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A groundbreaking journal designed to increase productivity and achieve goals while balancing work, happiness and well-being.
A groundbreaking journal designed to increase productivity and achieve goals while balancing work, happiness and well-being.
A groundbreaking journal designed to increase productivity and achieve goals while balancing work, happiness and well-being.
502 backers pledged CA$ 19,955 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. L'Atelier Coworking Creator on

      @Kim Lake, that's good to hear! :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Kim Lake on

      My journal arrived this week - love it, and it's already being put to good use! Thanks so much :)

    3. L'Atelier Coworking Creator on

      @Daniel, apparently you found us through backer's club, which is a special online club where people can kind kickstarter special deals. We have sent you a free muji pen with your order for being a part of this club.

    4. Daniel Wheeler on

      Hi there all, so thrilled about the journals being sent out
      Just curious as I had an email from a site called backer club about a free pen if I bought a journal, what's that about ??

    5. L'Atelier Coworking Creator on

      @Levi, just PMed it to you.

      @everyone else, we will be sending an update shortly and will find a way to have all your tracking numbers in a spreadsheet while keeping your privacy.

      We will have a few orders to ship out today.

      Stay tuned. :)


    6. Levi Oakey on

      Hi, could I get my tracking number as well? Would love to know when it will arrive.

    7. L'Atelier Coworking Creator on

      @Erik, just PMed you your tracking link :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Erik Ortega

      Can we have the tracking number @creator since the packages were shipped yesterday thanks

    9. L'Atelier Coworking Creator on

      @Erik, "First out of the Gate" reward level are already on their way. All other journals have been packaged and will be shipped on Monday. (Took us the entire week to organize all the orders).

    10. Missing avatar

      Erik Ortega

      Any updates about the shipping??

    11. Graham Woloski on

      If they can't be delivered for Christmas could you guys make up a letter to gift instead?
      Still hopeful for this week!

    12. L'Atelier Coworking Creator on

      Hi @erik,

      it was an estimate as with all kickstarter projects. We're doing our best to move it along, but again, not at the expense of quality as it is our first time making this journal.

    13. Missing avatar

      Erik Ortega

      I backed this bcose the delivery date was December

    14. L'Atelier Coworking Creator on

      Hi Erik,

      We're still waiting for the Focus Journals to get to us, they are on their way but we're not exactly sure which day they would arrive. We're sorry to dissapoint everyone but it doesn't look like they would be sent on time for Christmas. We tried our best to make it happen quickly but also we didn't want to rush things and compromise on quality.

      The new estimated shipping time is first week of January, unless we get the journals next week (which is still possible).

    15. Missing avatar

      Erik Ortega

      Any updates for shipping? I was planning on giving as a Christmas gift

    16. L'Atelier Coworking Creator on

      @james English. Yes, it took a lot longer than anticipated to actually place the orders. We had to communicate with the printer on the smallest details but we prefer slow and steady than rushed and messed up!

    17. James English on

      So that mid December delivery is out the window now...

    18. L'Atelier Coworking Creator on

      @Nati, you should be good to go, we just sent a reminder to those who hadn't completed the survey yet.

    19. Missing avatar

      Nati Herron on

      I thought I completed the survey a while back. I'm picking it up in Vancouver.

    20. L'Atelier Coworking Creator on

      Hi Danielle,

      The survey should have been sent by kickstarter to your email address (check your spam folder...). If you can't find it, simply send us your address and colour preferences (light gray or dark gray) by email to

    21. Missing avatar


      I just read your project update #13 and fail to see the link to the survey I am supposed to fill Can you help, please?

    22. L'Atelier Coworking Creator on

      Hey Erik, the journals are supposed to be done with production this week and then shipped to us by sea soon after. We estimate that we would receive them mid December at the earliest. We are waiting for confirmation from the supplier and will publish an update as soon as we get one! Thank you for your patience! :) - Sabrina

    23. Missing avatar

      Erik Ortega

      Hello any news on shipping? Thanks

    24. L'Atelier Coworking Creator on

      Hi EagleLord, not sure why you're unable to submit the survey... Maybe just email us your responses at and we'll make a note.

    25. EagleLord

      Unable to submit response.

    26. L'Atelier Coworking Creator on

      @yana, excited to have everyone using it soon :)

    27. Missing avatar

      yana on

      So excited to get my focus journals! Woo Hoo!

    28. L'Atelier Coworking Creator on

      @Lynn just replied to your email! Sorry, didn't see it this morning.

    29. Lynn on

      hello, i have sent an email to the first email you have provided in this comment section below ( wth regards to shipping costs. i would like to change my pledge before the campaign ends; please reply me soon!

