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Pay it forward and help tell the underreported story of the Guarani Aquifer.
Pay it forward and help tell the underreported story of the Guarani Aquifer.
107 backers pledged $15,164 to help bring this project to life.

Thank you!


Thank you all for all of your support. We really couldn't have done it without you.

The last 60 days have been an emotional rollar-coaster with each pledge a high and each closing day bringing a mixture of excitement, tension and fear.

But with your support and generosity we are now a huge leap closer to South America and telling the never told story of the Guarani Aquifer.

We will continue to keep you up to date with all of our progress and plans while be prepare to head down to South America. I am planning to head down in mid June to start the paper trail and piecing together all of the complex aspects of this story. Vas and Mark will then follow me down a couple of weeks later. We will let you know as soon as we have dates.

For all of you who have requested a reward they will wend their way to you when we're back from South America (postcards will, of course, come sooner). I will be sending out a request to you all for addresses etc in the coming weeks.

All that is felt for me to say is a massive thank you once again and keep in touch!

The Guarani Team

Want to go to Brazil?

Then come to the Guarani Project Party this Friday at the Hotel Hudson Bar in NYC.

TAM airlines have donated two round trip tickets to Rio to the evening's raffle.

Enjoy complimentary Caipirinhas from Leblon, enter the raffle and help us tell the never-told story of the Guarani Aquifer.

Is there a reason not to come?

Entry $20- includes two complimentary Capirinahas

Raffle tickets: $10- spend $100 get 12 tickets and enjoy free Leblon Capirinahas all night*

* night ends at 11pm

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The Guarani Project Party at the Hotel Hudson, NY

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Breaking down the Cost: Guarani Team’s $14,500 Kickstarter goal explained

Today we’re going to address an issue none of us really like talking about: money. We’re recieved numerous questions all relating to why we need to raise the seemingly arbitrary $14,500 through kickstarter.

So let’s talk about it.

Some of you have expressed confusion and skepticism as to why we need $14,500 to get down to South America, do our thing and get back. But the opinions have been split; “Well thats a bit much for two people, isn’t it?” say some of you, while others occupy the other end of the spectrum; “How do you expect to travel to and around S.A. for two month with only $14,500??”

And with the addition of our new team member, the financial playing field had to be reconsidered altogether.

So, we want to address these question(s) for you, right now, using a little bit of video and a lot of bit of cheese.

We put together a rather simplistic, 80’s inspired cost breakdown video that incorporates, roughly, all the expenses we will incur (and those unforeseeable expenses that happen because, well, thats life) on our trip.

This budget of $14,500 will be able to support all three member of the Guarani Team – from Annabel’s love of Argentinean red wine, to my (Vasilios) obsession with rainforest coffee, to Mark’s penchant for those thong-sandals you see everywhere now and days…

… All joking aside, we also want to address those now asking the question, “how can you keep the same budget if you now have three team members??“.

The answer to this one is also simple (although we don’t have a video for it!) We’ve been talking with Mark for well over a month now, and after taking stock of what he had to offer both creatively and professionaly, we came to the conclusion that by brining Mark on board, we would be saving money on overall equipment costs (among many, many other benefits!) Mark has quite the arsenal of lenses and gear, which in total will save us over $3000, which keeps us comfortable in our target budget zone.

Again, we want to stress that this is the very minimum we’ll need to accomplish our short and long term goals with The Guarani Project. The more money we can raise through Kickstarter or direct donations, the more we’ll be able to invest in time, energy, equipment, and resources.

Ok … thats enough out of me.



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The Guarani Team take 3: a new member is announced!

Our family of two just received a new addition; yes, that’s right – a new member is officially joining the Guarani Project.

Meet Mark Tipple, a social documentary photographer and videographer from Australia (yes, he’s an Aussie!) – and we are very excited to have him on board!

We’ve been in talks with Mark for over a month now, seeing how Mark’s style and ideas could improve on the well-oiled Guarani machine, and… well, his work speaks for itself.

In the last two years Mark has emerged as a notable documentary photographer focusing on social issues in Australia and neighboring countries. Having worked closely with social justice organizations in Indonesia and the Fijian Islands on long term projects, he spends his downtime shooting underwater scenes around Sydney’s Eastern suburbs and remote South Australian surf locations.

So, please give a warm welcome to Mr. Tipple, as he is an official Guarani Team member, and lets keep pushing forward to get this project from and idea into a reality.

As is our philosophy, many hands make light work; that goes doubly so for cameras.

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