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A sleek sturdy solar bluetooth 4.0 case for your iPhone that adds serious gaming controls.

A sleek sturdy solar bluetooth 4.0 case for your iPhone that adds serious gaming controls. Read more
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Justice Frangipane
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Justice Frangipane

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We have decided to make this case for the iPhone 4S, iTouch 5th Gen and the iPhone 5, and include compatibility with the 'New iPad' and the 'iPad mini'.

Click here to see our new overly dramatic promo video!  

iJailbreak - "This is without a doubt one of the best game controllers I have seen in some time"

"There is no shortage of game controllers for your iOS device, but this particular game controller called FlipSide is worth your attention"

eWallsteeter - "2012 was an awesome year for gamers! The year began with the worldwide release of Sony's PlayStation Vita and ended with the launch of Nintendo's HD gaming console, Wii U (and so many other games were released in between). But among all this the best, FlipSide, was saved for the last."

Update - 1

The controller being shown is our "rough draft". Kickstarter rules prohibit the use of photorealistic renders on this page as of september 2012. To see our 3d models of the target final version click here

Update - 2 

To read about Gameloft game compatibility click here

Update - 3

We anticipate a market price of $99.95 in the Apple Store. 

We are giving our much appreciated backers an almost 40% discount off the anticipated retail price!!!!


Redmond Pie - "The advantage of FlipSide is its structure: the seamless and ultra-thin casing lets you use the iPhone naturally when you need to, but easily unsnap the gaming controls from the back of the case and place them right on the screen when you’re ready to start gaming. Lightness is the key selling point of this case: it is ultra-thin, not much heavier than a standard iPhonecase, in part due to its ultra-thin battery provided by Infinite Power Solutions. There’s no plugging, docking or charging either: this case relies fully on solar power and Bluetooth 4.0, so it’s fully wireless in every way."

Engadget - "The perpetual challenge of developing an iPhone-friendly gamepad (or any phone-oriented gamepad) is the bulk, either for a gargantuan case or else a separate controller. If Justice Frangipane's team and iDevices have their way, that clunkiness will be a distant memory."

My Story

My name is Justice - for the last year I have worked on a project called 'FlipSide.'  Flipside is a protective iPhone case that has gaming controls (for the serious gamer) integrated into the back of the case.  When utilized, you unsnap parts of the back of the case and attach it to the front.  This has been the collaborative work of developers, contractors, manufactures and Tech Blog Writers.  I presented the first draft of the design to a 3D modeler out of the UK named John Collins ( <---- click to view the 3d renders) and from there we developed the design.  

The controller concept and 3D renders (which can be seen by clicking on John Collins name) were reviewed by various tech sites (Engadget, The Verge, TechCrunch).  Their overwhelming support launched me forward.  The momentum to work with Chinese manufactures allowed us to develop a prototype.  I then engaged Rob Friesl ( out of Chicago and together we created dozens of variants and redesigns that when refined, were sent to development.  Months later, we realized there would be significant delays and manufacturing issues with the company we hired overseas.  The prototype on this page is the final result.  To get the quality we desired, we moved to a local design firm - a recommendation from Joe Keating who believed the technology could be supported and produced by iDevices.

With iDevices professional design team, this controller can be manufactured exactly how we envisioned with the original design and intent. 

VssZone - "iDevices has proven to be able to get its creation to market, so we’re confident that this will enter mass production quite soon. iPhone gamers rejoice! Merry Christmas to all."

One of the biggest assets that iDevices brings to the table is their relationship with Apple. 

What makes this work is we have Apple's support!

iDevices contacted Apple on my behalf and we are happy to announce that Apple is not only going to support us,  but willing to devote a team to making sure that this controller works perfectly with Apple iOS devices! 

I could not have been more excited to hear that news! As you can imagine that means many things for my little controller project. 

Let me highlight a few of the newer technologies that allow us to finally make a controller like the 'FlipSide'. 

#1  BLE 

Why does BLE make all the difference? 

For those who don't know what that is, I'll explain. BLE stands for Bluetooth Low Energy. The standard bluetooth that we all know and sorta love is power hungry, slower, and hard to connect with, which makes it quite like my cousin Ricky. Unlike Ricky, there is a newer updated version of bluetooth that addresses these issues. BLE has an ultra fast 6 milliseconds response time. Older bluetooth is around 100 milliseconds. Can you imagine playing against a friend with a controller that was more then 16x faster then theirs? BLE was created to run off of coin cell batteries and for use with energy harvesters. What does that mean? Its perfectly matched for use with solar charging! Imagine the solar calculators of the past, the buttons, the calculations and the little screen... all powered by that tiny solar strip. BLE helps keep all those simple low power operations, low power, but makes them wireless! 

# 2 Rechargeable Thin Film Batteries

Is it possible to remove the need to plug in?

