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This summer the Hive plans to build a rooftop garden that will include beehives, composting, and rainwater catchment systems.


     The Hive is an artists' resource center based in Brooklyn, NY. We are trying to build a symbiotic network of people that will share ideas, materials, space, and anything else someone may need to accomplish their next project. We think that a garden would be a perfect addition to this network and would help our cause in many ways. After all, a garden is a symbiotic organism itself.


     Our garden has two main components. The backyard that originally came with our building and our rooftop. We are going to use sub-irrigated planters (SIPs) on the roof to make it a modular setup and minimize strain on the roof. For more information on SIPs, have a look at the Hive's garden blog: The garden will also feature composting and a rainwater catchment system using a few 55 gallon drums. The collected water will irrigate all of our plants and supplement the city water used by the building's toilet. We're also very excited to house a beehive of 35,000 very kind and classy bees who will use the pollen from the food that we grow to produce honey. We hope to later sell this delicious honey to help fund future projects at the Hive. As you see, we do our best to reuse what we can and waste nothing.


     Once the garden is in full swing, we'll really begin to see it's benefits. It will be much more than a source of great food. The rainwater barrels will let us use less of the city water wherever it can be replaced at the Hive. Our compost bins will recycle nutrients back into the food chain. And the insulating effect of a well established garden will save on energy for heating and cooling. A garden has many potential community uses as well. We could set up seed exchanges, a CSA, rent out individual plots, and host workshops and tours. If we exceed our Kickstarter goal we can also focus on making our rooftop a shaded hideaway for artists or writers or anyone else seeking quiet and inspiration.


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