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You're an impoverished medieval noble trying to build a decent home for your miserable subjects. Can you build a sweet village?
You're an impoverished medieval noble trying to build a decent home for your miserable subjects. Can you build a sweet village?
You're an impoverished medieval noble trying to build a decent home for your miserable subjects. Can you build a sweet village?
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    1. Lunari on

      My friends and I are really enjoying Village in a Box. I do agree that the cards are a tight fit, but so far they are fitting ok.
      We find that playing to 20 points makes the game go too quickly. Now we just play until the deck runs out and total the points for each village. The village with the most points wins (of course)!

    2. Adam Willard on

      I took a roundabout way of getting our games, living in Madagascar but having them shipped to family in the US. We've got a couple of them here by now and have been playing Village in a Box and Noueni so far. I have to say that I really love Noueni - I love puzzle games like that and I'm looking forward to playing with more players to see how it changes the strategies. Village in a Box is also very good, but we realized we needed to increase the points to play with 2 players, and trade isn't a big part of it with so few players. But it's still fun and I'm looking forward to playing with more people.

      BUT, the big problem is that the cards don't fit well in ViaB! Initially they fit just right, fairly smug. But after playing a few games and the cards apparently bulking up from all the shuffling and a little bending, it is HARD to squeeze them into the box and just as hard to get them back out. This is very disappointing. I don't want to lose the box, as it's the best way to keep them organized and transported. If it was just slightly bigger, it would've been enough. Ah well, at least the game is good.

    3. The Game Crafter 6-time creator on

      Hi Richard,

      Sorry for the delay in my response. For some reason I didn't receive an email notification for your comment. I sent you a private message about this and we'll be happy to get you fixed up asap. Thanks!

    4. Dr G & the Range Shadows

      Thank you! I received the products. I tried the email address you supplied, but it bounced. The Villages had enough clues to figure everything out, but the Starship Battles game was missing the crew and mission cards. You can kind of, sort of play, but I cannot imagine that it even vaguely resembles the original game.

    5. Chris on

      Wow! is all i can say! both ViaB and MCP arrived late thursday - took them to my local GG for games night and yeah! wet down well ViaB got several thumbs up from my buds!

      good work guys very well done and love the simplicity!

    6. Remi Pelletier

      Received my big bundle today in New Brunswick, Canada. All of the games look great! :D I'm excited to try them all. The only problem I saw was that the Starship Battles tokens no longer fit in the box after adding the expansions. It would have been nice to be able to fit all of the game in it's box. But everything else was perfect. Thanks!!!

    7. The Game Crafter 6-time creator on

      Hi Christian,
      If you have any questions about ViaB, you should visit the Village in a Box page on Board Game Geek at I'm sure the designer, Peter Jackson, would love to hear from you. Thanks!

    8. The Game Crafter 6-time creator on

      Hi Henderickx, I just posted a reply about VAT tax in the comments for my latest update today. To get there, click on the "Updates" tab and then click on "comments" under the "Everything Has Shipped" update. Thanks!

    9. Christian Stalley on

      Took the games to my FLGS's new game night this evening. Noueni was a huge hit, with raves about the visuals and the deceptively simple gameplay. ViaB was played, but seemed a bit vague; more research needed on the rules.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jarad Bond on

      *Props to you!

    11. Missing avatar

      Jarad Bond on

      Just received my game here in Alaska. It is a rare occurrence for a KS project to deliver on time. Props you you!

    12. Christian Stalley on

      The box came today, in Eastern Canada. Woohoo! That's a whole lotta box! Now to unwrap and explore. Thanks to all the designers and the Game Crafter People!

    13. Henderickx Stefaan on

      I think I got a message that the mailman tried to deliver my bundle so I guess packages in Europe are starting to arrive. I saw that I will have to pay additional taxes, so this will have cost me more than 150 dollar in total (big bundle). Let's hope it's worth it. :-) It may be interesting when you are running more kickstarters to inform international backers that this can happen.

