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A 4" inch scale toy line inspired by the fun & joy of the mid 70's, 80’s, and 90’s action figure eras!
A 4" inch scale toy line inspired by the fun & joy of the mid 70's, 80’s, and 90’s action figure eras!
A 4" inch scale toy line inspired by the fun & joy of the mid 70's, 80’s, and 90’s action figure eras!
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    1. Ray Zavaleta 2 days ago

      @Jason Hi ,Today arrived the first part of the delivery , I have a question, only arrived 25 basic figures, but the deluxe figure or 2 additional basic figures additional are pending for the next shipment ?

    2. Missing avatar

      josefro 3 days ago

      Jason Great Work, the figures are great

    3. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator 4 days ago

      @Ray Excellent we hope they arrived safe and sounds,and ready to battle to...


    4. Ray Zavaleta 5 days ago

      Hello everyone, today I get a notification to pick up the package, I will pick it up on Saturday. Greetings from Peru

    5. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator 5 days ago

      @Jim if its a QC issue please message me or send an email and we'll get you fixed up! If its a missing item please refer the to latest update ;)

      @Dwalin Happy Mothers day to all you mothers!!!

      @Grosse - Thats fantastic we hope youre enjoying your giant collection and dont worry we'll get you all fixed up ;)

    6. Grosse Fidelity 5 days ago

      All in all my AWOK collection came out looking good I do have a couple missing things and a few other issues but considering the size of the order I'm ok with it and will send out an email once we get the go ahead
      Good job Spero!

    7. Dwalin on May 13

      Happy Mother’s Day to all of our tribe members and their family members!

    8. Missing avatar

      Jim on May 11

      I sent a message via Kickstarter with the minor problems I had with my order.
      Is that the best way to go about it?

    9. Missing avatar

      Eric Wheeler on May 11

      Cool. Thanks, Dwalin.

      Huh. I know it's a Tolkien thing, but typing it just now made me feel like I was saying "darlin'" with my mouth full.

    10. Barry Chapman on May 10

      @Jason, thanks for the update and I have my coupon ready to go. Free Thane.....and Mala!

    11. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator on May 10

      @Phil Yes Absolutely :) what will happen is once we are ready to ship we will post an update asking everyone to email me with their list follow up or missing items and we will mail those bad boys out!

      @Barry yes the store is now processing and shipping out orders. Please make sure to email me if you did not receive the coupon code flyer (we ran out at some point towards the end of packing) But use it wisely its only good for one use per customer ;)

    12. Phil Beast From The East West on May 10

      @Grosse Do you have the link to the store?

    13. Grosse Fidelity on May 10

      @Barry I placed an order in the store this morning if that helps answer your question.

    14. Phil Beast From The East West on May 10

      Apes landed in NS, Canada.They look great. I do have an issue. Pale was checked to say he was in my box but he went AWOL.(Wasn't in the box) Can you ship him with weapons pack and stuff?


    15. Barry Chapman on May 10

      One more question. Now that all KS orders have shipped, is the Sphero store up and running, ready to fulfill orders? I totally spaced on adding Cruelor and I need him to round out Wave 1.

    16. Barry Chapman on May 10

      The update did the trick and cleared everything up for me. Thanks for posting it and my list of missing things in my shipment was spot. I haven't dug into the figures yet but I did start reading the book and getting the background for all the characters. Plus Jason personalized it for me with a quick doodle inside and that surprise was a great touch.

    17. Missing avatar

      Bryan Thornton on May 9

      This is great that everyone is getting their stuff now. I know I enjoy mine.

      @Dwalin, you part of spero now? Just curious. It would be neat to be part of a creative toy making company I think.

    18. Dwalin on May 9

      @ Eric - we have you down for 2 of size XL now

      @ Barry - we have a solid plan to take care of all the sold out or incorrect items and are about to post a detailed update devoted specifically for this topic

    19. Barry Chapman on May 9

      I'm away on vacation right now but I just got word that the apes have landed! This flight home can't go fast enough now. I only hope that there aren't too many issues like everyone is commenting about. I know Jason and crew will make everything right if there is though. I would only ask of the guys to have Series One locked in with a set plan in place to rectify any issues before tackling another KS for Series Two. It sounds like they have something in place for that and hopefully the next update will clearly lay out the way forward to tie things up. Some tribe members like myself have taken too many falls off the banana tree and I need all the help I can get. Free Thane(and Chatsworth too)!

