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We are Seattle band The Horde and the Harem, and we would really appreciate your help funding our first full length album!

Hi everyone,  

We are The Horde and the Harem - thanks for visiting our Kickstarter page!  

We are a folky indie pop rock band with lush vocal harmonies and intricate musical parts influenced by a wide variety of styles.. classical, blues, African, and Latin American music, among others..   

Last summer, we released our very special 5-song EP "Harvest" on a small budget, doing everything by hand.  We recorded in our practice studios and basements of our houses, spent countless hours mixing to perfection, and folded and screenprinted hundreds and hundreds of CD jackets by hand in order to share our music with you!  

With Harvest, we toured the West Coast twice and rocked out at countless venues and festivals in Seattle, and accumulated a bit of a following.  We've been working hard on a lot of new material and are ready to create a full-length album.  Unfortunately, creating a full-length by ourselves is more time, effort, and money than we all can handle right now, and so we are asking for your help.

We're going ALL OUT in recording this album. Basically we need funding to help cover portions of what goes with recording a full length album. (Studio time, recording, mixing, mastering, pressing, packaging...)  The rest, we are paying out of our own pockets.  We feel that this is a very important step in our career as a band, and we want it to be the best that it can be.   

Unfortunately, it's an all or nothing deal here in Kickstarter. If we don't reach our goal, then we get nothing. If we do reach our goal, then we get our funding which will help us out a great deal. (Your card won't get charged until the end of the campaign).  

We can't thank you enough for your help!

Ryan, Noble, Jack, Aura, and Geoff 


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    APPLE SAUCE PACKAGE: Horde and the Harem sticker, button, and a signed copy of our new album!

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    FOURLOCO PACKAGE: All of the above + Your name in the Thank You notes in our album + 2 tickets to any other THATH show of your choice + THATH will record a song of your choice for you or someone you know (it can be a cover or a THATH song you like) with a personalized twist! FOR PLEDGES $100 AND HIGHER: We will be giving away special Limited Edition Hand-Numbered Vinyl copies of our brand new album. Only 25 of these vinyl will be available, so first come first serve...

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    SPAGHETTI SAUCE PACKAGE: All of the above + bring a friend to also be in our music video! + an hour-long music lesson from the band member of your choice to the person of your choice (be it yourself, your child, a relative, or a friend). We can do it via the internet for anyone out of town!

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    DOUBLE RAINBOW PACKAGE: All of the above + Free Admission to all THATH concerts for life + THATH will play you a private house concert for you and your friends!!!

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