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Elegantly designed USB stick that cleans and optimizes your PC in one simple step. Crowd driven and enjoyable to use.
Elegantly designed USB stick that cleans and optimizes your PC in one simple step. Crowd driven and enjoyable to use.
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    1. Andrew S on

      ya personally if its not a phone i see metro as bloat ware but i don't know, i would be fine with a cli.

    2. Jumpshot Creator on

      @Andrew: ZDNet had a good tip too in their article "Eight things to do right away after you set up Windows 8" ( To quote them: "The complaint I hear most about the Start screen is that people want to go as quickly as possible to the desktop. If you're in that camp, drag the desktop tile from its default position in the lower right corner and drop it at the top of the first column."

    3. Jumpshot Creator on

      @Andrew: We can't make that choice automatically for everyone, though we hear you, there seems to be a lot of dissatisfied users. This tool is one option:

    4. Andrew S on

      in windows 8 will it remove metro?

    5. Jumpshot Creator on

      @Robert: Yes it will! We've been testing on the pre-release and will verify there have been no major changes in the final build they recently released through MSDN.

    6. Missing avatar

      Robert Lettrich on

      Will your program run on Windows 8?

    7. Andrew S on

      @Bruticus82 there will be a survey that will come out near the end of the kickstarter

    8. Bruticus82 on

      Hey, how do we let you guys know which of the three USB keys we want?

    9. Jumpshot Creator on

      @Sam, @Zachary: That is a neat idea, haven't thought of that one before. It's a feature we can consider for augmenting the advanced console (show a screenshot taken from the Windows app along size the under the hood settings). In the mean time, we're hoping she won't have to call as often. Thanks for the feedback!

    10. Zachary Touba on

      O_O I like Sam's idea. I have the same issue. If it could take a screenshot when inserted or when run (but before the giant Jumpshot spashscreen) and automatically email it, that would be awesome. If it can't be implemented due to privacy concerns etc it's not the end of the world since I'll just stick to remotely viewing to check out the message. Great idea though.

    11. Missing avatar

      Sam on

      The thing i spend the longest doing when i help my Grandmother with her computer is trying to figure out what is actually on her screen and if its a legitimate error, spyware or just a normal option window etc from 3 states away. I now just remote access her computer and look at the screen myself which saves about 30min of questions. If the Jumpshot automatically took a screenshot when inserted, and had an option to email it to a nominated tech support person, it would be a really awesome feature.

    12. Jumpshot Creator on

      @Nancy: We're all over it! Please keep in touch and let us know where we can improve our messaging.

    13. Missing avatar

      Nancy C on

      Jumpshot - As a grandma, I'm counting on you to make this user-friendly!

    14. Jumpshot Creator on

      @Paul: Not trivial at all. Great feedback. It is too technical a word. We'll change the wording and put some thought cycles into making revert even more grammy friendly.

    15. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      This may sound trivial, but I'm not sure if the question, "Would you like to revert your system to the last state it was in before your last Jumpshot?", passes the Grandma test. Something along the lines of, "Would you like to undo the changes that were made to your computer during the last Jumpshot?", might be better. I'm trying to avoid words like revert and state. It's great to have one button support for ease of use, however, I think layman's instructions are equally important.

    16. Jumpshot Creator on

      @Daniel: Thanks!

    17. Daniel Duran on

      The intro video alone made this pledge worthwhile.

    18. Jumpshot Creator on

      @Aleksander: Thank you for the compliment! We're glad to have extra hands in the office now to ensure we can maintain the same level of consistent response. There's still some limited quantity get it all's available at $115 which are a great deal ;-)

    19. Missing avatar

      Aleksander on

      Just browsing through the comments, I love how often you respond to backers.
      This sort of thing is why I love kickstarter and this project, keep up the good work guys.
      Now I just need to figure out what character I want for usb I mean cmon a ninja, and awesome mustached police officer, or a sir? Difficult decision indeed!

    20. Jumpshot Creator on

      @Shane No, thank you :) Appreciate your pledge and kind words.