    20. Tantema Garnik on May 9

      Apes in NY! Apes in NY!! I gotta wait until the weekend to really dive in but they do look fantastic! @Grosse - glad to hear there were no customs. I grew up in NL and building a collection from various online venders was rough since you never knew when you'd get hit.
      Free Thane! (and the rest of series two!)

    21. Grosse Fidelity on May 9

      Anyone curious Ottawa Canada has been invaded by apes!!!! and no custom fees!!!!! But sadly I won't have time to go over everything until Sunday at the earliest but at first glance they look amazing we did get minor damage on the graphic novel but it's ok. I read it while running codes at work this morning and now I really want to see a lot of those characters make it to figure form especially Reekey!!!!

      Free Thane and bring on Reekey!

    22. Missing avatar

      Eric Wheeler on May 9

      Jason - I have an issue that isn't with the 1st shipment but with the next one. When I did the BackerKit, I was able to select the size (XL) for one t-shirt but the 2nd one pre-set as M and I couldn't find a way to change it. I submitted the issue to BackerKit and they said they'd note it in my order and contact you about it, but the handwritten notes on the packing slip I received this weekend shows one XL and one M rather than two XL. Is this something that can still be fixed or is it too late?

    23. Zylo on May 8

      @Grosse no problem at all, like you pointed out with Jason hard at work on the next step there's no reason for us not to help if we can right.

      @Jason On the above note, I'm not overstepping am I? Also when is the right time (and place for that matter) to send that photograph and any feedback? I don't want to hit you before you're ready but I also don't want to be the last guy on the list y'know. Thanks in advance!

    24. Grosse Fidelity on May 8

      Thank you for further clarification and we know you're working on the next campaign so I don't mind waiting for your replies. I know that when I can answer someone's questions I do my best to do so and we all help each other that being said

    25. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator on May 8

      Good Morning Tribe! @ Grosse we ran out of the following items as we were packing (critters, and armor sets) We are tallying up everything so that we have a slight surplus after fufulling the items owed. For Tribe Members missing Figures that arent "back ordered" we have a duplicate of the same list if you could take a photo highlighting the missing figures we will be able to make a note on your new pack slip and either send them right out (or for those who are affected by Critters, weapons, and armor set back orders) send them out with that package. Thanks again guys you are all awesome sorry I haven't been keeping up on the comments I will do my best to stay more active.


    26. Grosse Fidelity on May 8

      @zylo I agree with you completely, mistakes happen and thanks for helping to clarify.

    27. Zylo on May 7

      @Grosse I hate to say it but there's a chance yes. I can't speak as to the why of it, but as Jason mentioned you'll have notes on your packing slip but I was short 2 in addition to the note. I have no doubts every thing'll be taken care of ultimately and while it is a bummer, I'm happy the figures arrived, I'd rather wait for 5 critters heads, a few weapons backs and a pair of Kahlees than on my entire order y'know. I don't want to make it sound like you order is "going to be wrong", just y'know, the world isn't perfect and sometimes these things happen.

    28. Grosse Fidelity on May 7

      @Jason can you clarify what you meant when you said back ordered? You mention critters selling through before packing was complete so does that mean that there wasn't enough to fulfill the backer orders? And was that statement limited to just the critters or is there a chance other figures could be missing, due to being back ordered, when I get my box?

    29. Missing avatar

      Bryan Thornton on May 7

      I may be wrong but not sure they could achieve the look that they showed with just molded plastic. The picture of the critters in the campaign has every head showing to be in two different color tones. I don't know that this could be achieved by using just plastic in molds.

    30. Missing avatar

      Joe Lundvall on May 6

      I was under the assumption that the critter heads weren't going to be painted but more along the lines of what Boss fight produced with there blanks. Not a big deal but that's what I thought when I saw them here.

