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An illustrated anthology of escapist fiction featuring content from the Great Escape website and brand new contributions.
40 backers pledged £550 to help bring this project to life.

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And Finally...

The hard backs are in! Ten, numbered limited editions which will be available only through special events.

And with their arrival we reach the end of this Kickstarter journey; the final reward will be distributed this weekend.

Of course there's much more to come for the book itself. We're currently working on getting reviews and distribution channels set up, plus we're building on the success of this volume with Great Escapes, Volume 2 which will see release in early 2014.

If any of you would like to help out with promoting the book, why not leave us a review on Amazon or Goodreads, or simply recommend it to a friend. You can buy the ebook from Amazon, Kobo Books The Great Escape website. The paperback is currently only available direct.

And so, barring any exciting news that I just have to share with you, this will be the last update on this project. However, it won't be the last you hear from The Great Escape on Kickstarter. Part of the need to wrap things up here is the imminent start of our new project! Yep, that's right, mark the 11th May in your diary and make sure you check back for the launch. To find our more, visit our blog on The Great Escape.

Thanks one last time for all your support. You made this happen.

Chrissey Harrison
Fiction Editor, The Great Escape

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So it turns out the part I thought would be finished first is actually one of the last things to be finalised. The eBook version is finally complete and ready for distribution!

We won't be emailing out the files directly to avoid any issues with people's mailbox size limits and other things. Instead, everyone whose reward which included the ebook will receive an email with a link to download their copy.

You can now buy the ebook from the Books page of The Great Escape website, and it should be available to buy through Amazon and Kobo Books by Sunday 24th March (depending on how quickly they review and approve the upload).

Other Updates:

There are one or two outstanding paperback rewards to go out, for various reasons. These will be shipped on Saturday. If anyone hasn't received their copy within the next week, please contact us so we can track it down.

The hardbacks are on order, but I don't have an ETA yet. I'll post pictures when they arrive.

Saturday is Shipping Day

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Gone to Press

The book is at the Printers!

Yep, that's right, print is being applied to paper and the books will be ready to ship out in about a week, meaning all backers*  will be receiving their rewards within the next 10-21 days depending on shipping times. eBooks will be going out towards the end of next week.

Below you can see the final cover art for the book.

I can also confirm that the final story written for the book, as commissioned by "Creative Director" backer Simo Muinonen, is entitled "That Summer at the Lake". This tale follows the deepening relationship between two young adults struggling with unusual life issues. Kelsy, trapped living in the lake with no hope of realising her own dreams, and Boyd, struggling to cope with the loss of his sight after a childhood accident. A big thank you to Simo for coming up with a fantastic idea which was a pleasure to write.

*excluding those with additional custom items scheduled for delivery in March or later.

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