Justin - Thanks for the link. That new screaming head looks amazing!
      @Groose - looks like a new, darker character, with yet another builder head pack-in.
      What's left... two standard figure reveals? The potential just keeps expanding with this line. And did I mention how awesome that screaming head looks!

    28. Grosse Fidelity 2 days ago

      Looking at the toyark link and noticed two different figures in the same frame as Than is that a revised Atreiu on the left or someone new?

    29. Dwalin 2 days ago

      @Jason Bienvenu - Spectral Pale thanks you for bringing him out into the light. He needs to charge! lol

    30. Dwalin 2 days ago

      @Grosse Fidelity - Thane is AWESOME! I totally dig his look and the blue just brings it all home for me. He's a must have!

    31. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator 2 days ago

      Just wait till you see the New Spectral Pale...Oops!

    32. Grosse Fidelity 2 days ago

      Thanks brother, it was time to change out if the plain KS Avatar lol. How about that Than figure?
      JD I dislike you at the moment I loved that original spectral lol

    33. Dwalin 2 days ago

      @Grosse Fidelity - looking good, my man!!!

    34. Missing avatar

      JD 3 days ago

      I am hoping the Spectral Pale shows up as well, but I may be biased since I have the original :)

    35. Michael Fogg 3 days ago

      Kinda hoping we eventually see a Spectral Pale, like in the first KS. I had pledged for that figure. :)

    36. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator 3 days ago

      Thanks Grosse we will add you right now!

    37. Grosse Fidelity 3 days ago

      Added pic and banner to FB profile I barely use FB but every little bit helps right.

    38. Dwalin 3 days ago

      Changed my profile pic and cover photo to represent AWOK and this KS! Hoping it gets more people to pledge

    39. Missing avatar

      Eric Wheeler 4 days ago

      Well, you've already got more pledged (and with fewer backers!) than the 1st time around. I'm gonna take that as a good sign.

    40. Missing avatar

      Justin Mohan 4 days ago

      Does Thane come with troop building ability or is there an troop builder version with alternate heads and accessories.

    41. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator 4 days ago

      Absolutely! We are in it to win it, and wanted to pack in as much value at this price point as we could!

    42. Missing avatar

      Banksy 4 days ago

      I love that you included alternate heads with so many figures. It's also great to see so many familiar names here again. Good luck, Jason, these look great!

    43. Missing avatar

      Anthony Lombardi 4 days ago

      II think Thane's hammer is plenty large enough. I'm pretty fervently against the goofy-fantasy lunacy of making every weapon enormous. And the head on that thing is already larger than Thane's actual head. Just my opinion, of course.

    44. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator 4 days ago

      We just set up another LIVE Q&A for this Thursday at 6 pm central. You can head over now and start leaving questions for us!

      Thanks again everyone!

    45. Grosse Fidelity 4 days ago

      On one hand I see the point of the hammerhead being too small but on the other hand I can understand it's size seeing the size and power of the gorilla I picture it like being a gorilla size war pick or mace type weapon. Either way arguments can be made lol. Who doesn't want a huge hammer though?

    46. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator 4 days ago

      He will absolutely have articulation (18 points of articulation) more details on that throughout the campaign. Hammer head too small? Okay we will look into that too thanks!

    47. Missing avatar

      Ian Andrew Johnson 4 days ago

      I'm assuming "Thane" will be fully articulated, and I do wish the head of his battle hammer was larger. Looks undersized at the moment, otherwise The design is great.

    48. Grosse Fidelity 5 days ago

      @Tantema if all you care about is that helmeted head and army building just take a look at the bottom of the campaign page and you can select the 3, 6 or 12 pack of just the horrid elite army builder, same figure with just the helmeted head.

    49. Tantema Garnik 5 days ago

      @Anthony - that's what I figured and what I'm hoping for. A horde of these guys will look great creeping around with the Mythic Legions shadow elves!

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