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An old school JRPG for the PC, Mac, and Linux platforms.
86 backers pledged $2,777 to help bring this project to life.
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*(New up to date game trailer and voice actor trailer incoming!)

What is Killer Gin?

     Classic 2D Role Playing Games meets in depth characters, mystery, and engaging plot twists. Your decisions actually impact gameplay. A playable high fantasy adventure that combines eastern and western elements with shiny swords, powerful magic, and a complex world where everything wants to destroy you or idolize you, no in-between. Can balance be achieved? What kind of hero will you choose to be? Will you rule or be ruled?

  1. Old School RPG Video Game with modern touches. 
  2. Original in depth storyline with interactive choices and some mature themes
  3. Farming and Dating Mini-game to build an entire life around your character

Release Timeline: 

  • End of October 2019.


     Civil war is erupting around the country and has divided its people into three unyielding factions. Gin, a new race of beings, have found themselves at the center of this turmoil, cloaked in conspiracy and fascination. In the dwindling area of neutral territories lies a typical, small fishing village that is about to be shattered, and its secrets, awakened. This is where your story begins!

     Killer Gin takes a bit of a darker, more unpredictable tone than traditional RPGs. In this adventure, you will be faced with some very difficult decisions and mature themes, prepare to live with the consequences. 

Game Features

  • Multiplatform Release: PC, Mac, and Linux (Will release on STEAM)
  • Voice acted Cutscenes! (Can be toggled on or off, See below)
  • Full Controller support (PS4, Xbox1, and Generic PC controllers)
  • Homestead Mini-game: Farming/Dating simulator (*two games in one!)
  • Recruit characters to populate your village (25+ characters)
  • Difficulty settings include story, normal, hard, and a hard core mode
  • Open Ended Quest System: Unprecedented level of freedom and choice, your decisions matter, they affect the story. 
  • Alignment System: Your actions affect your relationships with party members.
  • Faction System: There are factions to align/war with, acquire/reject new powers!

 (Added information for this picture only, the game will remove extra info in final game)

  • Time System: Night and day cycles, time affects gameplay.
  • Resource Collection: Mining, lumber-jacking, digging, fishing, and traps. 
  • Crafting System: Create weapons, armor, accessories, gems, items, and food.
  • Dynamic Weather: Weather is random and affects gameplay.
  • Visible Enemies: You can see enemies and their line of sight, enemies can be passive or aggressive.
  • Perception System: Open up new gameplay possibilities. 
  • Persuasion System: Open up new dialogue options.
  • Infinity Dungeon: An infinite dungeon with infinite resources, riches, and unique treasures await.
  • Mounts, secrets and easter eggs aplenty!
  • and much more!

(One of the world maps)



     A young girl from a small quaint fishing village called Lorem. The village treats her as the golden child however she was not allowed to leave. Shinata was never given a proper education, leaving her to come off both naive and ignorant to others. Shinata is very kind, and fights for justice with no regard for her own personal safety.


     Very wise, Shinata’s mentor. He tries to keep Shinata safe and focused, his ultimate goal is to help Shinata achieve her full potential. He will allow Shinata to choose her own destiny as long as she is happy and in full control.


     Son of a Lorem Councilman, Gordo is a bit of a spoiled youth. With his father away traveling to other towns, his mother spoils the only man who stays at home with her, her special little poopy-kins. Although most of the kids in the village pick on him, Shinata was the only one that showed him any kindness. In time, kindness grew into that of annoyance and aggravation due to Gordo’s constant proclamations of love for Shinata. Kind, tender, clumsy, cowardly, loving, and hungry, are just a few words to describe Gordo.


     Shinata's older brother, a fighting prodigy. Despite his amazing skills he has always played second fiddle to Shinata. Living under the strict rules of his father, he had discipline and responsibility beaten into him daily. Shin is tasked with the sole goal to protect and guard Shinata, and despite his deep jealousy and hatred for Shinata, he takes his duties very seriously. On the flip side of his admirable qualities he has a sadistic sense of humor and his complete lack of empathy.


     From the village of Ipsum, Antonio is a self imposed exile at the age of 12 for committing a heinous crime, one that would have himself and his family executed if caught. Trying to hide his criminal past he would continue to journey, never staying in one place for too long. No matter where he drifted he made it his mission to help those in need, trying to prove to himself that he isn’t the monster that others have made him out to be.


Granddaughter to one of the few elders in the village, Kiki like her grandmother raises livestock in the village, mainly chickens. A tomboy at heart Kiki enjoys fighting, teasing, and sparing like the rest of the boys of the village. Ever the free spirit, Kiki has never been shy to use her sexuality and flirtatious nature to her advantage. Trained in ninjutsu tactics by her grandpa and brother, she hones her skills when she’s not tending to her beloved peckers.

