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We’re building a free iPad app to start an epic conversation on the future of our species. We need your help to produce the app.
We’re building a free iPad app to start an epic conversation on the future of our species. We need your help to produce the app.
261 backers pledged $46,247 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

The Human Project Curriculum

Hello All, 

We wanted to tell you about Rohan Roberts. Rohan Roberts has created a complete curriculum for high school students based on The HUMAN Project. The curriculum is free and licensed under the Creative Commons, so that anyone can build upon the ideas. 

You can download the curriculum here. 

Of course he has the credentials. He is the Senior Leader of Professional Development at the Winchester School. But honestly, that title cannot touch his contribution to the community. We've been to the school where Rohan teaches. His students are lit up like the stars. They are incredibly switched on. This coming year his students will go through the curriculum and offer ways to improve it. We're very interested in what we will learn from them. 

Both he and his intellectually feisty wife, Lara Matossian Roberts (a professional actress and mime), have helped students (age 15 - 18): 

And that is just for starters. We're not sure when they sleep. 

If you're a teacher and are always looking for a way to reach young minds, or you're just interested in hearing more about him, here is a link to his TEDx talk that brought me to my feet in applause. Bringing a Cosmic Perspective to the Classroom. 

Thanks Rohan. What a beautiful job you've done and what a pleasure it is to know you, Lara, and your students. 


The App is finally out...

Hello All,

The app is finally out. It's taken us far longer than we expected, but there was never any doubt in our minds that this moment would arrive. We were always committed to getting across the finish line and invested additional personal resources to make it happen.

The app is available on all versions of iOS 4.3 and up (not including the un-released beta version of iOS 7). That means that it should work on all iPads and almost all iPhones. It's tiny on the iPhone 4… we've looked, but if that's how you would like to read it, you have that option.

You can download the app on iTunes.

There are so many people that we want to thank…

First of all, we want to thank you. This was not a typical project. An app that paints a big picture of the issues that could impact the survival and development of our species is not a standard Kickstarter project. Especially when you add on that we wanted to give it away for free and license it under the Creative Commons. Thank you for helping us give this away. Secondly, it took us far too long. We would never assume patience on your end, but we appreciate the absence of animosity :) and all of the personal phone calls and emails of support and checking in that we received from so many of you.

Next up: Tall Chair. They coded the app. We want to thank their team for going beyond the call of duty. They worked far below cost because they wanted to see this project happen and because they are cool people. A special thanks to Dan Brazelton, their CEO, for agreeing to take on the project at a coffee shop in San Francisco on the fly. Mindy Cooler, thanks for managing us across the finish line. Will Roetzheim, thank you for coding, and coding, and coding and sending back and forth funny emails and having a great attitude while testing. Their whole team was solid, professional, and very pleasant. And thanks to Jason Asbahr, CEO of Monstruous, for introducing us.

Reiner Erlings composed the music. Reiner is a talented artist, very professional to work with, and a very good person. He's just released his own album with Gayathri Krishnan. No doubt one of many successful albums to come.

Ly Nguyen and Leo Chida came in on design. They're young, talented, up-start, and know how to work in teams. They were amazing. If you're looking for design talent, we recommend them.

Gail McEwen Miller was our editor. She gives new meaning to "combing over copy with a fine-tooth comb." Thank you Gail, for your patient eye and interesting ideas.

Jason Silva came in and performed his magic. Thank you, Jason. A thousand times over.

Filmworks Dubai did all of the video work as a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, thanks to the late Tim Smythe, their CEO. He was a good man. Our thoughts are with his family and the community that so misses him now. He brought in all of these people, many of whom are now our friends:

  • Amanda Confareux was a gracious producer.
  • Sarita Mehra was the funniest production manager of all times. Beyond competent too. She's now in inner Mongolia Filming. Follow her adventures through the link above. 
  • Omar Abbas was a delightful, talented director. He did so many takes to get it just right. 
  • Glen Donaldson did the camera work and captured the greatest shots when nobody thought the camera was on. 
  • Sam Kashevi did sound, not an easy job in a re-purposed garage under an airplane route. 
  • Tony Antal was always a pleasure to deal with and handled post production. 
  • Michelle Bahini was our excellent editor and giver of biscuits in the afternoon. 
  • Eduardo San Jose was our Flame Artist and an all around good guy. 
  • Akhilesh Anand did the motion graphics with a great attention to detail.

