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$8,386 pledged of $135,000 goal
By Justice Frangipane
$8,386 pledged of $135,000 goal

Recent updates

Control Scheme

To see the control scheme we recommend you click here. Currently there is 6 action buttons, a dpad/'analog' on the left, an "analog" on the right, and two triggers. If you have concerns about the control scheme please leave a comment.

buttons include

a, b, c, x, y, z 

left analog/dpad

right analog

left trigger, right trigger

The control scheme may change. We are trying  to remember the phone screen is the obvious choice for select/start functions and other functions. 

Gameloft games supported at launch?

I've heard that many popular Gameloft games will be supported by this controller, is this true? 

Good question. 

Gameloft recently released a controller of its own called the "Duo Gamer". We believe that the Duo Gamer uses an Apple created api. If this is indeed true we will very very likely be able to use the same standard as set by Apple for Gameloft to use. 

Check us out on TechCrunch

Already getting great press! There is a great story on TechCrunch about our controller. Check it out by clicking here!