The problem with most batteries we use is their size and how long they will work close to 100%. For example, my laptop, its not quite 3 years old and when it was new, the battery would last close to 6 hours. Now, if it lasts more then 1 1/2 hours, I am amazed. This dynamic is a very serious problem for most batteries. However the battery that we are using is from a company called ) the battery is thinner then a stamp and about the same size. Its solid state construction allows for the battery to be charged and recharged over and over with almost no depreciation in capacity. Meaning, 10 years from now your battery will still work like new. 

An incredible added benefit to the IPS battery is that it allows for something called "trickle charging". In short, without this ability the battery would only charge in very bright light. The battery from IPS will charge even when the solar panel is facing away from the light (indoor and outdoor lights both work well).  

#3 Thin Rigid Over Molded Design

Can this really be 3mm or less off any surface? 

Most controllers use a combination of older battery and older communication technologies. By doing so, they can not create a controller that is as thin as ours. We are making a case that won't be noticeably different in size from a standard iPhone case. Because we are using a process called over molding the electronics can be embedded directly into the case which removes the need for creating a housing compartment. This greatly reduces the needed size to make this controller functional.  

So what has been done so far? 

We have funded about 35% of the project on our own with money we saved up and from help from family members. We have functional prototypes that demonstrate all of the basic functionality. 

The prototype is not the end product. 

The final product will be different in a number of ways

1. Thinner

The control pads on the prototype are about 8mm thick, on the finished product they will be right at 3mm. (about a 1/3 the thickness) 

The back of the case should be no thicker then 3mm.

2. mountable control pads

The controls on the front will easily snap into the frame (don't worry they won't fall out mid game) and snap into the back of the case. 

If there is enough interest we will tether the control pads to the case

3. no visible wires

This one is very obvious, the expense of getting the wiring embedded on the prototype was not the right use of our funds. But don't worry they will of course be embedded into the case!

Why iDevices is the Solution 

iDevices specializes in Bluetooth enabled devices!

iDevices created and developed the iGrill and the iShower. 

The iGrill and iShower can be found in retailers around the world and are even in Apples own retail stores!


The iGrill has received numerous awards beating out consumer giants like samsung, vizio and many others at CES. 

We're ready for the next level, are YOU?

We have all the details in order.

The money we get from this kickstarter funding campaign will go to finishing the items in our production timeline.


Product Development Timeline


1. Board layout.

2. Initial part selection

3. Battery layout 

4. EE Layout for smallest form factor possible


1. Embedded software design 

Embedded software design for connection to devices and interaction for charging and various other functions needed to meet the spec set forth by Apple. 


1. Testing

iDevices will utilize prototypes to test for full functionality and verify all embedded design and industrial design.

iDevices is located in Brookfield, Connecticut. We plan on manufacturing in the same facility that were used to manufacture iDevices other products in Shenzhen, China. 

This controller won't exist without your help!

Here are 3 ways you can help. 

1. be a backer

Put your money (or your parents money) in to the hands of people who can make this happen!

2. spread the word

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and word of mouth are great ways to share this project with people who can help us reach our goals. 

3. Help us come up with a name!

Yes, "The iPhone Game Controller Case" is a catchy name, but it won't fit on the front of the controller, so we need you and your friends to help come up with a better SHORTER name! 

Last but not least

Dont get stuck without at least one of these controllers!

We are making this very first run of cases a very limited special edition for our loyal backers ONLY! There will never be another run of these controllers. We would like to remind you that the controllers that are shipping to backers will be out long before they hit the market. If you want to make sure you get one of the special limited edition model of this awesome controller, you will want to order now. We will definitely appreciate it and we believe you will too. 

Thank you and we will keep you posted!

Risks and challenges

Risks and Challenges

1. If the battery having 4 hours of "lightless" play time isn't enough. We will spend the extra money to add more battery capacity to increase the battery life from 4 to 8 hours of "lightless" playing time.

2. Will the controls be adequate? (I didn't see trigger buttons)

Yes, bottom line is yes. We are making this controller to be able to do all the complicated actions that need to be done in FPS and Racing games. We want to be able to drift and strafe, and we know that other gamers like you want the same thing. Don't worry, we are on board.

Triggers buttons we need to get further in production to figure out ergonomically where the best place to put the triggers are. We are toying with a few concepts that may revolutionize how that action is accomplished.

3. Will it work with my iPhone games?

We are working directly with Apple for compatibility with iOS games. They have offered their support in this project. We are enormously excited about that as I believe that can make or break a projects success. We are planning on having compatibility with most Gameloft games out the door and many many others as developers join in.

We have also been in contact with the iCade people and may include iCade compatibility as well.

4. We are making the control pads to fit securely into the case but should you lose them what should you do?

All of our backers will be guaranteed one free set of pads that will be shipped out for free should you lose yours. (shipping charges apply)

When the campaign is over we will be offering them at a very reasonable price on our website.

5. This model of the case is being made for the iPhone 4s/5 and iTouch 5th generation. If there is sufficient funding we are planning on making versions for other makes and models of phones.

6. All Funding is refunded if we don't make our goal of 135,000. That is Kickstarter standard policy and is handled completely by them in a prompt and timely fashion. Now give me your money you button mashing monkeys!

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


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