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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jul 8 2019
pledged of €30,000pledged of €30,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jul 8 2019


 Version Française de la campagne: cliquez ici 

 The Green Conquest is a 2 to 4-players strategy game in which players lead clans of vehicle drivers. The goal of the game is simple: To win, be the last player to own vehicles on the board. 

In The Green Conquest, you'll be able to build a clan and combine various special abilities from your vehicles to launch devastating attacks. The game mechanics allow you to make an infinite number of combinations. Each player will understand the game in his own way, which will make each game unique and tactical. No miraculous combination can annihilate an opposing clan, so adaptability and tactical skills will be tested to win the fight.

 Most of the game's components are ready for production ! Only tokens hearts and traps are in progress. For the production of The Green Conquest and all its elements, we are very proud to work in collaboration with Panda Game Manufacturing. 

 Click here to download the English rulebook 

Cliquez ici pour télécharger les règles en version française 

Regarding the other languages, we have not been able to translate ... We commit ourself to proposing the rules in PDF format for each country in which 100 backers at least have participated in the project.

Watch this video to discover The Green Conquest rules in 3 minutes ! 

 Create your clan !

In The Green Conquest, you will put yourself in the shoes of a clan leader seeking the best mercenaries to conquer the Dreamare Marsh.

Your first mission will therefore be to choose 5 vehicles from the proposed set to form the clan you will lead on the battlefield.

Each vehicle has its own unique characteristics and special abilities. The objective will therefore be to succeed in creating the clan that best suits your way of thinking and playing by exploiting the synergies between the different special abilities of the vehicles offered.

 Once your clan created, the game will start. You will then be plunged into a merciless battle and your objective will be simple: to be the last player to own vehicles on the board!

For that, don't rely on luck.... In The Green Conquest, there is no such things as random!

Only your tactical skills will allow you to win!

You will have to make the best use of the vehicles you have selected during the creation of your clan by setting up the synergies and combinations you have imagined...

Indeed, in addition to their characteristics (damage coefficient, travel points and health points), all your vehicles have special abilities (see above). These allow you to shape the game as you wish and surprise your opponent.

Important: In The Green Conquest, you can play 2 to 3 vehicles per turn! You will then be able to create unimaginable combos between the different special abilities of your vehicles to defeat your opponent(s).

To sum up, it is therefore by making the best use of the special abilities of each vehicle and especially by combining them together that you can hope to control your opponent and emerge as the winner of the game!

And so, game after game, you will be able to optimize your favorite tactics in order to improve your skills in a game where the progress is unlimited.

However, don't expect to find the unbeatable combination, it simply doesn't exist! Each player is unique and each game will be a new challenge in which you will have to be able to improvise to win the battle.

Although relatively simple to learn, The Green Conquest will immerse you in unique games where it will be very complex to master all the parameters and all the possibilities that will be available to you and your opponent.

Besides the importance of special abilities, The Green Conquest allows you first and foremost to take part in vehicle battles !  Attacks are performed with impacts and the combinations of special abilities bring you, most often, to the ideal situation to carry out devastating attacks. They are therefore extremely useful and must be considered as complementary tools to move in order to carry out attacks and inflicting as much damage as possible on enemy vehicles.

So, how do you attack?

As in chess, you simply have to finish a move on a square occupied by an opponent to attack it. However, unlike chess, your attacks will not always immediately destroy the opponent's vehicle. When you attack, damage will be done. These will be calculated from an element that is the basis of the entire game strategy: momentum.

Momentum corresponds to the number of squares travelled between the last change of direction of your movement and the square occupied by the opponent. Thus, in a straight line, the further away an attack comes from, the more damage it will do..

Momentum adds up a lot of tactics because your goal will no longer be to simply reach a square occupied by the opponent but to reach it after the best possible trajectory, i.e. by arriving from far away, without changing direction.

This implies that each vehicle, depending on its MP, has an optimal attack distance. You will need to find the ideal position before you can launch your attacks to inflict the maximum damage.

Thus, the combinations of your special abilities will serve this purpose and allow you, if you succeed in surprising your opponent, to carry out deadly attacks eliminating one to several vehicles in a single blow!

 To move your vehicles, there again, there is no such thing as random. Each vehicle possesses Travel Points indicated on its cards. That will allow you to know how many squares they can move by. It is up to you, taking this into account, to place them smartly so that you can attack or counter-attack effectively.

To dominate your opponents, it is very important to understand that no random moves should be made. You will then have to constantly reinvent effective deployment to get you into battle and maximize your chances of winning. To this end, all your trips must be used to optimize the relationships between your vehicles, always according to their characteristics and special abilities.

Often, you will prepare your attacks for several rounds, always with the fear that the targeted opponent will understand your manoeuvres and manage to get out of your trap... It is in these moments that the tension will be at its maximum, especially since you will know that all the other players certainly also have not very happy plans for the future of your vehicles... Watch for ambuch, combinations, low blows and devastating attacks will then be your daily life on these battlefields where attacks can arise from any side and where no one will give themselves a gift

In addition to all these elements is the game board. Indeed, the battles in which we propose you to take part take place in a particular setting: marshes which are the scene of confrontation between different clans fighting for control of the terrain.

