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A 4" inch scale toy line inspired by the fun & joy of the mid 70's, 80’s, and 90’s action figure eras!
A 4" inch scale toy line inspired by the fun & joy of the mid 70's, 80’s, and 90’s action figure eras!
A 4" inch scale toy line inspired by the fun & joy of the mid 70's, 80’s, and 90’s action figure eras!
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    1. Shaun Barrows 2 days ago

      Awesome! Any word on how the Playset is coming along?

    2. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator 5 days ago

      We expect the figured to reach us in mid to late March. From that point we will begin organizing and packing orders but please keep in mind that it's just Brandon and I doing the fulfillment and we want to make sure it's done right. Well be double checking orders and addresses and plan to begin shipping some time in early April. We will let you guys know if that gets pushed up or back. ;)

    3. Shaun Barrows 5 days ago

      So estimated delivery is November 2018? That seems so far away.

    4. Tantema Garnik on January 7

      Man oh man these paint samples are looking sooooooo nice. And the card art looks great - the character images, the color and layout... now I need extras to leave on card!

    5. Tantema Garnik on December 26

      Merry Christmas to the AWOK tribe! Very much looking forward to what the New Year has in store!

    6. Missing avatar

      Alice Schuelke on December 24

      Sweet! Looking forward to the figures!

    7. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator on December 23

      Merry Christmas to the AWOK tribe! Fun and new things are on the horizon look for early toy samples in early January.

    8. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator on December 23

      @matt-man the plan is to make shipments starting in March ;)

    9. Matt-Man
      on December 23

      Any idea when the graphic novels will ship?

    10. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator on November 30

      I like the way you think! Dont worry Juniper will be offered with the Deluxe Wave. We'll show the Painted samples as soon as they arrive, we expect them here right before Christmas!

    11. Missing avatar

      Barry Chapman on November 30

      I got my hopes up for a minute. I saw that we had met the monetary goal for Juniper in Backerkit but after review, the time had long past. I guess I'll have to console myself with another Scraps! I'm really looking forward to the painted samples in December and the a hopefully speedy green light to production on after that. Free my wallet for the next Kickstarter!

    12. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator on November 15

      @Shaun, not at all, they are almost totally retooling which basically means 2 to 3 moths of redoing tooling plates. We will receive color samples in December and then once we approve those samples the figures will go into production ;)

    13. Shaun Barrows on November 15

      Has this all changed now that a certain kickstarter filled with "adventure" enthusiasts has been reinstated?

    14. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator on November 1

      @AWOK Tribe - We wanted to mention on the comments section since some of you missed the last two updates that our production time has been pushed waaaay ahead of schedule due to two other projects being delayed or canceled with our factory. It is for this reason we have closed out the backerkit portion of the backerkit so we can pay the factory for the order. Pre-orders will stay open until the figures arrive state side so you can still place orders that way. Thank you all so much for your patience and understanding!

      Brandon & Jason

      p.s. @ Leonardo we will cover the remaining AWOK All stars statues at a later date ;)

    15. Missing avatar

      Leonardo C. Cornelio Jr. on November 1

      Just got charged. Really excited for these guys!

      @Jason - Quick question: What happens to all the other figures that weren't unlocked? You mentioned getting them all released at some point, so I thought I'd ask. Would they be included as possible add-ons to a Series 2 KickStarter? Or will you be adding them to your webstore? The former might be a good way to sell any leftover stock while getting in more pledges too, I think, if that's how you decide to go.

      Basically, what I'm saying is: I want Grimley, and I'm sad we didn't unlock him again. :(

    16. Missing avatar

      Steve Pyke on November 1

      I just sent you a message Jason. I have concerns about how much shipping I have paid and why I am getting charged shipping on Scarps. Thx

    17. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator on October 31

      If you message us your email, we can tell you exactly what the $30 is for, thanks T

    18. T on October 31

      Trying to do my backerkit now, after all my selections I still have $30 leftover. I know I will be choosing two additional figures not included in the backerkit but what is this $30 for? Wasn't that supposed to cover the initial shipping? Or should I just add on even more stuff with the $30 credit?

