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The ilatch is a case that meets all needs, in any environment and is super helpful for kids and parents!
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Laura Graham

176 backers pledged $7,125 to help bring this project to life.

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Shipping and Tracking

Hey Guys! I have shipped out all of the ilatches! you should have gotten an email with a tracking number . If you did not get this email, that is likely because I do not have a shipping address for you. Please contact me so that we can straighten this out! 

I also wanted to tell you about my next launch, the ikid! It is a foam console with home key protection for kids! It is already patented and trademarked, and is in the beginning stages of production.

Below is a picture of my son with the prototype! 

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In Transit!

Just wanted to update you guys and show you some pics! The ilatches are in transit now and I am expecting them someday this week, ( Wednesday according to the factory) but that is a little hard for me to believe so I will keep you guys posted!

I have folded all of my shipping boxes, programmed my shipping software so that I can hopefully work like crazy to get them in the mail ASAP. I will again post updates all along the way. If you have any changes in address due to shipping times, please let me know!

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Factory Updates and Shipping Times

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Update on Production and Delivery!

Hi Kickstarters! 

Sorry I am so late in updating you all, I was waiting until I had concrete information to give out! I have been busy, busy! The ilatch has been so successful that I have started a new company dedicated to designing ipad and iphone gear just for kids, called Grizas... Website coming soon at

The ilatch is in production and should be shipping out the 3rd week of November. We had quite a time selecting the interior fabric. We also changed the back side of the case to be leather like the front, so that it does not snag on anything. The fabric back side was not very durable. 

Here are some pics of some prototypes (These are NOT the final product) 

We have chosen a solid orange interior fabric:

I am working on some thank you gifts for all of you early backers! Hope to have that ready by the time these ship!

I also will be sending out an email survey soon to find out if you have a Mac or a PC. Please respond to this as soon as you can after getting the survey. 

Thanks again for all of the support and interest! Can't wait to share with you all the new things we have been up to!

Email me if you have any questions!

- Laura

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!


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