    21. Shane Zehnder on

      Jumpshot, you are TRULY doing this correctly! Love your constant feedback and interaction! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

    22. Andrew S on

      @BTO if you don't want the shirts give them away as gifts

    23. Jumpshot Creator on

      @BTO Just wait until you see our new tshirt designs, you may change your mind ;) In all seriousness, we are sticking to just 8GB and 32 GB for now but may branch out to other storage sizes next year when we go full retail. As for getting three sticks without the shirts, unfortunately we're not currently set up to do exceptions to the reward groupings as this point. Sorry for the inconvenience and further drawer clutter.

    24. BTO

      I'd like to see an option for 3 USB devices without shirts. My closet and T-Shirt drawers runneth over, but I'd like to hand a few of these things out to my less computer savvy friends, and save a few days a year in rebuilding computers. Maybe even a 5 memory stick option @ 4 GB? I can't see using these for storage myself, and I have dozens of memory devices for that.


    25. Jumpshot Creator on

      @Andrew: We haven't decided yet but we probably will to prevent overzealous Karma seekers from looping between reverting and running ;-)

    26. Andrew S on

      when you revert a computer will you get that karma revoked?

    27. Jumpshot Creator on

      @Mrillies Thanks for your pledge! It's definitely possible to create such a pop out, but for the first version of our sticks, they'll be glued in tightly. Indeed, the 3 USB "get it all" set will allow three separate users for those sticks. So feel free to give them away as Holiday stocking stuffers..

    28. Missing avatar

      Mrillies on

      You guys are doing amazing things, cant wait to give one to my mum and tech unsavy brother.
      2 questions, Can you make the USB part 'Pop out' of the character. Im thinking about those random PC cases that have oddly placed ports or laptops that have ports close to the base. Also, if i pledge for a 3 usb set, will that include 3 software licenses, ie if i give one as a gift?

      Either way you guys are doing a great job!

    29. Jumpshot Creator on

      @Brooklynstar13 We're still determining a future pricing model. Check out Update #3 for more info on our early access period:

    30. Brooklynstar13 on

      Is there going to be a monthly fee for the use of this software (in the long run)?

    31. Missing avatar

      Justin Land on

      "...and winter hibernation began early for the bear."

    32. Jumpshot Creator on

      @Peter: Thanks for your pledge! We hope your sister likes it. Karma currently mostly serves to provide the user with a feeling of how much work had to be done to clean their PC and track how much good they've done overall. Later, we will make it more fun with a leaderboard and maybe some kind of competition with prizes. It's certainly a facet of our system that will evolve. How we will charge (subscription, freemium, pay per use, combined models, etc...) will be determined through observation of usage and of course feedback from our active backers. Check out update #3 ( for more details

    33. Jumpshot Creator on

      @QuantumC: Thank you! Booting into a separate OS does fundamentally provide an upper hand in the situation you are describing. Though it's not bullet proof. We can recover some of the damage done by malware but if it's very extensive then a complete OS re-install may be in order. Whether the malware functions as Fake AV or an endpoint in a bot net doesn't matter as much as how the malware actually looks. Some Fake AV in particular appear less suspicious than other forms of malware and can slip past our detection. We're not a 100% solution, no one is, but we'll keep getting better. At some point after we grow and bring on more talent we'll likely release some whitepapers and do a technical conference tour covering our methodologies and empirical data.

    34. QuantumC on

      Also, any words on the scanner/updater engine that's being developed?
      Interested to learn more about the approach of this clever software, database signatures, AI?
      Appreciate your support on these battlegrounds of internet security!

    35. QuantumC on

      Very impressed with all the hard work you guys are putting in.
      Any testing yet with FAKE AV/File Recovery etc, malware?
      I've had good luck with MBAM in the past but sometimes it has trouble loading or installing, even in safe-mode, if windows is corrupted (auto-restarts etc). Would JS sedation feature prevent the trickery of some of these elusive viruses? Thank you kindly.

    36. Pretam Banger on

      Hey guys just backed this project. I had a few questions. The first is what exactly is the karma system? Second, any ideas on what the service charge plan will be. I personally like the option of keeping portions of Jumpshot free for all, but charge for certain new features. I know my sis will love this as she is terrible with computers and now can easily fix her malware issues with this service. thanks.