    19. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator on October 31

      @Jesus he comes with a Katina and two Sias, ;)

    20. Jesus M Zaragoza on October 30

      What weapons will Tiberius come with and what color will the second head be?

    21. Tantema Garnik on October 28

      Hey folks! I know most of you are 1:18 scale junkies - and this campaign has pulled me in that direction as well - but I wanted to let you know about a 1:12 campaign for fully articulated skeleton and heroic build blanks (similar to the smaller H.A.C.K.S. blanks).

      Check it out - any and all support is welcome!

      Free Thane!

    22. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator on October 22

      @Leonard oops sorry we missed it, the KS messages are grouped into chains and we had a lot of messages over the last few days, we'll get you fixed up first thing Monday morning!

      @Shaun ha I love the sound of that!

    23. Missing avatar

      Leonardo C. Cornelio Jr. on October 22

      Just a little over a week left now. So exciting!

      @Jason - Sent you a messsge a couple days ago and haven't heard back. I know you're pretty busy, but just wanted to give a heads up.

    24. Shaun Barrows on October 20

      I see Scraps flying around the galaxy in his heavily modified freighter, the Trash Panda, along with his trusty human sidekick "Stinky."

    25. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator on October 19

      @Lamar we have all the details in our latest update ;)

    26. Missing avatar

      Lamar Perry on October 19

      @jason when will our cards. E charged for our items that we've selected?

    27. Dwalin on October 19

      So excited that Scraps is available!!! He's 1 of my favorites for sure. I'm going to have some great battles with my AWOK and BFS figures.

    28. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator on October 18

      @Ryan I'll add Scraps for the first 5 options of the backer kit first thing in the morning! Thanks for bringing that to our attention.


    29. Ryan on October 18

      Are we only allowed 1 Scraps figure to our survey? I'd like to add a 2nd but the option for him is only showing up once for me and only under the 1st pick slot.

    30. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator on October 18

      @NoNickels we will ship your items together :) We cant guarantee their will be a lot of stock left after fulfillment to the backers and orders from online stores like BBTS are complete. We'd recommend pre-ordering to insure you get the items you want.

      Thanks again!

    31. Missing avatar

      NoNickels on October 17

      My backer kit closed, and I had to pre-Order scraps instead, will it combine my orders even though I had to enter my info twice?

      How is availability looking after this initial wave of pre-orders? I had to change my order last second due to life happening, and have about ten figures I want to pick up later.

    32. Shaun Barrows on October 17

      Can't access my backerkit to add three Scraps.

    33. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator on October 17

      Thanks Steve!

      Heading over to the backerkit to adjust the shipping ;)


    34. Missing avatar

      Steve Pyke on October 17

      Just picked up several scraps. I got charged shipping for him though. Will he be combined with our existing orders so we don't have to pay shipping twice?

    35. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator on October 17

      The Factory is moving at a lightning pace, we are just basically waiting to hear back from them to make sure we can add the figure to this order. We promise to keep you all up to date as soon as we hear from them :)

      Free Scraps!

    36. Missing avatar

      Steve Pyke on October 17

      No Scraps? 2 weeks ago you posted we could add him to our orders if the goal was reached. What has changed in the meantime?

    37. Missing avatar

      Leonardo C. Cornelio Jr. on October 17

      $11,800+ now raised in BackerKit.


      @Jason - Were you perchance replying to my previous post? Might give the wrong impression with Jeff's comment there...

    38. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator on October 16

      We are so far into production, that we arent sure if the factory will allow it. We have a scheduled update for next week and will know for sure by then. The figure will be made it just may not be part of series one.


    39. Jeff Wade on October 16

      Free Scraps? Looks like $11,700?

