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The ilatch is a case that meets all needs, in any environment and is super helpful for kids and parents!

Mickey has Minnie. Dora has Boots. Elmo has Big Bird. iPad now has iLatch as it’s favorite companion. iLatch is an innovative case specifically designed by a new mother that allows children to watch their favorite shows on the go. 

Parents can attach iLatch with its unique set of clips to a stroller, car headrest, pack n’ play, shopping cart, restaurant chair and many more places for kiddie entertainment on the go. One of iLatch’s greatest features allows it to be moved from place to place with one hand. This case is a perfect travel accessory for iPad. No need to leave Elmo behind at home when you can bring his learning lessons on the road. 

The iLatch is a case I created out of desperation when traveling and never having a case that suited all of my needs. My son loves to watch his baby shows on the iPad when we travel. 

This case is not just for children, but for anyone who watches video on their ipad! No more propping up your ipad case !

The great thing about a hanging iPad case is :

- It is generally out of reach of the children watching it so they can't mess up the screen or stop their show.

- It can be moved with one hand, which is often what most parents are working with!  

- You can also easily remove the iPad from the iLatch with one hand!

- You won't always have to be near a table or flat surface in order to watch shows on the iPad.

Everywhere we go, our son is happy and well behaved in his stroller and SO many people come up to us asking what the HECK is that thing he is watching so intently and many have offered to buy it! I hope to be able to get the iLatch on the market with the help of my fellow kickstarters and share the joy with other parents that we have experienced with keeping our son entertained when toys or movement aren't always an option.


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    My undying appreciation!

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    Help me decide the colors ! If you donate $3 to the cause and we reach our goal, I will be sending out a survey with prototype pictures and color choices to vote on!

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    If you pledge $25 toward the ilatch you will be getting an ilatch in the mail! That is 50% off the projected MSRP! If you live outside the US , pleas consider throwing in a few extra bucks for shipping costs!

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    If you pledge $150 you will not only be making this dream closer to a reality, you will receive a special limited edition ilatch designed JUST for those who helped bring this to idea to life! Thank you SO much for your support and interest!

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    The GOOD KARMA pledge! You will get all of the benefits listed above , a remote control for the IPAD, AND you will no doubt get good karma for being so supportive of this SAHM!

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    The GOLD package you will get all of the above and bragging rights that you brought the ilatch to life as well as a surprise accessory!

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