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Strawberry-Tarragon, Rum-Maple Spice, Jasmine Tea or Jerk, custom-cured bacon is a dream come true! Handmade from sustainable sources. Read more

Portland, OR Food
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This project was successfully funded on December 31, 2009.

Strawberry-Tarragon, Rum-Maple Spice, Jasmine Tea or Jerk, custom-cured bacon is a dream come true! Handmade from sustainable sources.

Portland, OR Food
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The Ethical Butcher
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The Ethical Butcher

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After The Ethical Butcher's successful The Bacon Gospel :Bacon for Brooklyn in Spring 2009, The Bacon Gospel : BCN/PDX is going even bigger!

This bacon is made from a choice of either heritage pork or lamb belly, using only the most sustainable sources. Customers will be able to choose between over twenty flavors OR request their own unique flavor, even add their own special ingredients. A short consultation is included in every custom-cure order. Although the primary goal of The Ethical Butcher is pleasing your palate, an effort is also made to create community by connecting the product of local farmers with consumers and to catalogue the regional and personal influences on an individual's flavor choices. Adding the alternative of using lamb belly opens up a world of flavor variations to many who abstain from pork and is a far cry from turkey "bacon". Bacon has proven itself to be an unexpected and unparalleled vehicle for both powerful and nuanced flavor, and the possibilities are endless! Previous ingredients in The Ethical Butcher's custom-cures include ground cacao and rum from Trinidad, pine branches from the Berkshire mountains, even home-made Mole and Jerk! This is truly bacon like you've never tasted, an improvement on perfection!

The Ethical Butcher will be selling custom-cured bacon at Portland Farmer's Markets beginning March 2010. If you don't live near Portland, I apologize that due to the labyrinthine nature of USDA regulations, the bacon will currently only be available for retail purchase in this manner. Wholesale and mail-order will be available once USDA-inspection becomes a financially feasible option.

For more info on The Ethical Butcher, please check out the blog at


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    Sky's the limit on this one. You'll get a personal consultation to discuss and name your personal recipe. Customers will know your name and maybe you'll create the future best-selling flavor! For those in the area, there is also the option of one free slab of your choice in lieu of creating a new flavor.

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