    37. Jumpshot Creator on

      @Jeff: Thanks neighbor ;-) We have full read/write support for interfacing with the registry hives on disk. We can restore some areas if they are intentionally destroyed by malware, and will continue adding support for more, but if the malware was too destructive then a rebuild would be necessary. Thanks for your wishes!

    38. Jeff Ball on

      Looks great guys. Real interested in the mechanics and how it handles registry hacks/changes. I ran into some nasty malware attacks that required clean installs to fix the problem. Best of luck to you both.


    39. Matthew on

      Sweet. Thanks jumpshot police man

    40. Jumpshot Creator on

      @Matthew: Thanks for your pledge! Just answered a similar question on the latest update post. Excuse the copy paste ;-) If we disable / remove something useful we want to hear about it and discuss it further. For the most part, we're trying to remove only what you really don't need. Our initial focused audience is the end user. Our mothers and fathers who just need an automated fix for a variety of their typical problems. Once we get a handle on that we'll switch gears to cater to the advanced users. We've got a lot of aspirations for what the advanced interface will be.

    41. Matthew on

      looks cool. being in an IT department i can see a great use for this. But my question is will i be able to see what would be removed before it is removed? Just to be sure nothing of importance is removed by accident?

      Im in for a 32GB...for now MUHAHAHAHAHA...cough...ya im in for a 32GB :)

    42. Jumpshot Creator on

      @Casey: We were just in the process of giving you a shout out when we saw your comment. Thanks for taking us over the 2,000 backer line! We've been waiting for a few hours for that to happen. Hope to bring some sanity to your abode :-)

    43. Casey Harmono on

      My roommate is chronically computer challenged and it's driving me nuts. Fortunately the rent is cheap, and he's a nice guy. We need a solution.

    44. Jumpshot Creator on

      @John: Thanks for your pledge! Also wanted to note that your backer profile picture is pure awesome. Regarding undesired changes. Pertinent question to today's queued update actually. We offer an easy revert option from Jumpshot that will roll back all the changes we've made, in the event that you're unhappy with any of them. You'll receive the update in your inbox with further details. Our initial focus is complete automation, we want you to be able to empower your mother with a solution she can apply on her own. Then, we'll switch gears to an advanced user console which will allow for granular control of modifications. Peering even further into the future we foresee an open API, making Jumpshot a platform. Lots of exciting ideas on the table which, as a backer, you will have a voice on. A web portal containing a history of PCs, scans, karmam, etc... will not be available during early access but is on the development road map already!

    45. John Pitta on

      Ok, I just finished working on my mother in laws computer this last weekend. It was too slow to actually try and clean it up and this is exactly the type of thing I was looking for. Something that would let you work on the system before it was booted. I was starting to make a new Bart PE disk with all of my various tools as my last one was way outdated. I love the setup on how it will be updated and learn from other users. That is what I find frustrating about maintaining my tools for support. I put in my $ and will be excited to go back and clean up several family computers after getting this.
      I would be interested how this would work in an enterprise environment. The Windows systems I support are not locked down and despite the FW and other protection they get mucked up. This seems like a great tool for that but in an enterprise environment we have lots of custom apps, special system config and other items we would not want messed with. Is there a mode or option to review things it is "unsure" about or a learning mode to say "this machine is clean and fresh, allow things on this image for future cleanup"

      Oh - can we go online and see a history of machines we have used Jumpshot on and what work was done?

      Thanks from a fellow PTSD sufferer

    46. Jumpshot Creator on

      @Montana Thanks for your pledge! We hope you like it.

    47. Groitgard on

      Just threw down for one of those nice 32GB drives, can't wait to see how this service turns out!

    48. Jumpshot Creator on

      @Kyle Thanks! :)

    49. Kyle Hughes on

      Awesome stuff guys! Just pledged for the Early 175 pack (+20 for international). Can't wait to pass this to my mother and father, can never have too many USB sticks.

    50. secondOption on

      @Jumpshot: Thanks! I won't need the jumpshot to display in other language, as long as it can weed out all the crap inside her laptop :)

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