    14. L Warble

      Thank you, @game crafter, for your speedy response! I didn't even know the replacement cards had arrived until I spotted the box, excitedly exclaimed about them, and my kids said, "oh yeah, that came a few days ago." A FEW DAYS AGO?!? I need to teach them, apparently, to actually bring me the mail when they get it. :)
      Thanks for a well run campaign & awesome games!

    15. Chris Leder on

      @Jason - There is an exclusive station card for Railroads which features artwork reminiscent of ViaB. It can be shuffled in and played as a normal wild 2-point station with Railroads

    16. Missing avatar

      Jason Paczkowski on

      Hi, sorry if this has been asked, but is there a list I can check to make sure I got all of the extra cards from The Big Bundle that I should have? It just came in a little odd and I want to make sure everything is here.

      Also, I got a card that appears to be a Village in a Box/Railroads combo. Is that right? Once again, sorry if this has been asked before or is an obvious answer.

    17. The Game Crafter 6-time creator on

      Hey Kory,

      I sent you a message about this. Please give it a read and reply when you're able. Thanks!

    18. Kory on

      Actually I have 4 colours and it might be I have purple and not blue. I have yellow, green, red and a 4th one it's either purple or blue not sure which.

    19. Kory on

      I got my big bundle a few days ago but just started opening them this weekend. I have to say I am happy about it except for my big bundle was a little smaller then big. It's missing the purple, 5th player, for Noueni. I haven't checked if the cards are off colour or not.

    20. John Warfel on

      Viab has arrived! I just finished putting all the extras into their boxes, looking forward to playing these games this weekend :)

    21. The Game Crafter 6-time creator on

      Hey George, I sent you a message about this with some instructions. Please reply and we'll be happy to get you fixed up. Thanks!

    22. George Bracy

      Got my big bundle today! For the most part, everything is great, but like Kelley, the bonus cards for a couple games have backs that are a little off-color. The only ones that it seems will be an issue are Monster City Planners and Dungeoneering Dolls. Both seem to have lighter backs than in the main game. My only other minor issue is that the tuck boxes all seem a little small (and brittle). They could use an extra 1mm on each side just so the cards don't have to be forced in, and the seams on all of them cracked when I opened them the first time.

    23. Ken "Toren" Leyhe - IcePack Games on

      Got my big bundle yesterday and have ViaB Bundle game day planned for Saturday. Can't wait to play all of the games.

    24. Dan Grek (Concrete Canoe Games)

      Got my big big bundle in New Jersey.

    25. Dani Kice

      I received my order over the weekend (what a great surprise!) and invited my video-gamer friend over to play. She became instantly addicted to Village in a Box. We played it several different ways, even inventing cooperative play rules. That game is crazy addictive!
      We also enjoyed playing Noueni, though there were many more curse words involved.
      THANK YOU!

    26. The Game Crafter 6-time creator on

      Hi Kelley,
      I sent you a message to find out more details about your issue. Please get back to me with a few answers and we'll get you fixed up right away. Thanks!

    27. The Game Crafter 6-time creator on

      Hi Alexander, I just sent you a message with more information about this issue. We'll be happy to get you fixed up with a new copy once you follow the instructions in my message. Thanks!

    28. Alexander Gambon

      My copy of Noueni is also miscut and unplayable. Did this affect all orders?

    29. Kelley Callery on

      Hi got my Big Bundle today and just opened everything up. I was a little disappointed to see that the expansions that came with the bundle did not match color-wise the original decks. I expect in some cases it won't matter much, but for some of the games I won't be able to use the expansions because the mismatched color will giveaway what card is coming. Being a printer, I would have thought you would have checked to be sure the expansions matched the decks.

    30. Chris Leder on

      @Dana - There is indeed an Easter egg Station card for ViaB in the expansion to Railroads. Appropriate time to find it, I must say!

    31. Greg Caires

      My kids and I played two rounds of the game last night, with my 14 y/o son winning the second round. This morning while I was at work my kids got out the game on their own to play without any adult supervision (14, 10 and 8 year olds). Clearly they have taken to it.

    32. The Game Crafter 6-time creator on

      Hi everyone,

      I wanted to provide a quick update here in the comments section to let everyone know that we're still shipping tons and tons of games all over the world! We still expect to ship everything in April so if you haven't received your game yet, please be patient and you'll have a surprise delivery soon enough!

