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A documentary filmmaking journey that will inspire women everywhere to overcome their fears and live the life of their dreams!
Two aspiring filmmakers packed their lives into a school bus and traveled across the United States interviewing incredible everyday women about overcoming their fears and pursuing the life of their dreams!
Two aspiring filmmakers packed their lives into a school bus and traveled across the United States interviewing incredible everyday women about overcoming their fears and pursuing the life of their dreams!
730 backers pledged $50,342 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Adam Martin on July 19, 2016

      Congratulations ya'll. Looking forward to watching and seeing if it can give me some good ideas for an empowered main character in my next book. Spreading the lessons around through other mediums don't cha know.

    2. The Goddess Project 2-time creator on May 24, 2016

      Hello beautiful backers! For everyone asking about the film's release date and backer rewards, we are happy to share that the film is complete and you can plan on receiving your digital download/physical copy of the film in next few months. Please join our mailing list (link below) and you will be the first to get notifications about the release. We can't wait to share the film with you all!

      Join our mailing list here - <3

    3. Leslie Jordan
      on May 23, 2016

      Haven't seen any updates or responses to comments, what's up gals?

    4. Leslie Jordan
      on April 5, 2016

      Any idea when you will be sending this out to your backers that helped make this possible? Thank you.

    5. Missing avatar

      Kickstarter Patron on October 2, 2015

      Any update on when your backers will get the download?

    6. Adam Martin on March 11, 2015

      I'm looking forward to sharing this film with a special little girl who lives in a household where (in the words of her father), "if I have another girl I'll kill myself." She needs this, as do so many other young women out there. You're doing good work.

    7. Ahri Golden on August 22, 2014

      Way to go, Holli and Sara!!!!!

      You did it! You brought this forth and were guided by Divine powers in the process!

      Such an example to humanity on being brave and walking the walk of the very notion of this film.

      And, on living inside the balance between fortitude and surrender!

      Amen to the feminine way of effectiveness.

      With love, support and a huge huge of sisterhood.


    8. Kathy Dawson on August 22, 2014

      Namaste _/|\_ Congratulations, ladies! So looking forward to seeing what you put together. Have fun!

    9. Sophie Jane Mortimer on August 22, 2014

      Wow - that was so thrilling and terrifying in equal measure! I watch watching the minutes go down, 10, 9, 8….7, and then suddenly bam! We made it! Congratulations. My heart is signing with yours that this project will be made. I'll be supporting you along the way and can't wait for the release :) Happy Days!

    10. Missing avatar

      Pam Ouellette on August 22, 2014

      I am very happy to see that the Project has succeeded in meeting its goal. Looking forward to the film!!

    11. Missing avatar

      Claudia F on August 22, 2014

      Well done!! So glad you succeeded :) I can't wait to see this. Good job!

    12. Natalia Lopez-Woodside on August 22, 2014

      Wow, what an amazing last minute win! Inspiring, even. Congrats and can't wait to watch the doc! :)

    13. Megan Funk on August 22, 2014

      Success!! Congratulations ladies! I cannot wait to see the documentary :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Paula Aghajanian on August 22, 2014

      So excited for these amazing women! I am honored to be part of their incredible journey!!!!

    15. Tara Stemper on August 22, 2014

      So excited to be a part of this journey. We are thrilled for you guys!

    16. Tabby Biddle on August 22, 2014

      A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to you Holli and Sara for the outstanding campaign you ran. I'm very excited about your success! Enjoy this next stage of completing the film. What a profound journey you both have been on. I look forward to seeing the film and continuing to spread the word! In Sisterhood, Tabby

    17. Tak Chu on August 22, 2014

      Oh gosh, I was so nervous that this wouldn't happen. So happy that we made it!!! \O/ Congratulations!

    18. Louise Edington on August 22, 2014

      Pledged. Do hope you make it! Shared also.

    19. Missing avatar

      Lauren Ciccarelli on August 13, 2014

      This is such a cool project! I watched the video and it was so cool to see snapshots of these women's lives and what they have to say. I've always wanted to be the kind of woman who can make a change with her ideas so to see a project like this in the making is really inspiring. I hope you guys are able to reach your goal!