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The Ffestiniog Englands are the world's oldest working narrow gauge engines. We're laser scanning them to make the most accurate kits.
The Ffestiniog Englands are the world's oldest working narrow gauge engines. We're laser scanning them to make the most accurate kits.
130 backers pledged £7,952 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Adam Hough on March 2

      This is Chris Thorpe (as in "Chris Thorpe from the Flexiscale Company") over on Twitter. Definitely looks like he's moved on from this project.

      (As of March 2018.)

    2. Richard Dallimore on March 7, 2017

      Now March 2017 and still nothing, con-merchant not even an apology.

    3. Danny Cordell on December 27, 2015

      Almost 2016 and still no printed kits. What is the status??

    4. Richard Dallimore on June 4, 2015

      Be respectful and considerate. why the creator is being very disrespectful?

    5. Missing avatar

      Julian C Saxton on May 14, 2015

      So it is now 14 May 2015 and no news of this project. Very very disappointing.

    6. Missing avatar

      David Janes on March 23, 2015

      No T-shirts but Chris has a nice new suit -

    7. Richard Dallimore on March 4, 2015

      Funded 2 years ago this Friday no news at all very sad.

    8. Richard Dallimore on March 4, 2015

      What not even done the Tshirts??? What is going on?

    9. Ron Light on February 8, 2015

      Do you plan on ever sending any rewards? If not, how about you share the scans, then I can make my own t-shirt.

    10. Richard Brennan on February 3, 2015

      >"Be respectful and considerate."

      Why should we??? [[frown]] Chris Thorpe (Flexiscale) has not been...

      Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill.

    11. Richard Dallimore on December 30, 2014

      Feedback / update really truly required here...............

    12. Missing avatar

      Stephen Nicholls on September 6, 2014

      Fellow backers,

      Please see the below, which has been copy and pasted from RMweb:

      "I spoke to Chris on this matter on Thursday and have encouraged him to communicate with backers saying that I'm happy to feed information back. My understanding is that the volume of backing despite exceeding the target has nowhere covered the costs of ongoing development which has cost substantially more in facing issue with materials and technology in the development process. Chris is aware that he does need to communicate about the issues and I hope will be able to give a statement on how he can move forward from this point."

      Link to the original thread and poting is here:…

      I'm not sure where this leaver myself as a backer.

      Chris, if you're reading, please let us know the situation and the plan from here.


    13. Richard Brennan on August 28, 2014

      4 Months since my last comment... still NO response from Chris/Flexiscale...
      I've used the "Report this to Kickstarter" function twice... but they seem not to know what to do when a project defaults on their legal obligations, as clearly defined on the Kickstarter "Accountability" page.

      A sorry state of affairs....

    14. Richard Southey on July 18, 2014


      Please can you at least say that the project has failed, stalled, run out of money, hit an unsolvable technical issue, or whatever the current status is?

      I think it is clear to us all that the project will not be completed, quite possibly for a very valid reason, we just don't know, so people will speculate.

      Obviously this was an investment, and unfortunately didn't pay off, but this situation is also harming you, as it is not helping your reputation.

      Just one reply to explain the situation would help both us and you.

    15. Missing avatar

      David Calderwood on July 18, 2014

      "Flexiscale looks like it's on hiatus / got moth balled, Chris is onto his next "project" - "

      Should we all start to post bad reviews about the staff of icanmake for historically over promising and failing to deliver. A definite "BUYER BEWARE FOR ALL HIS FUTURE CUSTOMERS"

    16. Richard Dallimore on June 10, 2014

      12 months late and no word.

    17. Richard Dallimore on May 16, 2014

      I spoke to him at Warley in November, I think you will find he is full of promises.

    18. tom burtonwood on May 12, 2014

      Wow. This is the only project i've backed that hasn't delivered. Everytime i see my father in law i remember i had this cool 3d printed train thing for him, and then wait - i don't have it. i paid for it. and it's no more. :-(

      Flexiscale looks like it's on hiatus / got moth balled, Chris is onto his next "project" - -- apparently they'll be at Maker Faire next week - oh goodie maybe i'll get to ask him in person when they plan to ship my Kickstarter reward.

    19. Richard Brennan on April 28, 2014

      It wold seem Flexiscale are stuck in a "don't DO" loop...

