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The Club is a documentary-in-progress exploring the complexities of several women who each lost their mothers early in life.

The Club is a candid documentary film exploring the lives of several women across the world who lost their mothers in their formative years, and the impact this loss has had on the lives they've subsequently made for themselves. The audience will meet women from a range of backgrounds, at varying stages of their lives who are all still identifying their own paths and how their mother's absence has, and continues to play a role in their lives. The gracious contributions of Rosie O’Donnell, Molly Shannon and Hope Edelman, NY Times Bestselling author of Motherless Daughters, also demonstrates the gravitas of this subject matter.

From the heart of Sao Paulo, Brazil to the bustling streets of New York City; the seemingly idyllic Calabasas, California to the hot and sweaty deep South, all the way across to the alternative hub of Bristol England; this film is an eclectic patchwork of personal stories woven together with rich archival footage to give their experiences context and the film a strong sense of intimacy and nostalgia. As women who lost their mothers during adolescence , the filmmakers will offer a unique approach and a sense of authenticity that aims to be an honest yet hopeful depiction of the long-term impacts of early mother loss.

Two fledgling filmmakers from opposite sides of the pond instantly connected over their unwavering passion for documentaries, and as two girls who had both lost their mothers young. Despite the 5 hour time difference between London & New York, Katie and Carlye have made what may have seemed an impossible collaboration possible... with a little help from skype and a whole lot of 'deep breaths'. 

With 75% of our footage shot, and our key characters and themes identified, we now need help to reach the next goal.  Our next step is a final filming trip to shoot closing interviews with our characters, all of whom have been on their own individual journeys over the last year and a half.  We're then ready for the all important, though daunting task of beginning the lengthy and costly post production phase. 

This is where Kickstarter comes in.  The money raised will allow us:

- 10 days of filming

- 30 days of editing, enough to get a rough cut for festival submissions

This is a grassroots endeavour, developed by the passionate dedication of a few but by the time these 60 days are up, we will have made a ton of new connections, gained wider support and have a bigger, better and more powerful project than ever.  We're really excited about the platform Kickstarter can give us, and want as much feedback- both supportive or critical, as possible to help make this a real reflection of a primal and significant life experience.  

Whatever your experience and background, whether this is something that has affected you first hand or you're just a champion for documentaries, feel free to get involved, get in touch and pass along!!

(Trailer edited by Jacques del Conte and Chandra Ratner c/o boxerbabe llc)


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