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A desktop bamboo walking machine.
A desktop bamboo walking machine.
A desktop bamboo walking machine.
603 backers pledged $57,669 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Yukihisa on

      Hi Small Wonder Toys team,
      A Happy New Year! BUT………. I received The Humble Velocipede, today. However, I cannot say that thank you. Cardboard box was crash. It was the bad situation. And, I'M VERY DISAPPOINTED. Some time ago, I emailed to you. For the present which I give it, give me reply as soon as possible.

    2. Chuck Marshall on

      My kids love these! They gave them names (my daughter went with Kate, and my son went with the obvious Velociopedey) and have been running them around the house and into their other toys every day since Christmas!

    3. lostXi on

      just got mine today, and it is awesome! i was going to put it under the Christmas tree but couldn't resist, I'll just wrap it up again and act surprise when I open it again. :D

    4. Timmy on

      received mine today, very happy with it, nice work and thank you

    5. fluffy on

      I got mine and the spoil board today! Yay! Sadly, the little tacks which were provided for hanging the spoil board up are a bit too long and they'll end up going through the bamboo if I put them in, so I'll have to figure out some alternate mounting approach (maybe I'll frame it or something? dunno)

    6. Missing avatar

      Jeff Robertson on

      I just got my Velocipede.
      IT IS FANTASTIC. Great, great job.
      My only question is - what's the next toy to come out of Small Wonder?

    7. Small Wonder Toys 2-time creator on

      @Simon No problem! I will send you personal message with your tracking number.

    8. Missing avatar

      Simon Coulbeck on

      Hi, I there any tracking info for international parcels - I would love to find out if mine will arrive in time for Christmas as it is a gift. - thanks

    9. Small Wonder Toys 2-time creator on

      Velocipedes walk more smoothly the more they are exercised. Most are being sent in the mail with very little mileage under their belts, so don't be shy about running them back and forth to work any kinks out. Lubricating rotational points can also go a long way towards smoothing out a sticky step if problems persist. We've found that silicone lubricant (dry type) works well, but feel free to experiment!

    10. Ryan Drake on

      JUST got mine delivered (#196)! Looks (and smells) great! Only thing is that it doesn't seem to move that well. Won't work on a smooth surface at all and on carpet will only move, one way, about 1 foot before binding. Is this normal? In the video it moves effortlessly across a glass table and slides down the plywood ramp with ease...

    11. Chuck Marshall on

      I got mine! They look and work great. The kids are going to love these under the X-Christmas tree. This is the type of toy they will appreciate for one reason now (fun, different, sort of magic in a wood-golem like way) and for another when they are older (mechanics and maker root). Thanks Small Wonder Toys, for such a wonderful and unique project.

    12. Missing avatar

      Forrest Davie on

      @Chuck Marshall: It looks gorgeous. Works fine, but not quite as smoothly as in the video... I strongly suspect it'll get better as it gets broken in. The finish on the bamboo is wonderful!

    13. Missing avatar

      Sherry Oelkers on

      I just got mine today . . . #232 . . . it is awesome! Nicely done Dave and gang! Thank you!

    14. Chuck Marshall on

      @Forrest Davie: Did you get the actual velodipede? How's it look/work?

    15. Missing avatar

      Forrest Davie on

      Got mine today! Thank you!

    16. Chuck Marshall on

      Hey guys, any shipping updates?

    17. Missing avatar

      Elon on

      I do hope everything is going smoothly for you guys... or at least, as smooth as it can be.

    18. Small Wonder Toys 2-time creator on

      Rob, quite a lot is happening now that production is churning along at full bore, and frankly, at this juncture, a bi-weekly update makes a heck of a lot of sense! Consider it done! Our first bi-weekly installment will drop over the next couple of days.

    19. RobertSpangey on

      It would be great if you could even provide some sort of simple update say bi-weekly. Would be nice to know what you are doing.......even if its the same thing..

    20. Small Wonder Toys 2-time creator on

      Hi Chuck! We hit a little production road bump this weekend and have been working to figure it out. We will get that update posted as soon as we can!

    21. Small Wonder Toys 2-time creator on

      Hi Chuck, thanks for asking! We will send out our monthly update over the weekend.

    22. RobertSpangey on

      Update? It would be nice to send out an update instead of just posting your comments here

    23. Chuck Marshall on

      Great to hear. Thanks!

    24. Small Wonder Toys 2-time creator on

      We know a lot of people are hoping to get their Velocipedes in time for Christmas, and we're doing everything we can to meet that deadline. Production has started in earnest, and this weekend we're moving into a new workshop that can better handle our scaled-up production. Surveys will be sent out as we move closer to shipping each reward.

    25. Chuck Marshall on

      Is there a survey coming, as with other KS projects? Also, is there any update on progress and timeline? I am hoping to give the Velocipedes I ordered as Christmas gifts.

    26. Yukihisa on

      Velocipede that I can not ignore. I backed for Velocipede. Finished product is a white crankshaft. However, the crank shaft of the $15 reward is a natural material such as lead. I want a lead-colored Velocipede of the crankshaft. Thank you for your consideration.

    27. Daniel Nadeau on

      would like a update video,

    28. John VDN + Vitor Santa Maria

      Loved the original sculpture, can't wait to get ours!

    29. Small Wonder Toys 2-time creator on

      There is a chance that we will offer a DIY kit in the future, but we are not offering one during this campaign. See the FAQ for a more detailed explanation.

    30. Missing avatar

      Alex Wixted on

      Just wondering if there's a chance of you offering a kit including all the parts sanded and prepped, so we can assemble it ourselves?

    31. Small Wonder Toys 2-time creator on

      Absolutely. For anyone interested in multiple rewards, just increase your pledge to reflect the total amount of combined rewards and send us a message to confirm your order.

    32. Laird Popkin

      I'm a backer ($100) and I'd also like to get an additional crankshaft in order to try to DIY another one 'cause I think it would be cool to make one. Can I order an additional crankshaft by adding $15 to my pledge?

    33. Missing avatar

      Marcel Borsboom on

      It's expensive but oh so cool! I just had to get one!

    34. Small Wonder Toys 2-time creator on

      Hi Rob, thank you for your interest! We're not against that option, but we're not prepared to offer that at this time... sorry!

    35. RobertSpangey on

      Any change you would consider a reward tier that would offer up the cut files? Are you using .dxf? .ai? What design program are you using? Autocad? Vectric? V-Carve? Aspire?

    36. Small Wonder Toys 2-time creator on

      We will send out an update if we encounter any delays, but yes, we're doing our best to get everything shipped in time for Christmas.

    37. Daniel Weyer on

      I have a geeky family member that I would like to gift this to for xmas, I see Dec 2012 is the estimated it likely to arrive in time for Xmas?

    38. Missing avatar

      Cynthia Adams on

      This is a great project. I would like to see lots more funding! No reward for me, just keep that total growing.

    39. Martin Montesano on

      I am the builder of another popular local walking machine and would love a chance to see your full scale model. Would this be a possibility?

    40. Missing avatar

      Ariana on

      I agree with Joel, a diy kit would be the coolest.

    41. Missing avatar

      Jeff McCune on

      Congrats on reaching your goal! I hope it keeps growing.

    42. Missing avatar

      Joel on

      Adding in a tier that rewards backers with the driveshaft for a DIY project would sure make my day! And would take my money! ;-)