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The Feeling Skin is the first smart battery-case for iPhone. More than that, it's a social object that offers a wonderful experience.

The Feeling Skin is the first smart battery-case for iPhone. More than that, it's a social object that offers a wonderful experience. Read More
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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on May 20, 2014.

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Thanks to all the feedback and messages we received, we realized we could propose a more accurate product than the Feeling skin as it is presented on this campaign. That's why we decided to stop it and come back with a different but more pertinent accessory. We want to change the smartphone accessory market, and we think we are on something.

If you are interested about what we are working on, feel free to registered on our website.

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The Feeling Skin is embed with a 1450 mAh battery that provides your iPhone with up to 80% extra battery life (we are working to add more than 100% extra battery life).  

One of the main problems with smartphones is the short battery life! It can be so frustrating because there's so much that can be done on a smartphone and there just isn't enough battery for it if you don't prioritize. That's why we have embedded a battery that will boost the daily life of your smartphone automatically. 

The Feeling Skin will automatically detect when your smartphone's battery is running low and recharge it. You can also recharge your smartphone manually by activating the battery with the Feeling Skin’s Companion App.

The Feeling Skin’s Companion App allows you to monitor your smartphone's battery life. At any moment you can see how long you have left to surf the Internet, talk on the phone or listen to music.

The Feeling Skin allows you to synchronize.

Usually when you have a battery case for iPhone 5/5S and you want to synchronize your cell with your computer, you have to take your phone out of the battery case and plug it into your computer with the Apple Lightning cable.

Thanks to our patented technology, you can leave your iPhone inside the Feeling Skin, and by plugging the standard USB cable into the Feeling Skin (included), you will be able to both synchronize and recharge your iPhone easily. Only one standard cable is needed to both recharge and synchronize your iPhone.

An added bonus of this approach is that even if your friends don’t have an iPhone, they're likely to sually have a USB cable. So if you forget yours, you  will still be able to recharge your iPhone ;-)

The USB Cable is included with the Feeling Skin.

The Feeling Skin presents an unconventional shape...

Philippe Portheault (2013 Red dot Award Design) is the designer of the Feeling Skin. We can never thank him enough for his hard work to reach such a meaningful design. We believe that Philippe is one of the top designers of his generation. The Red dot is a huge distinction for designers, and he is only in his thirties.

Much more to come on him (including an interview). You can contact him or see more of his work by visiting his website (but he is very secretive and doesn't unveil everything on it-->

Most of today's means of communication (smartphones, computers, screens...) allow only for cold and impersonal exchanges. The information can be totally disconnected from the medium of communication. We feel lil e we are communicating with the device rather than another living human being. 

We want to make sensitive interactions possible. Objects should allow you to feel emotions and touch the senses.

The Feeling Skin "feels" you and your friends emotions and physically expresses them. Our design work focuses on encapsulating and expressing those emotions through color pulsations and variations of intensity. 

How to design an organic shape? what would a living object look like? Our commitment has been to create a very singular design far from the "must be ultra sleek " "cold" and "impersonal". We wanted a warm and sensual design for the Feeling Skin, a shape that makes you want to touch it. That's the reason why the Feeling Skin has this organic/sensual shape.

Iterations in object design are difficult and expensive. Here you can see the evolution of the design through 3D printed prototypes. This step has helped us concretely test the shape, the ergonomics and the equilibrium of the design, not just with simulations. 

 The electronic integration is a decisive step because it can have an impact on the design. We have to be very careful and picky with every single detail to keep the spirit of the initial design. We have been picky enough to have a post integration prototype with a presence and coherence that is exactly the same as our first design prototype.  

Here is the very first functional prototype of the Feeling Skin. We performed extensive testing on it, we tried each functionality, we readjusted some aspects (position of the light, miniaturisation...). 

And now we are happy to present you our final prototype of the Feeling Skin

Gimme some specs!

  • Dimensions: 64mm (W) x 24mm (D) x 141mm (H) Weight: ~100g 
  • Stand-by Operating TimGe : 72h. 
  • Battery : EEMB, capacity: 1450mAh, size: 60 x 40 x 5,2mm
  • Technology: Lithium Polymere. 
  • Port extensions : micro USB connector. 

Electronic Components:

  • Board: 64 x 51,6x 0,8 mm  Flex-rigid 5 Layers (FR4)
  • Microcontroller : Microchip PIC32 (MX230F064B). Clock Speed: 50MHz (83 DMIPS), 28 Pins, data memory: 16KB.
  • MFi Apple Authentication Coprocessor 2.0C
  • Connector Lightning C11B.
  • Micro USB charging/synchronization cable : included. 
  • Audio jack extension cord : included.
  • Shock Resistance : 10G.
  • Operation Environment: 0 – 95 °F 
  • Storage Environment: 0 – 120°F 

Where we are at


The App is ready and the Backers will be able to beta test it once the campaign is complete, we are more than happy to receive your feedback !

We have a functional and almost ready for production prototype of the Feeling Skin. We now have to run extensive tests to make sure the App is working harmoniously with the hardware and prepare the proper tooling to start production.

We have done as much work as possible before launching our Kickstarter campaign, we are almost there ! We need your help to get to the next level : industrial production. Our dream is to bring this poetic product to the market, we want to speak about emotions, magic and poetry through technology. We are sure many people feel the same way as us: technology doesn't have to be cold, it can bring sensitivity and poetry to everyday life.

Why we need you :

Industrialization is a big process, and most manufacturers need guarantees before working with a startup and can only produce larges volumes of the product for a reasonable price. We need to be able to order at least 1000 Feeling Skins to start production and bring the Feeling Skin to the market.

Risks and challenges

We have been working for almost two years on developing the most amazing case for iPhone. To achieve such an advanced product we had to overcome many technical and mechanical challenges, and at this stage of development we have done everything possible to reduce the amount of risk associated with this investment. The industrialization process can have an impact on the mechanical aspect of the product (form, improvements and ergonomics).

In order to develop the Feeling Skin for the iPhone, we had to sign a Made For iPhone (MFi) licence with Apple. Apple has right to raise queries during the industrialization process of any MFi product, and we would then discuss with Apple accordingly. This can add additional time to the process we may not be able to control.

To reduce risks, we have partnered with a ranking MFi manufacturer, and during the development of the Feeling Skin we took care to respect Apple's guidelines. This allows us to be quite confident that we will pass the MFi certification without delay.

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