Homestead Mode*

     Homestead is a mini-game within Killer Gin that consist of a village, your farm, barn, and garden. Homestead can be played entirely by itself or it can be played to complement the main game experience, it's basically having two games in one!

  •  Village - Help the village become prosperous by working on your farm, helping others, and inviting people to come live in homestead. 
  •  Improve your Farm - Updates include a bigger living space, furnishings such as an alchemy and crafting table, etc. 
  •  Plant Crops - There are lots of different crops to plant, use them to help the village or just for delicious meals. Make sure to participate the crop festival.
  •  Raise Livestock  - There are plenty of livestock to raise, crossbreed and evolve. Make sure to participate in the livestock festival.
  •  Relationships -  You may become friends with, get engaged with, and even eventually marry 20+ characters in homestead!
  •  Protect Homestead - Enemies will eventually attack homestead and you must use all characters present to defend against the incoming invasion.
  •  Colosseum - Participate in the Colosseum to test your mettle. Challenges include single and team based challenges.
  •  Adventures - Adventure forth to seek treasure and resources!

     As mentioned above, Killer Gin will also include a farming / dating mini-game. In the beginning of the game you choose your character, one of the two main characters. Once this is completed you are free to date the characters available in the game. Each of the 20+ dateable characters have their own identities, hobbies, interests, and personality. They may identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, etc. Most other dating games gloss over this aspect by making all characters bisexual whereas Killer Gin provides a much deeper and more realistic experience. The subjects and situations you encounter will also be much more mature in nature, this is all part of the fun. I am completely open to feedback and invite discussions about what could/should be included, etc. I wish for Killer Gin to grow in all aspects, including those important to the fans.

     I must add that Killer Gin has a much more mature and realistic theme than your traditional game, so the player may encounter situations that they find uncomfortable. These are few and far between however, do not expect everything to be happy go lucky in the world of Killer Gin. With that said, I may consider creating the ability to block out offensive aspects of the game.

* The $500 reward tier is every RPG/Dating/Farming simulator video game player's dream come true! Become a dateable character for the rest of the world to date and possibly (up to you) have a child with!

Why Kickstarter?

     In its current form, Killer Gin’s main RPG is already a 20 to 25+ hour game, not including all the time players may spend in the Infinity Dungeon and Homestead.  The funds raised here will be used for additional art, pixel graphics, music, marketing, and scripts to further improve the game cosmetically and mechanically.

  • Pixel Art: 30%
  • Marketing: 20%
  • Scripts: 20%
  • Art: 15%
  • Music: 15% 

Kickstarter End Goals

     All information listed prior to this point already exists in the game. Below you will find planned features for the final product:

  •  Arena  -  Fight in the Arena and become a grand champion! This quest influences story and Homestead mode.
  •  Introduction of Children - You can have children in Homestead, you may then raise them, influence their personality, and even go on adventures with them (Homestead mode).
  •  Game+ Mode - Unlockable game mode that allows players to restart the game with all the skills and items from the first play through with extra content unlocked. 
  •  Livestock Festival - Enter and show off your prized livestock (Homestead mode).
  •  Crop Festival - Enter and show off your prized crop (Homestead mode).
  •  Community - Enter and compete in various games like drinking, gambling, etc. (Homestead mode).
  •  STEAM Achievements - Very interesting in an open ended game like Killer Gin, there are easter eggs, secrets, and hidden challenges galore!
  • Continue the main story and more side quests for the main RPG.
  • More quests and activities for Homestead
  • Greater character development, team attacks, and special moves.
  • I am open to fan suggestions (please write to

!! UPDATE !!

For all the kickstarter tiers, I will add a hidden room in Killer Gin complete with the names of each backer and a sweet item (6 tiers, so 6 rooms).

The Backers that contribute $60 and above will have the opportunity to send in a pic, complete with a description to have in the game. (See below for an example)

Other gamers have the opportunity to find these rooms, but it will be very difficult.

"Backer - Freddie: Just wanted to say hi from the Philippines! These whale sharks aren't too scary."

PS: The GoPro's date was not set up correctly lol

 Stretch Goals 

Killer Gin is already filled to the brim with fun/unique mechanics, many of which are hidden away, waiting to be discovered by the eccentric player. So much of the stretch goals would be applied to graphics and art.

  •  (Unlocked at $2,200) Voice Overs (They can be toggled on or off). Voice overs will include intro/main cutscenes as well as battle voice overs.
  •  (Unlocked at $2,600) All 11 of the main characters in the main RPG will have character busts. However, the 20+ characters in Homestead mode do not. I would love to add a normal pose to each and every character that you can date in Homestead.
  • (Locked at $2,900) I would love to add a  "sexy" pose to each and every character that you can date in Homestead.
  • I would continue to add unique boss and monster graphics into the game.
  • I would love to improve the fishing mini-game to include more visual cues.
  • Continue to update and polish much of the games environmental tile-sets.
  • I would continue to work on extra missions for the main RPG as well as at least one unique mission for every Homestead character in the game.

