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A settlement building game with just the right amount of crazy!
A settlement building game with just the right amount of crazy!
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    1. Dennis Naizdobols

      What a great game! A lot of fun!

    2. The Game Crafter 6-time creator on

      Mohammed: We already replied to your private message and are awaiting your reply. Thanks! :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Mohammed Javaid on

      To the Creators.

      I have sent you a message regarding and issue with me copy of the game. Hopefully you can sort it out relatively quickly.

    4. The Game Crafter 6-time creator on

      Mohammed: Wonderful news indeed! Thanks for taking a moment to share your feedback with us. Our fulfillment partners in the UK do a great job. :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Mohammed Javaid on

      Hi guys, just wanted to let you know that my copy turned up today. The guys handling shipping for Europe were good and fast with getting stuff out. Now to play the game.

    6. The Game Crafter 6-time creator on

      Dennis: Sorry to hear you're having issues. I will reach out to our team and have someone look into where this order is now. I'll send you a private message with more details once I hear back. Thanks!

    7. Dennis Naizdobols

      My game never arrived... I got a message from Endicia saying they tried to deliver and failed, I went to USPS and they said they tried to deliver it but I wasn't there (which it's a business and I was there all day so it's BS), and it's been more than 2 weeks and they still have not contacted me or tried again. i cannot contact USPS as they said only the sender can get more details. Please help!

    8. The Game Crafter 6-time creator on

      We've created an image showing the tiles and their counts. If you feel you have received a game that doesn't include these tiles and counts, then send us a private message and we'll make it right.

    9. The Game Crafter 6-time creator on

      Sonny: We sent a private message with more info.

      Andrew: We sent a private message to you as well.

      Please respond when you get a chance. Thanks!

    10. The Game Crafter 6-time creator on

      Sonny: We'll send you a private message to discuss this.

    11. Andrew Betts

      OK counted 20 "0", 84 "1", 50 "2" so everything looks like it is there, but all the number sides of my hex tiles are wrinkled like something was pushed into them when they were being cut.

    12. Andrew Betts

      Haven't checked quantities yet, but the Village in a Box game in 1 tuck box is so tight I can't get the cards back in without fear of bending them ... it looks like the 108 tuckbox was used for 144 cards ... a really really tight fit.

    13. 1soni

      I clicked post and my message disappeared.. Quick check - I guess that someone has reported the error on page 2 of the instruction booklet with the 1 on the zero point tile picture. I haven't checked for what kinds of tiles I have but I have 19 "0" tiles, 82 "1" tiles and 50 "2" tiles. I have 4 Group 1 year cards, 10 Group 2 cards, 11 Group 3 cards and 11 Group 4 year cards.

    14. 1soni

      Quick check. I have 19 "0" tiless, 82 "1"s and 50 "2"s - I have 9 group 1 year cards, 10 group 2 cards, 11 Group 3 and 11 Group 4 year cards. I have not yet broken down my tiles to see what they are. I'm sure someone has pointed out the error on page two of the instruction book.

    15. 1soni

      Game received today although in tracking I don't understand why the box had to go to South Carolina to get to Arkansas. Outer box had a big hole in it but the games appear undamaged.

    16. The Game Crafter 6-time creator on

      Greg: Message sent and we're currently resolving your issue. Thanks!

    17. Greg Lee on

      Please send me a private message to discuss an issue I am having with this game. It appears to have been misprinted.

    18. The Game Crafter 6-time creator on

      @Ernie: You pass all but one of your unbuilt build queue tiles to the player on your left at the end of your turn. Those are passed face down so that they cannot look at them until they are finished building everything for their current turn (because all players are playing simultaneously). Once everyone has finished their build phase, then everyone can turn all the tiles passed to them face up to form their build queue for the next turn. Hope that helps.

    19. Ernie Darby on

      SO I am a little confused about what is suppose to be facedown.... We are going to play tonight and it saw to pass all of what is face down to the person on your left? But you flip stuff up at the end of your turn what is down and what it up. That is probably the only think I am confused about?

    20. The Game Crafter 6-time creator on

      Hey Michael,

      Thanks for letting us know of your issue. We will be happy to get you fixed up and will send you a private message to get this resolved. Thanks!

    21. Missing avatar

      Michael Dillenbeck on

      What a mess...
      keep, Craftsman, House, Manor, Blacksmith, Lumber Camp, Fishery, Bakery, Crop Farm, Farmstead, Animal Farm, Inn, Baazar, merchant, market, Hunting Lodge, Barracks, Archery Range - 0 tiles of each

      Windmill 1s - 4 (the only tile that seems to be right).
      Well 1s - 5 (3 dots... looks like it was doubled and then one was lost)

      All the rest have double the number of dots. Here they are with the types of backs.

      Sawmill, Wall - 0s on back
      Storage Tent, Warehouse, Watermill, Smelt, Mine, Tavern, Square Tower - 1s on back
      Tent, Stables, Outpost, Pavillion, Monument - 2s on back
      Siege Factory - 2 0s, 4 1s
      Monastery - 2 1s, 2 2s
      Round Tower - 2 0s, 6 2s
      War Tent - 2 0s, 2 1s, 10 2s

      If I read my wife's messy hand notes, that is what I received. I'm still not sure what happened with this print run or what the correct tiles are suppose to be - the rulebook is such a mess that I don't know if the player aid is correct when it gives cost ranges for buildings. If the player aid is correct, then the sawmills I received have not only been doubled in quantity but also were printed with 0-point backs when they should be 1 point backs... and this means my thought that one sheet face (building side of the tile) was accidentally doubled can't be right, but that not only did that happen but the backing values were wrong also. Then there is the double minus one tile set, which means one tile was dropped when bagging.