Charlotte Simpson did the photography. She has a beautiful eye. And she also sacrificed her studio until 3 am in the morning while we shot the video. 

So many of our backers helped us cross the finish line both in deed and spirit:

  • Zafer Achi, we don't know what we would have done without you. Thank you. In so many ways you have been our #1 supporter and a great mentor. 
  • Dharmendra Chandra, you know what you've done for us. You're a great friend and a great man. 
  • Ash Banerjee, thank you for connecting us with Filmworks, for being such a great friend, and for all the sic-fi books and discussions that we love so much. 
  • Terri Hinton, Will Rogers, Gayle Karen Young, and Natascia Radice, thank you for offering shelter from the storm and wise advice in difficult times. 
  • Lidia Bozhevolnaya, Giorgio Ungania, Jane Egly, Amanda Gustafson, Mashrur Nabi, Ann Bothello, Irma Wilson, Glistening Deepwater, Evguenia Demenko, Dan Dimmock, Helene Finidori, Patricia Auseth… "thank you" doesn't even begin to cover it. 
  • Mahmoud Abu-Wardeh and Serge Lupas, your support was unrelenting, especially when it hit the fan. Thank you for being there through it all. No words. 

Going forward both Erika and I will be branching out on our own to further the work that we've done here. I've been speaking with the scientific community in service of potentially shaping the discourse around existential risk. I'm enjoying the wide variety of perspectives on our cosmos and the depth of the discussion. Erika will speaking at TEDxStavanger in September, no doubt it will be bold and interesting. 

Best to you all,

Anna and Erika

Test print arrives to New Zealand

Hello everyone.

For those of you who are waiting for their print copy of The Human Project - we are getting close! We've run our first test print copy that was delivered to our New Zealand based designer, Ly Nguyen, last week. Not everything got printed quite the way we expected, so Ly had to make a few adjustments. But we are now ready to print our limited edition. 

In the next few days, I'll be reaching out individually to all Backers who pledged at levels that included printed book to confirm your mailing addresses. The sooner you confirm, the sooner we'll be able to ship!



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Downloadable PDF

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update: 

We've converted our multi-media book into a PDF. You can download it here:

Our app still in progress with Tall Chair. Printed book is almost ready for a first test print.

We are chugging along - slowly but surely.


From production to outreach

Lots is going on! 

The iBook 

Following the release of a multi-media book on iTunes end of January, we’ve started reaching out to the thinkers, philosophers, scientists, technologists and artists who’ve most influenced our thinking with a request for a blurb for the book. This made for an interesting February. Several conversations are in progress, so stay tuned for what comes out. We'd also love to include blurbs from our backers! So if you've already had a chance to read the book and are willing to contribute a few lines, please let us know! Or you can go directly to the iTunes page of the book and contribute your ratings and reviews there. 

The App 

Development has turned out to be our Achilles' heel. Our team got pretty darn close, but our code is still too fragile and buggy. We've reached out to Tall Chair to get across the finish line. They have a proprietary already-built platform that they will customize for us. Together we estimate the app will be out in 6 weeks. 

Kindle, PDF & print book 

Kindle is now out, too! You can get it here. It's a poor cousin of the iBook because we can't embed video or do too many rich graphics. But it's readable on Kindle across web, iOS, Android, etc. Kindle does not allow us to give the book away for free, so we've set the minimum allowed price. But they also have a price matching guarantee - so we just need to alert them that the book is available for free on other platforms and they will set the price at zero for us. So if you don't want to spend $0.99, just wait a couple of weeks before we get this sorted! 

In the meantime, our wonderful designer Ly Nguyen is laying out the PDF version of the book, too. Expect a link in our next update! Once that's done, we'll run a test print copy on and will be able to deliver on our promise of the limited print edition. 


The bulk of our March will be spent on sorting the last mile of production issues. Starting April however we’ll be able to fully focus on what really matters in the end - creating engagement around these ideas, firing up the conversation on the future of our species and finding like-minded people to turn the metaphor of the human project into an actual project. We've already started doing some of this work (e.g., you can read our recent interview with PSFK here). We would love your help, too! Do you have contacts at a media outlet that might be interested in reviewing the book or covering the project? You could blog your own review. Or simply share the iBook or Kindle for now (app and PDF from April) with your networks. Every connection helps!