      If you have questions about rules or gameplay, be sure to visit and go to the specific page for the game you're interested in. Thanks!

    33. Sam Parkinson on

      My big bundle is here! Woohoo!

    34. B McG

      Anyone in Northern California got the big box yet? Still waiting for mine.

    35. Dana on


      I liked that too! It reminded me of the game where you pass the present around and everyone unwraps one layer of newspaper, and the person to unwrap the last layer keeps the present. Only I got to open and keep everything.

      If only I had a cat, it would have had a hoot with both the box and the paper.

    36. Missing avatar

      Ray R.

      Received my Big Bundle yesterday. Looking forward to playing each of them.

      It's a small thing, but I'd like to thanks The Game Crafter for padding with paper instead of styrofoam. This game collecting hobby has left me with quite a collection of packing peanuts and it's a long drive to find a place that reuses/recycles them.

    37. Bill Paterno on


      The Red Knight card goes on top of your own army after Hired Hand cards have been played. Everyone should have the same amount of cards at the end of the game so Hired Hands will either stay with you when you activate them OR they will be exchanged for another card.

      If you activate the Red Knight you may look through any player's army (including your own) and then place any card in that army on top. This card is useful for setting up other Hired Hand cards like the Sorcerer and the Thief. It also has the added benefit of revealing what another player has drafted up to that point in the game. I have used it on myself quite a few times when I have a "senior moment" and forget what I drafted previously :)

      If you have any other questions, feel free to post on the BGG forum as I will likely see that sooner than here. Plus it will help out other people with the same questions.

      Thanks for backing!

    38. Missing avatar

      Alejandro Suarez on

      I have a quick question about the Red Knight in Overlords. What happens to the Red Knight card itself after its special ability is activated? Is it put back in the discard pile?

    39. L Warble

      @andrew, if you click on the BGG link for Village In a Box in the description, there is a chart there that lists the original & expansions.

      Excellent games; my 9-y.o. won Noueni and my 13 y.o. won Village.

    40. Andrew Toth

      Is there a deck list anywhere that brakes down the individual components? I generally like to play the base of a game before I add expansions. Thanks again for a great game!!

    41. Andrew Toth

      Received mine last night. Can't wait for game night this weekend!!!

    42. Dana on


      I noticed the same exact thing In the ViaB expansion, are the character cards supposed to have 2 different backs? I have 8 of them that have the same shade of grey but then the Princess and the Warlord both have a different shade of grey back.

      Also, is one of the bonus Railroads cards a ViaB Easter egg? When I turned it over it looked like it could be an accidental misprint, but the more I look at it the more it looks like an Easter egg... :p

    43. Dana on

      Just got my big bundle!!! So excited! I didn't even open it yet, I felt like sharing first. :D

    44. Jason Hess on

      Excellent, thanks for responding!

    45. L Warble

      Game arrived yesterday, kids in their enthusiasm opened Village first but claimed there were no rules... So I let them loose on Noueni while I looked through the Village cards. Yes, the rules were there! :)

      I noticed a slight shading difference in some of the cards - the green is noticeably darker in a number of them on both sides (43...); and two character cards have a lighter shaded back than the others. Was this intentional?

      (Does a happy dance for getting the games!)

    46. The Game Crafter 6-time creator on

      Hey Jason, Water in a Box doesn't change the rules so what you received is correct. Thanks!

    47. Dana on

      Thanks. I guess I didn't read far back enough. I'm really debating whether to sleeve everything or not... Ideally I would want to, but I just feel like it'll be a lot of money spent on sleeving all the games.

    48. Bill Paterno on

      Noueni uses TGC's domino size cards which are 1.75 x 3.5 inches. Another backer commented earlier that Power Grid money sleeves would work.

    49. Jason Hess on

      Quick question... I received one copy of the "People in a Box" rules and two copies of the "Village in a Box" rules. I suppose my question is - Was I suppose to get two "Village in a Box" rules or was should there have been a "Water in a Box" rule card instead of two "Village in a Box" cards?

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