    30. L'Atelier Coworking Creator on

      Hey @Katrina! The shipping price for the one journal reward level is lower because we've been able to absorb some of the shipping costs in the price of the journal whereas we left it as is for the "Do Good Option". You can direct message us to discuss further, our email is -

    31. Katrina Hennessy

      I think I failed to explain well enough. If I back one journal and deliver to the USA the shipping is $10. If I back for one journal to be delivered to me and one to stay in Vancouver to be given as part of your support program then I expect the same shipping, however, the pledge increases the shipping to $13 which is the same shipping I would be charged for two journals to be delivered to me.

    32. L'Atelier Coworking Creator on

      @Katrina, good questions: Shipping for "A Do Good Focus Journal" is the same rate as shipping 1 journal to Canada: $11 (2 journals is $12).
      The reasons shipping is high is because we have to include all of Canada and it's expensive to ship to the East Coast. This is why we offered the alternative of picking up from Vacouver by selecting the $3 reward level and increasing the pledge amount. (it's mentioned in our FAQ section). Hope this answers your question! PS: If shipping ends up being less we'll make sure to include a little something extra in your package to make it worth while ;)

    33. Katrina Hennessy

      Why is there extra shipping involved for the "A Do Good Focus Journal" pledge level? This level charges the same shipping as two journals even though only one is shipped and the other remains in Vancouver.

    34. L'Atelier Coworking Creator on

      @Michelle, you're good! Thanks for your contribution ;)

    35. Missing avatar

      Michelle on

      I am in Vancouver and can pick up the journals (therefore the no shipping level of support was selected). As per previous question, 2 for me and one for Covenant House (hope the math was correct). Looking forward to getting these. Thanks!

    36. L'Atelier Coworking Creator on

      @Nati, sounds good!
      Our Gastown location is at 319 W Hastings st 4th floor. We'll let you know when they are here (estimated time mid November).

    37. Missing avatar

      Nati Herron on

      Hi, I live in Vancouver so I followed the instructions for no shipping charges. I love the concept and can't wait to start using it!

    38. L'Atelier Coworking Creator on

      Hi James!

      Thank you for getting your team on board!

      - A ribbon bookmark will be included
      - The Cover will be a thick and durable soft cover for portability: during our research we found that most people preferred a soft cover
      - The journal will have rounded corner
      - It will also include an elastic and back pocket

    39. James English on

      Hi again!, so I've doubled down and got my entire team the journal to share the experience.

      I wanted to see if:
      - a ribbon bookmark will be included?
      - the cover will be hardcover?
      - it will have rounded edges to stop dog-eared edges?


    40. Missing avatar

      Karim Alayli on

      Hi, I pledged the pdf version to save on shipping and I pledged $21 to cover the journal costs :) thanks!

    41. L'Atelier Coworking Creator on

      Hi @Ashiq, yes, you can pick up from our Gastown location when they are ready. We will send a survey once we reach our goal and will notify you when the journals are here!

    42. Missing avatar

      Ashiq Ahamed on

      Hello, I pledged $3 but paid $58 for the years supply of journals (3). Would it be possible to pick them up from your Vancouver location as the shipping costs were quite high. Thanks!

    43. L'Atelier Coworking Creator on

      @Tjaz, thank you so much for the kind words!

      @Marie, that's fine as long as you can pick it up from our Vancouver location :)

    44. Missing avatar

      Marie on

      Hi, I pledged 3 dollars to save shipping, but actually paid 21 :)

    45. Missing avatar

      Tjaž Bauer on

      It is a cool looking Journal. Respect to L'Atelier team, Cheers!

    46. Matej Rodela Collaborator on

      @James English you are right. Shipping in Canada is ridiculous. If you are interested we can try to come up with a better international shipping rate. Our email is

      Good observation! The journal will be lay flat binded. We already talked with the printer and tested samples. We were unable to print the prototypes like that though because it was unfeasible for a run of 10 copies. This is why we are crowdfunding - to be able to order a high number of copies.

    47. James English on

      I'd love to purchase a small business pack, but it's not worldwide shipping and the shipping price does seem quite high!

      I'd love to see this as a 'lay flat' journey...can that be a stretch goal?

    48. L'Atelier Coworking Creator on

      @Kelsey Bentley Noted, thanks for backing us! :)

    49. Missing avatar

      Kelsey Bentley on

      Hi, I pledged the 3 dollar to save shipping, but actually paid 39

    50. L'Atelier Coworking Creator on

      @Rachel, noted :)

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