    40. Missing avatar

      NoNickels on October 5

      The unpainted factory samples look SO good. Dying for more pictures..and for you to show off that sweet, sweet, Atreiu headsculpt!!

    41. Missing avatar

      Leonardo C. Cornelio Jr. on September 30

      @Jason - Ooh, lots of new info! I realize you probably get asked about Series 2 all the time, so thank you for this.

      I don't mean to get ahead of myself here, but if I may ask, once we unlock the All-Stars, how viable might it be to go straight to Thane as the next unlockable figure? Even just as a small, limited run? It's just with this new info, I'm a little curious about this. It'll probably be more expensive to skip ahead to Thane with four more basics waiting in the wings, but perhaps doing even just him before the remaining figures might drum up additional interest for new backers, and be additional incentive for those already backing the project.

      I don't know, maybe I'm just impatient to unlock the All-Stars already. :)

    42. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator on September 25

      @Bryan correct the main focus of the next kickstarter, will be to fund the Deluxe figures with the birds and bats being stretch goals!

    43. Missing avatar

      Bryan Thornton on September 25

      Jason, I just want to clarify. The kick-starter tour talking about the deluxe stuff will be the main goal with the birds and bats as stretch goals right? I just don't want to go through another kick-starter to end up with locked stretch goals that are again the gorillas from this one. Of course it's your project but it would be a shame to miss out on the gorillas a second time.

    44. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator on September 24

      We are planning doing a summer 2018 Kickstarter for the Deluxe figures that will include
      Deluxe: gorillas, bears, rhino, elephant and ox
      Basic: birds and bats.
      During that Kickstart we will have a poll allowing backers to vote on what types of characters we do after that.

      We decided to go ahead and add the birds and bats to the deluxe Kickstarter since so many of the parts from the previous body can be used for these figures as well.


    45. Missing avatar

      Leonardo C. Cornelio Jr. on September 24

      So, after months of looking, I finally just got an Usagi figure from the Nick TMNT series, in his "normal" unarmored look. Last one at the store too. Great figure. But it got me thinking: If and when AWOK Series 2 comes around, what stuff do you guys hope to see in it?: Magic effects parts? Powered armor suits? Magical ice spears for hunting dragons? Jason and Brandon have teased female figures and reptile- and bird-based figures, and with the graphic novel taking a more sci-fi-ish route later in the story, there's a lot of possibilities. I know it'll be awhile coming still, but I just thought it'd be fun to speculate a little as to what other stuff might be in it.

      For me: The much asked for shield pack. I've seen the shield design from the previous KickStarter, and would love to get some slightly updated ones for the figures I'm getting. A second shield design would be nice too, smaller, with maybe a small spike at the center. Don't know if there'll be other shield designs in the shield pack or if they'll just be in multiples to match the figure 3-packs and 6-packs, but it's good to think about. Oh, and also a claymore as long as a figure is tall. That'd be pretty sweet.

      What about you guys?

    46. Jason Bienvenu 5-time creator on September 17

      Send us a message on what's going on and we'll get you fixed up! ;)

    47. Shaun Barrows on September 15

      Ok, I was reviewing my backer kit and I'm coming away very confused.

    48. Dwalin on September 13

      @Bryan and Lucy - thanks for the support, team! Your innovative ideas and backing definitely help move AWOK in the right direction (-:

    49. Missing avatar

      lucy on September 13

      @Dwalin- To add to your sentiment, this is the first 1:18 scale line I've bought into and since doing so have been on the lookout for other similarly scaled figures that might go with them. I didn't have to wait long and will be buying into the Power Lords relaunch which seem a good fit with these character designs. And although I have no interest in army men, I am now thinking of buying some MTF exo suits for AWOK use. The suits require plug-in holes so some critters will be needed to drill holes into ( much cheaper than MTF figures and would still be able to use the additional heads from the regular AWOK figures ). All these toylines are starting to merge.

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