      Perhaps they should just send us an .STL file and we could print it ourselves!

    20. Richard Dallimore on March 16, 2014

      As promised at Warley in November 2013 all gone quite again.

    21. Richard Dallimore on March 16, 2014

      What chance of getting an update

    22. Missing avatar

      Samuel Bruce on March 12, 2014

      Hi! It was fun filling out the backer survey but I still haven't received a t-shirt of a laser scanned steam train, or any further updates since October last year! It would be great to hear from you about the t-shirt of a laser scanned steam train (estimated delivery April 2013).

    23. Roger W Turner on October 3, 2013

      He's too busy sending (as at this moment) over 31000 tweets. Has anyone tweeted him about this?

    24. Missing avatar

      John on September 18, 2013

      Any chance of a new update on your progress?

    25. Missing avatar

      Samuel Bruce on August 19, 2013

      Hey, you know that t-shirt of a laser scanned steam train, estimated delivery four months ago? Could you send me that shirt, please?

    26. Richard Dallimore on July 6, 2013

      Please can we have update on the Nn3 kits?

    27. Missing avatar

      Rob Kelk on July 6, 2013

      It's been four months since the end of the pledge period. Should I be worried that I haven't yet received a backer survey?

    28. Richard Dallimore on July 4, 2013

      Hi please can we have another update, been a while since last one.

    29. Missing avatar

      John on June 4, 2013

      Hi Flexiscale team,
      Whilst I can understand that there are often delays for a project like this and so will happily wait for a quality product, I cannot fathom the lack of communication coming out of this project for the last 3 months. It strikes me as being very bad form to give no updates at all since the end of pledges. Could we have some feedback on whats happening?

    30. Missing avatar

      David Phillip John on June 4, 2013

      Hi Chris
      Can you give us an update please? Locos, or refund, now well overdue.

    31. Dennis Finegan
      on June 1, 2013

      Delivery was to be May, 2013. The last update was March 6, 2013. You did not answer the question of May 15th from arrronsmith as to any updates. So what gives? It is now 6/1/13 and we haven't heard a word in 3 months. What is the status of my locomotive?

    32. arrronsmith on May 15, 2013

      Are there any updates on this project?

    33. Chris Thorpe from The Flexiscale Company Creator on March 6, 2013

      Thanks CADScan people. Good luck with yours too, can't wait for it to be funded. Think that will be a valuable tool in all we do.

    34. CADScan on March 6, 2013

      Congratulations, and best of luck with your project!

    35. Richard Southey on March 3, 2013

      Its great to see Princess in a new light... I've drank a few pints next to her in the last 10 years while volunteering on the WHR!

      Looking forward to owning a 7mm scale version :)

      Keep up the amazing work!

    36. Chris Thorpe from The Flexiscale Company Creator on February 27, 2013

      Many thanks Roger! Onwards now to the chassis kits!

    37. Roger W Turner on February 26, 2013

      Many congratulations on reaching the initial target.

    38. Chris Thorpe from The Flexiscale Company Creator on February 7, 2013

      @Julia we definitely couldn't talk about Thomas without paying a large licensing fee, however these engines do feature in those books and videos. Duke the Lost Engine is based on Prince.

    39. Julia Gosztyla Ziobro
      on February 7, 2013

      This is an amazing project. I love trains, but more importantly, my almost 5-year old son is CRAZY about trains, and I have to think about what to get him from the project so I'm in for just a pound now. Consider doing a kid-size shirt with photos of all four engines? One of them looks so much like Thomas that I think there's a cheeky angle there... "the REAL engines of Sodor"... nah, the copyright issues would loom large. ;-) But if you could tap into the market of those kids, this project would hit 50,000 quid.

    40. Chris Thorpe from The Flexiscale Company Creator on February 6, 2013

      @Jan, thanks for getting in touch, we've just added some more in for some of the scales which were sold out.

    41. Missing avatar

      Jan Prichystal on February 6, 2013

      Some of the 3D prints are already gone. Have you considered increasing the number?

    42. Chris Thorpe from The Flexiscale Company Creator on February 4, 2013

      @James - great idea. given some of the pictures we got today we're exploring that option right now...

    43. James Darling on February 4, 2013

      Postcards are lovely, looking forward to them, but I would also buy a poster.