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1001 Knights is a massive 3-volume anthology project focusing on creating people-positive characters with feminist overtones.
1001 Knights is a massive 3-volume anthology project focusing on creating people-positive characters with feminist overtones.
3,289 backers pledged $299,192 to help bring this project to life.

End of the Year Update - Artist Portal + Final Costs Breakdowns


Happy New Year Everyone!

This is an update on shipping, final cost break-downs and what is next for 1001 Knights. Read on for lots and lots of details and info as this project comes to a close. We have only a couple more updates to go until we are totally finished.


As of now 95% of packages with books are shipped. There are still about 150 book packages that are now in processing with Amplifier. Remember if you have any questions, please email us at so we can track your info and respond to you quickly. For anyone who has had an issue, we are working it out with Amplifier so that we don't have to pay for any shipping on book corners that they are responsible for denting. They’ve told us that you should receive tracking information when your replacements ship. We anticipate that all packages, both remaining and replacement, will ship within the next two weeks.


The Artist Portal is now available on our website here: If you want to buy a book, you can buy from the artists of 1001 Knights and directly support them! Remember that artists have RED covers and we’ve encouraged artists to include their special bookplates that should be numbered and signed!

1001 STATS!

This project has been a long journey, but one that is entirely possible because of the generosity and perseverance of you, our awesome backers and our amazing artists! We have a lot of really cool data about the project that we wanted to share with you!! A project like this is unprecedented in a lot of ways, so we really wanted to show these cool stats and also where all the money went. We both love backing other campaigns too and we think that by showing you this data, it’s helpful for those of you who may want to make your own future projects, and it may also help put some context into why this project was so enormous. Plus let’s face it - math and data are rad!! (pun intended) Onwards!

First, we have a breakdown of where all the money went. Here is a handy pie-chart with further details below.


Our Kickstarter was funded by 3,289 backers who pledged a combined total of $299,192.28. There was $3,201.00 in dropped pledges which meant that the Kickstarter was left with $295,991.28. Kickstarter then exacted its fees from that which totaled of $24,328.41 (Kickstarter charged 5% of total funds raised which was $14,799.56 and payment processing fees were 3% + $0.20 per pledge and cost us $9,528.85) That left us with a grand total of $271,662.87 to get the project done.

Here is where that money went. We’ve rounded up to the decimal in order to make our numbers round to fit this chart.

Book Printing - $96,000 - Books printed in Hong Kong & Shipping the books to fulfillment in Texas
Costs of Rewards Items - $21,500 which includes patches, 3 pin designs, 15 prints, 3 fold-out posters, 3 temporary tattoos, sticker sheets, bookplates, and thank you notes
Creative Costs - $6,500 Includes licensings fonts, buying ISBNs, buying book mock-up templates, music for campaign video, music for Kickstarter push goal, paying the book editor, our social media runner, videographer, artists who did 1001 tier commissions, artists who created reward items
Admin Costs - $4,000 Includes web hosting, had to buy a server to hold download size & web traffic, LLC fees, additional taxes
Cost of Shipping Rewards - $68,000 This is shipping to Backers and Artists and includes physical shipping and costs of paying Amplifier’s shipping company fees, warehouse storage and also include boxes & shipping supplies
Breadpig - $20,000 They provided Kickstarter advice and guidance, architecture of the math & framework of the campaign, consulting on rewards choices and finding vendors especially the book printer & fulfillment company. They charged a flat fee and then an additional 7.5% of money raised beyond the minimum goal.
Buffer - $3,662.87 This is being used to cover the remaining cost of shipping to Backers & Artists & Libraries plus any books or rewards we have to replace or re-send (if for any reason Amplifier won’t cover it). We also budgeted to submit 1001 Knights into consideration to several book competitions (for example: the Ignatz, the Eisners & Communication Arts) and we will ask that every single artist be recognized should the project win anything.
Artist Pay - $52,000 The remainder after all expenses of the project is $52,000, which we’ve divided by the 260 artists to pay precisely $200 per person. We sent payment to the artists on December 30th, 2017. As this was a passion project and labor of love, Kevin and Annie did not take a cut of any of the artist profits.


Who are you all and how did you find out about 1001 Knights? 1001 Knights was 420% Funded and is currently the second most funded anthology project on Kickstarter. Below are screenshots from our admin panel that show some pretty rad data!

Here are the top referring links for 1001 Knights. According to our stats admin page, there are about 98 specific referring links that Kickstarter noticed, but a vast amount of funding was word of mouth via the internet and it’s not entirely quantifiable.

Where are you from? Both backers and artists are from all around the world! It’s been really lovely to see this community grow. Below are the top cities and countries where y*all backers are from! Hello Seattle!!


For many of you, this was the very first kickstarter you ever backed, and yet even more of you are total pros!

A lot of you watched our kickstarter video, but most of you didn’t finish watching it. This is a bit of a deceptive stat from Kickstarter since lots of people watch videos till the last few seconds and then click off, thus not counting as a complete play.

The most popular reward was the 3-book set. (Remember that if you didn’t get all the books, the only way to get the red-artist versions is from them directly. Right now we have artist shops and events listed on our portal HERE:


The total weight of shipped books was about 16 tons. And that’s not even including all the weight of the rewards items. If 1001 Knights were cats, that would be 4,000 cats, or 10.5 Adult Hippos, or ⅓ of a Blue Whale, or 10,500 average broadswords.

If you took all the 1001 Knights books from both backers and artists and magically stacked the books upright, you’d get the height of about 2.5 Empire State Buildings.

If you took all of the 1001 Knights books from both backers and artists and lined them up lengthwise side to side, you’d get the length of Versailles more than 17 times!


LIBRARIES: We continue to work to get 1001 Knights into libraries. It’s been a bit of slow going with several of the last libraries, but we are determined. Not everyone has responded to us, so we are continuing to follow up. We will make one final update with where all books have gone and to which libraries. We anticipate that we need another month to accomplish this, so look out for an end of January update. In the meantime we’re happy to say that the first libraries to accept 1001 Knights as donations to their collections were the Browne Popular Culture Library, the School of Visual Arts’ Library, and the New York Public Library!

MUSIC: We are working with OCR and composer Shariq Ansari to send you all a soundtrack of music inspired by and from 1001 Knights. We will be posting a download code for you in one of our January Updates. We’ve heard the final tracks and they are incredible!

MORE INFO: This isn’t our last update. We plan to check in with you in about 2 weeks to update you with the project progress.

REMEMBER: We are always available to be reached via email!

Thank you for joining us for this incredible journey. We believe that being positive and strengthening our bonds will create a brighter future together. There will be more from us soon, but for now we hope you take a moment to enjoy the end of the old year and the beginning of the new. Come through, 2018!

⚔ ⚔ ⚔ Annie & Kevin ⚔ ⚔ ⚔

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    1. Leanna

      Thank you for sharing all of this information! I've been really curious to know how funds were divided out. Those numbers are so massive and hard to wrap my head around. 4000 cats is a lot, lol! I'm glad to hear that even after all those expenses, artists were still able to receive some payment. Good luck on the remaining stages of this massive Kickstarter, and happy new year!