    31. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator on May 6

      *note on your packing slips explaining ;)

    32. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator on May 6

      @Zylo and Tribe! Good Morning Everyone, yes there should be a not on your packing slip if items are back ordered (this covers everything from, missing paint on the critters heads to the stock of critters themselves selling through before we could finish packing) We will put on an update asking everyone to let us know what figures/items are missing from the initial shipment when the items mentioned above have arrived from the factory. We will get everyone taken care of please dont worry and thank you all for your amazing support and patience.

      FREE THANE!!!

    33. Zylo on May 6

      Brian Berkey Good to know I'm not alone there (I'm short 2), I have no doubt it'll be made right though i have absolutely no doubt.

    34. Missing avatar

      Eric Wheeler on May 6

      Admiral, there be Pales here!

    35. Missing avatar

      Banksy on May 5

      They’ve arrived! We started opening them yesterday and my kids love the Tribe, and have been having a blast swapping armor, forming teams and having the Animal Warriors compete to win Baron Kah-Lee’s “monkey’s fist,” which they’ve decided is the ultimate weapon. Thanks guys - the figures turned out great and are lots of fun! We look forward to the play set, heads and armor and weapons packs next!

    36. Grosse Fidelity on May 5

      @Lamar if you go read update 43 it explains that there was an issue with the heads and we'll get painted critter heads in another shipment.

    37. Missing avatar

      Lamar Perry on May 5

      @jason just received my shipment. Quick question not sure if it has been addressed or not but is the critters supposed to come w/o heads

    38. Michael Pennell
      on May 4

      My Kahlee arrived today (Melbourne, Australia). Very cool figure, very happy. Thank you!
      Michael Pennell.

    39. Grosse Fidelity on May 2

      Nice you'll have yours first I believe since I will still need to deal with customs lol

    40. Tantema Garnik on May 2

      Update from UPS but not backerkit! Won't be long now!!!

    41. Tantema Garnik on May 1

      Awesome news @Grosse! I've bookmarked my backerkit and refresh frequently just itching for that update. Can't wait to get these in hand and from what I've seen on Insyagram the tribe is gonna love the second series! Oh... side note... a certian neck adapter has checked out. Just had to tweak the clearance aroubd the headball for a better fit. Should have an update in about 2 wks (waiting for print and delivery)

    42. Grosse Fidelity on May 1

      @Tantema if it's any consolation your Canadian neighbor to the north here still doesn't have his either but i noticed yesterday that my backerkit had a new Shipped status!

    43. Tantema Garnik on April 28

      Wish I could say the same for NY. Patiently waiting for new, awesome goodies.

    44. Missing avatar

      paul wright on April 28

      Arrived in the UK

    45. Barry Chapman on April 23

      My Scraps is so lonely right now, hopefully he'll have some company today!

    46. Missing avatar

      Danny Friedcool on April 23

      Got mine in the mail over the weekend. Thank you for your hard work, Spero Team!

    47. Charles Stanley III on April 21

      I received my figures earlier this week, and I have to say they turned out very great. Can't wait to see what's in store for series 2.

    48. Grosse Fidelity on April 20

      Thanks for that info I have a full set with extras so my extra Pale dagger will go with my Atreiu since I love that sword of omens idea lol

    49. Missing avatar

      Jim on April 20

      I got all the characters, and a few multiples.
      Except for Atreiu and Toxious, their load-outs all matched what is pictured.
      The multiples all matched one another.

    50. Missing avatar

      Bryan Thornton on April 20

      I only got 5 characters: pale, horrid assassin, atreiu, toxious, and the tiger who name escapes me at the moment.

      Of these pale and the horrid assassin came with the accessories pictured. The other three did not. I had inquired as to why and was told so many characters had the claw accessory that things got moved around. Again, I don't mind at all except the one small dagger and even that isn't super important. I was unaware pales staff had the dagger on it, so even less disappointed than I was before reading that. I will try to at least list what my five came with when I get home so everyone can see what weapon loadouts came with mine and see if they are the same (that is if anyone wants to know which weapons came with them I mean).

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