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$2,110 pledged of $12,000 goal
By The Fishes
$2,110 pledged of $12,000 goal

One Week In!

26 days to go on Kickstarter! We are SO THRILLED to have all of you on board - 18 backers who committed over $1000, which I can't believe happened in just a few days.

So we had the guts to do this, and no matter what happens, I'm proud of that.

Launching the project, coming up with rewards and deciding on $12,000 as our goal was harder than I thought it would be. I don't have to tell you that it seems like an insane amount to produce, on a very basic level, 206 photographs of a restaurant chain! Blurry photographs! But that's what the budget told us.

And we wanted the stuff you get to be good. Really good.
We have 150 cities yet to go! Even though we've already covered Texas, New York, Florida, New Mexico, Nebraska, and some of Arizona and Utah, the Western US is incredibly heavy with Sizzlers. I'm intimidated by the density of it. It's a road trip, but it's not the great American free-spirit-find-yourself road trip. It's mapped out, and takes us to places the typical road trip folk don't visit. These are neighborhoods with Walmarts, Home Depots and the occasional yogurt shop. Once we find the freeway exit, most of the time we can navigate to the Sizzler pretty well without consulting the map.

Our record so far is six Sizzlers in one day. The six Sizzler day is actually kind of a rough day - because of navigating, traffic and, honestly - burnout. Each time we want to produce a great image - chances are we can't come back. So whatever's going on - the building is completely backlit or the best spot is in the street, traffic is terrible, there are 20 cars in the parking lot. We figure it out.

Now we're covering the Southern California Sizzlers catch-as-catch can. This weekend - Ventura! And some San Fernando Valley Sizzlers.

Today someone described this project as a collection of memories - I like that. We hope it has a little something for everyone.

We'll update a couple times a week from here on out! And thanks everyone for checking out our ideas and coming along!



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    1. The Fishes Creator on September 27, 2009

      Aaron - that's a really interesting idea! It's just our choice to have a uniform vision - same camera, same film, us - to produce an art project! The google map and photos are part of the process but not the end result. We're hoping people will respond to our vision and want the photographs we make!!

    2. Missing avatar

      Aaron Mcleran on September 24, 2009

      How come you guys just don't have people send in photos of Sizzlers near them... or have guerrilla photographers going out and grabbing the couple near them and geo-tagging them in google maps, or something...