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A settlement building game with just the right amount of crazy!
A settlement building game with just the right amount of crazy!
137 backers pledged $7,539 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. The Game Crafter 6-time creator on

      Spocklogic: It will ship with HBP. Thanks!

    2. Spocklogic

      If we backed at the level to get the older VIAB too, does that come right away or ship when the new HBP is sent out?

    3. ChildBearingHips on

      More than happy to tip the backer count into the century. Very happy with how the game has came from a bundle of ideas and paper in a box to a fully fledged and playable game.


    4. The Game Crafter 6-time creator on

      @ Kevin Ballestrini: we can do that. Thanks for the suggestion

    5. Kevin Ballestrini on

      Looks great! A small suggestion for the year event cards, feel free to ignore it :) Would it make sense to have a parenthetical year addition to the card? Doesn't have to be large, but underneath group 2, have "Years 2 and 3", etc as a visual reminder because I found myself, while watching the video, saying "Ok... if it's a seven turn game, and there are four year piles... what happens for turns 5-7?"

      The rules obviously explain it but it isn't an obvious cognitive connection.

    6. Sean Howard on

      Great game and I'm sure like all of TGC's games, the turn around time will be ridiculously fast. Looking forward to seeing this one get into the hands of backers!

    7. The Game Crafter 6-time creator on

      @Nissia, I'll send you a private message and see if we can work something out.

    8. Nissia

      is there a way to get couple copies under same shipping address with discount shipping price?

    9. The Game Crafter 6-time creator on

      @Ernie: You actually get your income at the end of the turn when the Year card is resolved. This is done because sometimes collecting income happens before the end of year event, and sometimes after.

      And yes, if something gets smashed you have to lower your stats. Thanks for the questions!

    10. Ernie Darby on

      Backed to also get Village in a Box! Looking at the rules I assume you get you income at the start of each turn? Also if something gets smashed I assume you have to lower your stats by whatever got removed?

    11. Marcin Zarycki on

      I fully agree with Jason! I've also played Hamlet Builder Pro a few times and, in my opinion, this is the best game that The Game Crafter has Kickstarted, and that's saying something considering the other awesome games they've released.

    12. The Game Crafter 6-time creator on

      Both the comment and the kudos are much appreciated. Thank you!

    13. Jason Glover

      No comments!?!

      Well, I just wanted to say that I played Hamlet Builder Pro at Protospiel and I have an early prototype copy for playtesting and feedback. This game is legitimate FUN! A very clean design that had all players engaged. I really think this is a no-brainer!