In the center of the board is an area that is particularly rich in trimetium. You will fight to own it! Thus, placing one of your vehicles in this central area will allow you to play 1 more vehicle in your game turn. This is a considerable advantage, allowing you to make additional combinations that will lead to more unpredictable attacks. Be careful though, being located in the center of the board, this area is very exposed and placing a vehicle there will often be risky... It's up to you to decide if you take this risk...

On the central square, an extraction well on which 4 wood planks have been fixed acts as a springboard. It will allow you to jump and land more or less far depending on your momentum. It can be very useful to move quickly to escape or surprise an opponent by taking him backwards, but its main interest is above all the possibility of direct elimination it brings. Indeed, if you land on an enemy vehicle, it will automatically be destroyed! Ideal to destroy heads in the clouds ending their turn on the wrong squares.... Unless you manage to force your opponents into jumping range....

Finally, 4 camps serve as lair for the clans on the 4 corners of the board. In addition to their function as the starting point of the game, these camps bring a very important element to the mechanics of the game.

Indeed, by entering an active camp (the camp of a player still having forces on the board) you will be able, once in the game, to regenerate one of your 5 vehicles. Thus, reaching an opposing camp is a significant advantage and can even become an objective to win the game. Sometimes it will be your last chance to reverse the game in your favor.... You will then embark on pursuit races with an uncertain but decisive outcome to reach your opponents' camps.

 Stretch Goals 

Our game does not lend itself to the addition of mini rewards or add-ons...

For our stretch goals, we have therefore chosen to make it simple with a pack system.

We offer 2 packs that will really enrich the game relying on the 2 most interesting  levers: gameplay and universe.


Our miniatures 

Our miniatures are made by Panda Games.  Unfortunately, we could not have the molds made. Thus, we do not have the final versions of the miniatures. 

To help you better visualize our miniatures, we share pictures of The Nightmare. 

Warning: this miniature is a 3D printing that we share to allow you to get an idea of ​​the dimensions.     

Regarding the production of our final miniatures, Panda Games Manufacturing has validated all our 3D files. 

The plastics will be made of PVC heated at 100 degrees. The process is injection molding.

Shipping and production

The Green Conquest is EU, UE, Australia, Canada and China friendly. 

For shipping, we will use fullfillment centers. We are very proud to have found agreements with trusted companies to assist us in this task. 

We will work with the following companies:

- USA: Funagain Fulfillment

- EU: Happyshops

- Asia: 4px worldwide express

- Canada: Snake and lattes

- Australia: Aetherworks

- Rest of world: DHL

Shipping prices:

 All quotes were made with the companies listed above. Delivery costs will be added directly when you order Kickstarter.

Production :

Given their experience in the field, we naturally chose panda games manufacturing to product The Green Conquest. 

All the quotes have been realized and, the production is waiting for the outcome of this campaign to be launched.


 About us

 We are 2 brothers, French, living near Aix-en-Provence. The youngest of us is called Loïc and is a student. The eldest, Benoît, is a young father who is a pharmacy assistant. Passionate about board games since our childhood, we have undertaken to share with you a game that was born years ago when we were teenagers. Driven by our relatives with whom we shared passionate games, we decided three years ago to perfect our game in order to be able to self-edit it.

Dreamer and fan of imaginary worlds such as Harry Potter, Bioshock, Jules Vernes, Fable, Madmax etc... we wanted to create our own universe and we attach the greatest importance to it.

That's why we embarked on the Kickstarter adventure. Going through a classic publishing house would have meant having to make concessions on the game world and self-publishing seemed obvious to us.

With 3 years of work, we have been able to establish the necessary contacts to be sure to have a concrete and 100% successful project. As perfectionists, it was inconceivable for us to propose something that would not totally correspond to us. That's how, with hard work, passion and help, we believe we have achieved what we wanted: to propose a project of a quality that really suits us.

The team around the game:

- Adrien Jeannerod: Game Illustrator 

- Victor Besseau: 3D artist

- Belaïdi Sami: Video editor

- Manya Ragnarök: Campaign illustrator

Thank you sincerely for your interest in the project !

Risks and challenges

For us, this project has been a huge challenge. It represents 3 years of work and a lot of time and money invested. We have come a long way and encountered difficulties that we had not imagined. Today, we are proud to be able to present you with a project that we believe is 100% finalized.
Nevertheless, we are aware that to embark on a miniature game as soon as our first project is a risk bet. We know that we suffer from the comparison in terms of pre-production (protoype, review, advertizing ...) with important budget companies which are for us real examples and sources of inspiration. However, we have tried to compensate for our inexperience by a lot of hard work, enthusiasm and passion. Today, we have the feeling of having given the maximum of our possiblities, including financially.
The future of The Green Conquest, its mechanics and its universe, now depends only on you!

We thank you very much for your interest in this project!

PS: We did everything we could to propose a campaign in the most perfect English possible, but we are not native English speakers and we hope that it will not hamper the pleasure of the discovery of our campaign.

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