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Scientist saves his lover's cryo-preserved grandma from melting while hiding his regenerative research from a psychotic county coroner.

Scientist saves his lover's cryo-preserved grandma from melting while hiding his regenerative research from a psychotic county coroner. Read More
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Synopsis: Cal is at the forefront of extreme regenerative medicine – stem cells and cryonics. But across town, the fundamentalist county coroner will do anything to save her soul and stop Cal’s embryonic research. Selah sleeps with Cal’s dean, uses an overly developed teenager to lure her deputy, destroys Cal’s lab and attempts autopsy on the cryonics patient Cal has recently frozen. All disasterous....

Cal is on the verge of a massive breakthrough. Cal’s stem cell activator repairs tissues at the cellular level. Cal’s regenerative activator will double a mammal’s lifespan and show all the world its potential winning the three million dollar mouse prize. But before Cal and Ruth’s mouse can win the lucrative prize, Cal faces a bullet and exile. If Cal moves his research, Coroner Selah will investigate the cryonics facility. But she's already trashed his lab. So Cal is on the run. Cal’s research and refuge may soon be toast. Selah’s deputy guarantees it!

A murder investigation on the man Cal and Ruth’s uncle have recently frozen means autopsy to coroner Selah. And to cryonicists -- thawing is murder. Upping the ante even further, the facility is in need of recharge. Without liquid nitrogen, the facility will soon melt, killing all the patients inside – including Ruth’s grandma. Now Selah can throw Cal in jail or shoot Cal if he resists. But Selah has a problem. Love and conviction make for some very well armed geeks....

Tagline: "The Futurists" Will you miss the future?... They might.... 

Why should you care?... Optimistically, it may be your own dementia and sickness you prevent -- with added awareness. Awareness toward the extreme healthspans on the horizon with a fun and action laced movie! (That could popularize this research. Independent media takes risks!) With thrills, sex, violence, romance, "The Futurists" has it all!... And ....

Match our funds.... And we'll grow ... and grow... until one day your friends will tell you about this movie -- that you've actually produced!... What does this get you -- besides bragging rights?... You're in!... First offering of preferred shares in Daedal Dream Productions. Following "The Futurists" theatrical release. The production company will go public and continue making movies.... That's our goal.... 

Here's the sneak peak at pre-production so far.... Storyboards:

A thousand thank yous for watching.... Invest in the arts!...


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