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Stories (okay, one story) & pictures directly into your (snail) mailbox, all on a convenient post-card-size medium (i.e., a postcard)!
Created by

Andrew Kozma

264 backers pledged $3,206 to help bring this project to life.

Who wants a biography?

Why, yes, we have succeeded again in getting our top pledge pledged.  Huzzah!

We admit that this is not our fault.  In fact, when we first came up with the $400 pledge level, we thought it would never be pledged.  We did not, in fact, yearn with all our hearts to come up with a brand new story and brand new pictures to go with it!  And, yet, that is the fate with which we are now saddled.

When we established our next top pledge level, we figured that raising the entrance to $500 and setting it somewhat based in and around Houston (unless you have access to a private airline) would prevent anyone from dedicating their funds towards a portrait by a portraitist.

So now, we have upped the ante again (and then we're going to call, so have your cards ready) and are now providing three biographies (about You and Two Friends) written to spec along with three sets of postcards for $600.  We fully expect that no one will take up this gauntlet and throw it back into our faces.  But if you indeed DO throw it in our faces, please use velvet gloves instead of gauntlets.

And if you do throw it in our faces, be aware that we will come up with another top pledge and another top pledge until all our pledges have been topped.

Or we run out of time.

Probably the latter.