Killer Gin Voice Cast

Even though voice acting is locked, I am going to do everything in the power to bring voice acting to Killer Gin. Below you will find the actors that have already auditioned and were cast for voice roles in Killer Gin. They are amazing!! I can't wait to share their amazing body of work with you! (Voice acting can be toggled on or off at anytime if you do not wish to hear the voice acting.)

 Screen Shots!! 

Risks and challenges

Killer Gin is my dream project that I have been working on for the past 10 years. I started developing this version of the game 3 and a half years ago and now I finally have the opportunity to make Killer Gin a reality.

I am prepared to overcome any obstacle to deliver an old school RPG experience. The biggest challenge before me is completing Homestead, the dating/farming mini-game within Killer Gin, well enough to satisfy even the most die hard fans. I have a tendency to try to cram tons of fun little details everywhere and often they can get out of hand.

Finishing the game should not be a problem, I already have an extended demo finished that is 15+ hrs long. The game is 25+ hrs in its current form and I plan to add about 5+ more hours to the main story line then simply polish the game up and finalize side quests and game mechanics.

Regardless of the situation I plan to listen very closely to fans and critics alike to ensure honesty and transparency so that everyone is well informed on the status of the game. I hope you are excited as I am for Killer Gin!

Even after Killer Gins release on STEAM I plan on supporting KG for at least a year. I will continue to update, polish, and add new content to the already 25+ hr RPG.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

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  1. Select this reward

    Pledge US$ 1 or more About US$ 1

    Early Access to Demo

    Early access to the extended Killer Gin Demo (15 hr+ demo)

    Estimated delivery
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    Pledge US$ 10 or more About US$ 10

    Killer Gin Game - STEAM Key

    Receive copy of the Killer Gin Game via STEAM Key. (STEAM Early Access, also includes $1 tier rewards)

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    Pledge US$ 12 or more About US$ 12

    Killer Gin STEM Special Edition Game

    Receive a copy of the Killer Gin STEM Special Edition Game via STEAM Key. Have your name listed under STEM Kickstarter Contributors Credits. Receive special in game items (*detailed below) and a digital copy of the Killer Gin Secrets Game Guide.

    1) The STEM Heart Stone - Use the stone once every 3 days on any party member to restore Health, Magic, SP, Sleep and Hunger.

    2) Special STEM Save Stone - The stone will allow the player to save the game from anywhere in the game. They will no longer need save points to save the game! This stone can only be used once per day. (Restricted in certain locations, like the Infinity Dungeon, or game modes.)

    (STEAM Early Access, also includes $1 and $10 tier rewards)

    Estimated delivery
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    Pledge US$ 35 or more About US$ 35

    Killer Item Pack!

    1) True Infinity Token - The token recharges every 2 days to allow entrance into the Infinity Dungeon.

    2) True Remembrance Token - The token allows the player to create a portal to exit to a home area so that they may return at later date, takes 2 days to recharge (recommended for the Infinity Dungeon).

    3) True Recovery Stone - Once every 2 days the player can fully restore a selected characters health, magic, SP, sleep, hunger, and injuries.

    4) True Teleportation Stone - The player can teleport anytime they wish to another discovered teleportation stone.

    5) Ocarina - Use the Ocarina to change the weather or to change the time of day to dawn or dusk.

    * All in-game items. (Certain items that affect the Infinity Dungeon cannot be used to unlock achievements, etc.) (Also includes $1, $5, $12, $18, and $25 tier rewards)

    Estimated delivery
    17 backers

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    Pledge US$ 60 or more About US$ 60

    Sincere Thanks KG Package

    This package includes the STEM Special Edition Game via STEAM key, Name placed in the Extra Special Contributors credits, a personally signed letter of thanks, and become a character (a NPC) in the game!

    (Also includes $1, $12, and $35 tier rewards)

    Estimated delivery
    9 backers

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    Pledge US$ 500 or more About US$ 500

    Become a dateable character!

    Have you ever wanted to be playable character in a video game?! This is an opportunity to be immortalized in a commercial video game that players can enjoy all around he world!

    For this to be possible you must choose the following:

    Name, Gender, Race, Class, Sexual Preference, Hobbies, Personality, etc,

    This means you can be chosen as a party member to accompany the player on adventures. I cannot wait to see what future strategy guides say about you as a character.

    Of course you must realize that this also means that anyone around the world that plays Killer Gin may friend you, date you, marry you, and possibly even have kids with you.

    If you do not wish to be a playable/dateable character you may gift this opportunity to someone that you know, or pass altogether.

    *This will be a process that will continue until the official release of Killer Gin.
    (Kickstarter only)

    (Includes all previous reward tiers!)

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 2 backers

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