      I like the game and the mechanics, but this is my Batman Arkham Knight of board gaming. If I had only issues with the back, I would have made my own stickers and started playing - but I don't even have half the tile fronts.

      I hope I am the only one with this issue, but I posted it in the comments in hopes of hearing one way or the other how people's games turned out.

    22. Missing avatar

      Michael Dillenbeck on

      Have ViaB and just enjoyed 5 games. I followed it up with one game of HBP and encountered SEVERE issues.

      My concern about my tile wasn't unfounded. During play my wife noted that the grass color and the tile back had no correlation to the cost as stated in the rules, and post-play we sorted the pieces and discovered we have no crop farms (which are a prerequisite tile)!

      We are in the process of determining what we have, but I am curious - are we the exception, or do other people have properly printed books with proper backed tiles and the right tile quanitity?

      Gamecrafter, I am in your area. If you would like me to come in and show you the issues I have with my copy, I will gladly do so. I am hoping I am the exception and that we can get my copy of the game fixed, as I think I will enjoy the play. I will post a component update shortly for others to compare with their sets if they think they might have errors.

    23. Missing avatar

      Michael Dillenbeck on

      Just received my copy.

      VIAB was overstuffed, which means it won't be going back in that tuckbox (at least, not the whole thing).

      Noted the HBP print error on the 0 cost tiles (graphic is for a 1 - its correct on the campaign page, incorrect on the pdf download).

      Counted my tiles and I have 0 (x20), 1 (x76), and 2 (x58) and not 0 (x20), 1 (x84), and 2 (x50). Oh dear. I guess I'll have to write for a full component list breakdown (namely, what tiles do I have duplicates of at 2 that should have been 1s).

      I'm looking forward to giving these both a try.

    24. Paul Cloutier

      Got my shipping notice yesterday! Hopefully will be playing this weekend! :)

    25. L Warble

      What arrived on my doorstep this week?

      Wow! Excellent time planning!! Two more games for my stash...

    26. Richard Hensman

      My game is here! And looks great. Can't wait to play it.

      Question - has anyone managed to get VIAB out of the box without damaging it? It's so tightly packed I can't budge it...

    27. Missing avatar

      Ryan Green on

      Just got the game in the mail today. I'm excited to play it. There seems to be some printing issues.

      1: On the side of the box where it says that hardly any goats were harmed int he making of this game, the box says that "Travis got bite by one." Should be "bit."

      2: In the rule-book, under the "Components" section the photo showing the back of the 20-0 point tiles looks exactly like the 84-1 point tiles. It happens again at the bottom of page five.

      3: Under "Resolving the Year Card" when explaining what to do with a tie, "If there is a tie for the lowest, then the player who meets the criteria for the lowest who is also closest to the starting with the first player..." That's either a typo or could be worded a lot better.

      But yeah, I'm pretty stoked for the game.

    28. The Game Crafter 6-time creator on

      @Sonny: Hehe. We're sorry, we'll endeavor to worse next time. Maybe we'll only be 1 month early. =)

    29. 1soni

      What do you mean shipping 3+ months before the promised date? instead of 6 months late? You're going to give kickstarter projects a bad name!

    30. The Game Crafter 6-time creator on

      Spocklogic: It will ship with HBP. Thanks!

    31. Spocklogic

      If we backed at the level to get the older VIAB too, does that come right away or ship when the new HBP is sent out?

    32. ChildBearingHips on

      More than happy to tip the backer count into the century. Very happy with how the game has came from a bundle of ideas and paper in a box to a fully fledged and playable game.


    33. The Game Crafter 6-time creator on

      @ Kevin Ballestrini: we can do that. Thanks for the suggestion

    34. Kevin Ballestrini on

      Looks great! A small suggestion for the year event cards, feel free to ignore it :) Would it make sense to have a parenthetical year addition to the card? Doesn't have to be large, but underneath group 2, have "Years 2 and 3", etc as a visual reminder because I found myself, while watching the video, saying "Ok... if it's a seven turn game, and there are four year piles... what happens for turns 5-7?"

      The rules obviously explain it but it isn't an obvious cognitive connection.

    35. Sean Howard on

      Great game and I'm sure like all of TGC's games, the turn around time will be ridiculously fast. Looking forward to seeing this one get into the hands of backers!

    36. The Game Crafter 6-time creator on

      @Nissia, I'll send you a private message and see if we can work something out.

    37. Nissia

      is there a way to get couple copies under same shipping address with discount shipping price?

    38. The Game Crafter 6-time creator on

      @Ernie: You actually get your income at the end of the turn when the Year card is resolved. This is done because sometimes collecting income happens before the end of year event, and sometimes after.

      And yes, if something gets smashed you have to lower your stats. Thanks for the questions!

    39. Ernie Darby on

      Backed to also get Village in a Box! Looking at the rules I assume you get you income at the start of each turn? Also if something gets smashed I assume you have to lower your stats by whatever got removed?

    40. Marcin Zarycki on

      I fully agree with Jason! I've also played Hamlet Builder Pro a few times and, in my opinion, this is the best game that The Game Crafter has Kickstarted, and that's saying something considering the other awesome games they've released.

    41. The Game Crafter 6-time creator on

      Both the comment and the kudos are much appreciated. Thank you!

    42. Jason Glover

      No comments!?!

      Well, I just wanted to say that I played Hamlet Builder Pro at Protospiel and I have an early prototype copy for playtesting and feedback. This game is legitimate FUN! A very clean design that had all players engaged. I really think this is a no-brainer!