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The Devil's Dosh - a 35mm short film (non-profit)'s video poster

Every East London crime boss has a tragic beginning. This is Marcus's story. Read more

London, UK Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on July 17, 2011.

Every East London crime boss has a tragic beginning. This is Marcus's story.

London, UK Shorts
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The Devil's Dosh a non-profit short film and the brainchild of American writer/director Zach Guerra. Dosh is a dark, gritty, and provocative portrait of the harsh times of a post-World War II East London brothel called The Orleans, and one of it's inhabitants, a young boy named Marcus.

Zach, a lover of all things 'English cinema', is a steadfast champion of the working-class. He's interested in telling stories about people who live life on the fringes of society, where it's a daily struggle for survival and the stakes are much higher at a far earlier age. Nowhere is this more evident than The Orleans.


We need your help. As you can imagine, this is all very expensive, and we've only just started. A single plane ticket costs on average $500-800, a gallon of gas in the UK is $12, and the dollar to pound Sterling foreign exchange rate is... humbling. 

Zach, who's also a married father of two, has exhausted his bank accounts and taken out an incredible amount of school loan money, and even opened a few credit cards, in order to finish this project. Still, it's not enough. As well, because he's not a UK citizen, the film isn't eligible to receive short film UK Lottery funds.

With your help we plan Phase II, which is to rent a sound stage, build and dress the interior of the brothel, keep shooting on film, buy materials for the SFX and VFX, and feed our army of personnel dedicating their free time. We plan to do all of this in the summer, and we sincerely hope that you'll help. 


For a complete directors statement, bios on the crew, and more amazing artwork from Dreamworks artist Arthur Fong, and RISD student Debora Fulop visit:

Join our Facebook team:

or twitter:!/thedevilsdosh


Many English directors have traveled to the US to establish successful careers doing American films, but rarely does it happen the other way around. Zach's not originally from East London, or England for that matter, but his desires to make the types of films he enjoys lead him to try his hand at this, his favorite genre of cinema.

Early on in the process he recognized the importance of maintaining a high degree of authenticity to the language, production design, and characters as possible, something he was unwilling to compromise on. Unfortunately for Zach's budget, he felt the old film adage, a tree is a tree, film it in Griffith Park, didn't apply here.

Out of respect to the film, the story, and the many English filmmakers who've inspired Zach over the years to tell this story, he pulled the trigger and over the span of a year, traveled to the UK over a half-dozen times schlepping around wherever he could find a couch, researched the nuance of the language, gathered locations, worked with concept artists, meet amazing crew, and actors in order to prepare for production.

Finally, with 'Team Dosh' assembled, they began production on the first portion of the film this past May, which we're very happy to announce, was shot on 35mm, with anamorphic lenses, and the production was a wild success. Everyone is happy, but we're more excited about the second part of the shoot, Phase II.


Dosh is filled with amazing industry professionals, all of who care for the story and its characters as if it was their own. They've donated their free time away from the multi-million dollar pictures to help complete a rather epic short film, with the hopes that it'll grow into something truly amazing. So far, that's exactly what's happened. 


  • Yes, this is a non-profit venture. We would love to get a return on the investment, but there is no investment plan, since there is a very small market for short films. Is there an opportunity to see a return on the investment? Yes, but only in rare circumstances. Any return are negated by the overwhelming costs already taken upon the filmmaker and his volunteers. Every penny earned will go back into promotion of the film, be it at festivals, or used for traveling expenses to promote the film at various venues.

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    Thank You on the films website.

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    Everything above, and a downloadable HD copy of The Devil's Dosh soundtrack and movie.

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    Everything above, a DVD copy of The Devil's Dosh sent to you in the mail, personal thank letter from the Director.

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    BAD MAN or DIRTY GERTY (choose one) T-shirt. Choose your size, S, M, L, XL, male or female cotton. It's a silk-screened white print on black shirt - DOSH CREW on the back. International shipping not included. Check the UPDATES for pictures.

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    Everything above and a Thank You credit in the film and our IMDB page.

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    Everything above, Director signed copy of the DVD and a production script with personal Thank You letter from the director.

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    Limited Edition, hand made printed, Devil's Dosh crew t-shirt, and BluRay DVD with behind the scenes footage and extras not available in the DVD.

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    Everything above, DOSH CREW T-shirt, SPECIAL THANK YOU credit on IMDB, two VIP tickets to attend the world premiere of The Devil's Dosh (travel not included), personal VIDEO thank you from the Director with the BlueRay/DVD package, and signed set photograph.

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    ONE OF A KIND CARICATURE SET + BluRay/DVD + personal thank you video from Director + Custom DOSH CREW T-shirt + Special Contributor credit on IMDB + SIGNED MOVIE POSTER + pre-festival ADVANCED copy of the festival cut. All this for your patronage.

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    FILM SCHOOL 101 for BUSINESSES: Full day (eight hour intensive) virtual or in-person one-on-one session, and follow-up 4-hour editing intensive, with Director on how to get your business media (web videos, instructional content, vlog's, and commercials) to look, sound, and feel like a professional production but without breaking your budget, regardless of your. We'll teach you and/or your people and it'll save you THOUSANDS of $$$'s.

    Content will include brief classes on basics of camera; concepts of space and movement; basics of lighting and sound; starter equipment you must have; editing software and basics of editing; and understanding video formats for output.

    By the end of this session you will have shot and edited two different types of content (industrial and instructional) for your business, know how to author it to a DVD and/or upload to the web, and be able to repeat the process with the same amount of success.

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    FILM SCHOOL 101 2-DAY INTENSIVE (for amateurs or business):

    USC MFA grad, award winning writer/director Zach Guerra will come to you* and over a 2-DAY (weekend) intensive course will teach you (friends and family) FILM 101 for fiction narrative to include: Writing (basics of a scene, developing characters, act structure); Production (equipment, fundamentals, permits, insurance, logistical support, Union basics); Art Department (Design, color, texture, space); Costume (how it defines a character); Camera (digital and analog cameras, how to use them, defining the space, composing the shot, basic movement); Lighting (3-light interview set up, light uses, color space); Sound (equipment, why it's the most important thing in film); Editing (equipment, software, basic techniques, credits, scoring); and Output (how to put your film onto DVD or web).

    NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED. Director will arrive with a limited camera, lenses, sound gear, lighting package and computer to edit. By the end of the weekend you will have shot a professional 3-min High Definition short film or 30-second spec commercial, which you wrote, directed and edited.

    *please contact in advance if you're an international donator.

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    Executive Producer IMDB credit, (4) DOSH EXEC PRODUCER T-shirts, BluRay/DVD/Personal Thanks from Director, Signed Poster, INVITATION TO BE ON SET DURING FILMING IN LONDON with option for a role IN THE FILM, HOUSE AND KEY Prop used in film, and finally a matted and framed poster signed by the Director, Producer, and stars of the film.

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