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Update #1

iKid Color Choices


Hey Guys! Thanks so much for backing my project! I am VERY excited about it. Please pass the word on to all of your friends, family, facebook pages etc! Lets get the word out because the MORE ikids that are sold, the more color options will be available.  It cost QUITE a bit to make more than one color so for now the only color option is Kickstarter Green, I tried to choose a hip , gender neutral color . IF i get enough backers to afford another color or more colors, I will send out a survey to all backers and let you vote for a color. Feel free to send me messages with color suggestions as I am interested to hear what you guys think!

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    Skip that latte and throw some pocket change toward making a dream come true ! All Pledges will receive frequent project updates!

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    Buys you an ikid at the discounted price! SRP $49.99

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    Will get you a bright shiny new ikid AND a set of latches for the ikid so that you can suspend it from stroller bars , car seats and more turning the ikid into a traveling DVD player!

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    Get a set of TWO kids, one for each kid OR one for you and one for a friend. This would make a GROOVY gift for any ifamily you know!

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    Not only will you get a bright and shiny new IKID but you will also get one of my 1st kickstarter projects called the iLatch. Watch Demo Video Here:

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    "The TEN pack". This reward is designed for those of you who want a wholesale price, or for school systems looking for easy and affordable ipad protection. Choose this reward if you want to purchase 10 ikids at a considerable discount!

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