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Slim Wallet for Fat Stacks of Cards & Cash. RFID Safe. Handmade in USA.
Slim Wallet for Fat Stacks of Cards & Cash. RFID Safe. Handmade in USA.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Joe Kistler on

      One year wallet inside wall has ripped out.

    2. Leo on

      I also got the silver paper being exposed to the wallet looks like the stitching was poor on the wallet

    3. Leo on

      I also got the silver paper being exposed to the wallet looks like the stitching was poor on the wallet

    4. Salla Kovalainen on

      Hi! My boyfriend loves his slimJimmy but now the interior has come off exposing the silver paper inside. Is this a product fault? :/

    5. Missing avatar

      Vapira on

      After half a year of daily use - still very exited and just love my slimJimmy wallet. Thank you! :)

    6. Rienk Jan Schurer on

      I use this wallet on vacations. Two weeks in January. Now the last three weeks. I use it for Vietnamees DOngs. A bill made out of plastic. Now the interior is already letting loose. Is this a product fault and can i get warranty ?

    7. Missing avatar

      Johnny Abbas

      Hi jimmy,

      If i want to order another one, how i should order? Pls advise. Thanks

    8. jimmyCASE 2-time creator on

      Alberto. We will follow up with a message. Sorry about that.

    9. Missing avatar

      Alberto Cuevas on

      After 3 months using my wallet, all the interior has come off exposing the silver paper inside. Very bad quality wallet for the amount paid. Very dissapointed with my purchase...

    10. jimmyCASE 2-time creator on

      Leo. I will respond by email. We will resend using another shipper.

    11. Leo on

      I still haven't received my wallet at all and this has been the second one being sent I don't know what type of game this I'm not amused I know this is a project and you have some experience but I expect some response or action because I don't know why the shipping is an issue I can understand delays for the item being made but shipping ? The tracking hasn't been updated at all

    12. Zheng_ on

      The MET Card that I put inside the front pocket is either undetected or showing "unusable card" on screen. Is this normal?

    13. Raphael Fonseca on

      I don't received my slimJIMMY yet, why?

    14. El'Sac Ko on

      finally i received my slimJIMMY.

    15. Raphael Fonseca on

      I dont received the tracking yet, why?

    16. Salla Kovalainen on

      Received in Finland last week , thank you so much!
      It was late christmas gift to my boyfriend <3

    17. jimmyCASE 2-time creator on


      Thanks for checking. We are sorry that over the holiday weeks DHL has been a little slower to countries in Asia than we see normally. Most of the DHL Global Mail packages pass through Europe and we are seeing this week packages arrive in local distribution centers around one week after leaving Europe. It should be landing in HK distribution center soon.

    18. Missing avatar

      Marco Cheung on

      I still waiting for my new wallet which shipped from 12/12/2016, but the status update still showing "En Route Sat, December 24, 2016 at 8:41 AM GBSLOX, GB". How long will it take to Hong Kong actually??

    19. El'Sac Ko on

      hi moderator.
      my country is Malaysia. my shipment tracking still showing it is in Germany (i guess) and how long its take to send to my country? it suppose to be Christmas gift but now it seem i have to change to valentine gift?

    20. Leo on

      I got a confirmation number and I hasn't been updated since I was wondering what could be the reason behind it idk if it was confirmed or what not

    21. Missing avatar

      Rayan Boutine on

      The last update says:
      It took 18 days to go from the States to Germany.
      This is not even close to being delivered !!!

    22. jimmyCASE 2-time creator on

      Rayan and Joseph and our other sponsors. Thanks for writing. I have been tracking all the orders. Yours shipped with a group of 150 international orders, and they all showed the same tracking a day or two before arrival. Over the last five days they have started to arrive, one country at a time.

      I have contacted DHL to request more specific details and I will provide them if they come to me.

      We have been using DHL Global for awhile and they have proven to be the most reliable shipping within a price range that these products allow. $5.00 vs $25 to $30 for true express services. This holiday season, we are seeing speeds a little slower than usual, or what we'd prefer. But, we found they consistently come through, as they have been the last few days.

      When we hear anything back from DHL, we will update you right away.

