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An unusual dinner party where guests share something that upsets them and then throw a piece of china at the garden wall as a reward.


Thank you for visiting our kick-starter funding page for DESTRUCTION PARTY!

Our video (above) will fill you in on our project and, along with the information below, we invite you to become part of our party.


$8,000 sounds like a lot of money.  And for many reasons, it is!  Thankfully, we have taken hours to budget the cost of our project in a way where we combine our resources of getting rented camera & equipment for free and pairing that with necessary filming costs such as location fees, permit fees, salary for cast, insurance to cover production responsibly, etc.  A few basic party costs you are helping contribute to would be:






CAST SALARY = non-disclosed, but in the total.

Other costs will be allotted to post-production (editing, coloring, sound editing) needs that will arise once we are wrapped.

If you would like to sponsor a specific aspect of the production, such as a meal or an equipment rental, feel free to contact us with your request!


When Ava invites her three closest friends to a dinner party, her unaware guests are in for a surprise.  Wine is poured, and Ava ceremoniously introduces the girls to her concept of this DESTRUCTION PARTY: 

The girls are asked to share what upsets them...and instead of drinking out of their tea cups, the girls hurl them at a nearby stone wall for every bit of cathartic wit and social commentary they unleash.


While our script is cleverly written to only include one set with an intimate cast of four actresses, there are still costs we cannot go without paying in order to accomplish the quality of production we aim for.

In short, we aim to produce a film that is a contender in the short film category in film festival circuits nationwide.  We feel the short story form is an achievable way that we can tell a creative, original story by not exceeding the limited means we currently have as aspiring, independent filmmakers.

We have taken pride and caution with our budget, and we are happy to ask for the bare minimum financial amount necessary to produce this film.


DESTRUCTION PARTY was written and will be Directed by Amanda Mae Meyncke.  Conception of the story began in February, 2011 and Trenton Waterson was brought on board to Produce.

It was not long before Executive Producer Kacie Calhoun joined the team offering her experiences in the physical production world.  Most recently, Shea Parker has joined as Production Supervisor.

Our story will be enhanced through the Production Design talents of Brittany Bradford.  The eye behind the viewfinder will be Charlie Balch, Director of Photography.  Our story will be cut together by Cris Mertens, Editor.

More cast & crew announcements soon.


Please be sure to visit our website,

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Lastly, follow to ready & share your own destruction party stories.

THANK YOU for your time and consideration of backing our film!

- Amanda, Trenton, Kacie & the Destruction Party crew!


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