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$5,075 pledged of $20,000 goal
$5,075 pledged of $20,000 goal

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Zones of Magic, Zones of Dreams

Hello Friends,

Thank you all very much for supporting us last time around. We are in the process of getting our new campaign up to date and we've just reposted our short film featuring some of the puppets, along with  music by the Bluebird Orchestra.  Unfortunately, donations from our last campaign do not automatically get forwarded to our new campaign, so, if you'd like to donate, You'll have to go through the process again. We've made a lot of progress and hope to post new material soon! Tomorrow is our first read through.

Best wishes,

The Bluebird Theater

The Green Gold Tree Kickstarter Campaign Relaunched!

Dear Friends and Supporters,

 Thank you once again for your great show of support on first, prematurely canceled,  kickstarter effort.  At the risk of becoming email pests we appeal to you once again.  We have slowed down, rethought, and relaunched our campaign - this time for a smaller sum.

Our new campaign can be found at:

 Although our fundraising efforts have faltered a bit the Faustian wheels have never ceased to turn!  The puppets, music, film clips and lantern slides are all coming together.  Our world premier is still destined to be.

 What we need most now is to pay the talented people who are helping us, and to buy some time to work on this project which we feel so passionately about.

    With high hopes that you have not lost faith in our enterprise we thank you once again,

                             The Bluebird Theater


"So the world spins,  and forever rolls.

It’s hollow like glass  and breaks, alas!

It gleams  in smithereens!"

The Meerkat's Song

Featuring the Bluebird Orchestra at practice;

Duke Johnson, Paul Mctaggart, Rick Contino, Donald Saaf

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New Puppet Photographs

Here are some new puppets on display, including the 6 foot tall Green Gold Tree, with hand painted Magic Lantern projections!

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The Green Gold Tree update. Some puppets and music in progress

Introducing some of the puppets by Julia, finally strung up.

A segment of the song,'Zones of Magic, Zones of Dreams'

played by Donald and The Bluebird Orchestra.

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