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Murder, Sex, Revenge, Art, Religion, and Caterpillars. Welcome to the world of ZASTROZZI.

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the DIVISION is absolutely thrilled to announce our audaciously expensive debut production...


Performances: 7:30pm, Wed, Thurs, Fri & Sat nights, February 3-26th @ the Viaduct Theater, 3111 N. Western Ave ~ Tickets on sale NOW at the Viaduct Box Office

Europe, 1893.  Zastrozzi - atheist, art-critic, and master criminal - has spent the past three years in the singleminded pursuit of revenge against his mother's murderer, the born-again, former performance artist and self proclaimed Messiah of Caterpillars, Verezzi.

With the aid of his murderous protege Bernardo, and his sometimes lover the accomplished seductress Matilda, Zastrozzi has finally cornered Verezzi for a final showdown between good and evil, love and hate, art and mediocrity.

Examining the very fabric of justice, duty, morality, and how one person can make the world a better place, ZASTROZZI walks a razor-sharp line between the deliciously comic and the deadly serious, taking the audience on an unforgettable ride through a landscape that may not be so unfamiliar as it first appears...

ABOUT THE DIVISION: We are a collective of actors, technicians, and designers with firm roots in Chicago's arts community.  Together we aim to make deeply examined and carefully crafted theater that reflects our unflinching passion and respect for both the art and the audience.

We work our asses off, and we work for free.

IF YOU WORK FOR FREE, WHERE'S MY MONEY GOING?: Here's what passion, experience, and dedication can't buy: performance rights, rehearsal space, theater rental, paint, lumber, fasteners, fabric, metals, tools, moving trucks, lighting and sound equipment, sword rental, costumes, props, programs, posters, postcards, postage, about 40 gallons of fake blood, and about 40 gallons of Woolite to wash it out with.  (Oh, and quarters for the dryer.)

For production details and other information, please visit our website ~


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