      Best wishes and thanks for sponsoring.

      Dan & Aaron

    23. Missing avatar

      Rayan Boutine on

      Tracking shows En Route since December 8th but I haven't received it yet. This was supposed to be a xmas gift and I hope it gets delivered tomorrow, Friday here in Korea, or else I will have no gift to give to my friend !!

    24. Joseph Lee on

      It's been awhile since the latest update from DHL. System shows "Processing Completed at Origin". That's it. No more further action since 8th

    25. Raphael Fonseca on

      I dont received the tracking

    26. Raphael Fonseca on

      I dont received yet :/ I from Brazil

    27. James Lin on

      Received in NZ today, thank you.

    28. Christina Paine

      Received in the UK today , thank you :)

    29. Missing avatar

      Brian Greco on

      Hello, I still have not received email selecting color combinations nor shipping. Do you have an ETA on the fulfilment of all orders? Thank you

    30. Clever Tan on

      Cool, thanks for the clarification.

    31. jimmyCASE 2-time creator on

      From Dan at jimmyCASE/slimJIMMY
      The confirmation emails may not exactly match your orders. With the variety of rewards and color combinations we offered, it was difficult to automate the packing slips -- so they don't reflect exactly what is in the shipments. We have worked diligently to match the shipments with the survey responses.

      Sorry about the confusion.

    32. James Lin on

      Yeah same question with Clever Tan, I ordered 4, but the tracking email shows only 1 item.

    33. Clever Tan on

      For the people that got the gift-packs, does the e-mail only show 1 wallet being shipped? I ordered a 4-pack but the shipping e-mail there's only 1 wallet in the shipment.

    34. jimmyCASE 2-time creator on

      El'Sac Ko

      The DHL Global Mail tracking will show next tracking ping most likely when it hits destination country. Must first stop and DHL's central international center.


    35. Joseph Lee on

      Ko, I face the same situation with you.
      According to DHL tracking system, it said that there is potential delivery delay due to Winter Storm Caly. So I guess we have to wait patiently.

    36. El'Sac Ko on

      yup. i received the tracking but dated dec 3 and now still not yet receive. i wonder why ?

    37. jimmyCASE 2-time creator on

      El' Sac. Rich. We are shipping as soon as they come in. Almost everything open will ship early next week. When yours ships, you will receive an email with tracking.



    38. El'Sac Ko on

      i have received tracking no but after working day 4th, still nothing updates! is this consider usual ?

    39. Missing avatar

      Julio ramos on

      Wallet not very clean craftsmanship got my wallet and leather had to many scratches and stitching on fabric not clean

    40. jimmyCASE 2-time creator on

      Marco. Yes, before Christmas. We are shipping as soon as they come in.

    41. Missing avatar

      Marco Cheung on

      Is it likely to ship all the wallets before Christmas?? Can't wait to get my new wallet.

    42. jimmyCASE 2-time creator on


      Thanks. We hope to be designing a more wallets soon. Thanks for the input.


    43. Zen on

      Received my wallet today, very nice design, feels great, this will last a very long time. Now I have a request, please work on a 8 card capacity version along with room for bills.

      Great job guys!

    44. Clever Tan on

      Thanks for the prompt responses, looking forward to seeing that tracking e-mail show up!

    45. jimmyCASE 2-time creator on

      James. We are started shipping yesterday and are shipping as the wallets come in over the next couple of weeks. I'm sorry, I can't promise a specific ship date on your wallet. We are working through them as the inventory comes in. Dan

    46. James Lin on

      Hi Dan,

      Do you have an ETA for my order? My mates are asking about it.



    47. jimmyCASE 2-time creator on

      Our first couple of batches (one shipped today) are USA size black leather and blue leather, standard stitches.Thanks dan

    48. Joseph Lee on

      Can we know which color will be shipped in the first batch?

    49. El'Sac Ko on

      slimjimmy. thanks for your updates. so how do i track my shipment? is there any info you will provide to us?

    50. jimmyCASE 2-time creator on

      First wallets shipped yesterday. We are shipping the rest as they come in over next couple of weeks. Thanks. Dan

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