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We are a band in need of a vehicle. We just released our new CD and have played almost every venue in town, now it's time to expand.

Hey everyone thanks for checking out our kickstarter project!  We've been working hard the past few weeks to get this idea together and make it happen.

We've recently released our new full length album "Madison" and we've been playing shows left and right in the Albany area. It has been a blast playing gigs here in town, but now it’s time to take the show on the road!  With show offers popping up from outside of the Albany area, it has become clear that we will need a vehicle in order to help promote our band as well as our new CD.  We're raising money as a band but we can't do it all by ourselves, and that's why we have decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign.

Why do we want a shuttle bus and not a passenger van or a tour bus? Well here's a little bit about the differences from the bands touring veteran, Dave Parker:

"I've toured in a passenger van in the past with Weerd Science, they're definitely a good option and a common choice for a traveling band, but there are a few things that I don't like about them.  First of all you are going to need a trailer and let me tell you, those things can be difficult to deal with and also dangerous!!!  Another problem is that they kind of force you to get hotel rooms which cost money and you end up leaving your van unattended in what may not be a very good neighborhood. Band van/trailer break-ins are WAY too common these days.  Most bands that I know have experienced this.  The only way to get around this problem is to park the van somewhere safe and sleep in it, which is extremely uncomfortable.  Who wants to sleep sitting up every night?!?!  My good friend and fellow collaborator Josh Eppard recently avoided a van looting by doing just this; however I'll spare the details. A tour bus is by far the most comfortable way to go, but unfortunately also completely out of the question because of the price tag.  Touring with Coheed and Cambria in a bus (we actually had 2 at one point) was more like a vacation than a tour!  They have bunks, a refrigerator, TV's everywhere, a bathroom, a kitchenette and sometimes even a shower!  The band completely avoided having to get hotel rooms every night for everyone and the bus usually ended up parked somewhere safe and was never left unattended. They paid a pretty hefty price for this however, a price that we couldn't even put a dent in!!!"

Our idea is this- split the difference between a passenger van and a tour bus. Shuttle buses are quite a bit bigger than a passenger van and will allow us to create a storage space for the bands gear in the very back, accessible through the rear door or handicapped door. No trailer!!! They also allow you to stand up inside. With the extra height we will be able to fit enough bunks for everyone. Having bunks is a massive advantage over a passenger van. We will be able to park the van at night in well lit, safe parking lots or rest stops and sleep in it comfortably. Safe, comfortable, and thrifty!!           

How are we going to do all this? We are incredibly lucky to have a mechanic in the band, he's not just some guy who knows how to change a tire, and he actually spent years in school for this. Our drummer Curt is a full time mechanic by day and will be a huge help once we get the shuttle bus. Since we will surely be buying a used vehicle, he will be able to help us find the best one we can afford, give it a check up and fix up anything that might need a little work in order to get it travel ready.

Another important aspect of this is what we will be doing to the shuttle once we get it. We are already looking into things like adding bunks to sleep 6, a mini fridge, TV, storage space for 6 people's luggage, the band gear, etc. Through our research into this and talking to other bands that have done similar things, we've realized that we are only limited by the amount of money, know-how, and time we have to put into it. So if we can get enough backers here on kickstarter we can really make this happen! It does seem like a lot of work but we are a band that puts a lot of thought, time and effort into everything we do and enjoy every moment of it. No rental van compares to having a customized "home away from home" that we built ourselves, and we are looking forward to getting our hands a little dirty with this thing!     

So please watch our video, share it on Facebook by clicking the like button underneath the video here on kickstarter, and Tweet it! Whether you're a backer or not you'll be doing us an enormous favor by sharing it!

Thank you! -TCNS and crew


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