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This album has been in the works for 3 years. We'd like to have it finished up so we can get it into people's hands to enjoy.
This album has been in the works for 3 years. We'd like to have it finished up so we can get it into people's hands to enjoy.
31 backers pledged $3,210 to help bring this project to life.

'Amelie Belle & the Sleeping Well'

Again we just want to thank all of you for your donations and support. We have 12 days left to try and hit that secondary goal, so please spread the word if you are able.

On another note, we wanted to update you all on something else we’ve been working on. Colby, his wife Kimberly, and their four children are expecting another addition to their family next month, her name is Amelie Belle. To celebrate this occasion Colby has put together a compilation album telling the fictional story of ‘Amelie Belle & the Sleeping Well.’ Friends and family members were asked to write a song for Amelie or to record a cover song for her. These recordings were put together by Colby and woven into a magical tale, including narrations by Colby and his family. As an added bonus to all donators, we are going to provide a link so that you can all download and enjoy this recording. We will post an update as soon as that link is available.

Below is the tracklist and a short clip from one of the album's narrations.

Tracklist for ‘Amelie Belle and the Sleeping Well’:

1. Amelie, part I - (Prelude) - by Driftin' Luke and His Many Personalities
2. Introducing Amelie (narration)
3. Hey! Hey! Here comes Amelie!- The Peanut Faire
4. Looking for a family (narration)
5. "The Sibling Song"- Jonah and the Golden Elephants
6. Amelie meets her mother (narration)
7. "The Fun Room" - The Morning Pages
8. Amelie meets her father (narration)
9. "She makes me happy"- The Invisible Strings
10. Amelie wanders away and falls into the Sleeping Well (narration)
11. "Amelie, Part II (Interlude)"- Leatherbag
12. Amelie and her family go camping by a creek (narration)
13. "The Swimming Song"- Ashen
14. The sight of a bucket reminds Amelie of the Sleeping well (narration)
15. "In a bucket"- The Ol' Pioneers
16. Amelie falls down the Sleeping Well a second time (narration)- with Dallas Cloud, Jr.
17. "Hide Your Eyes"- MixMasterMandy
18. Amelie lands in the clouds of the upside down forest (narration)
19. "Smile at the rain" - Leah Edwards
20. Amelie meets the Wild Caboose Captain (narration)
21. "Engine" - Mogul Piper
22. Amelie arrives back in her mothers arms just before the train derails off the elephants trunk (narration)- with Memaw
23. Amelie, Part III (Interlude) - The Deserters
24. Amelie grows up (narration)
25. "Young At Heart/Amelie Belle"- The Moore Family Singers
26. Now an old maid, Amelie rides a train to visit her descendants (narration)/"Toorah Loorah Looral"- Jason King and the Boxcar Octet
27. Amelie dreams one last sweet dream of the world inside the sleeping well
28. "Dreaming of a little cabin"- Marmalade and Poppyseed
29. Reunited with her family and friends, Amelie shows them the world of the well
30. "Run with the Wolves" - The Young Kings
31. Amelie's friends and family disappear, leaving her alone with the wolves (narration)
32. "That Little Girl of Mine"- Gigi Pennington/Someone very special arrives to tell Amelie that everything will be alright (narration)
33. "Lullaby: A Translation"- GrapeGrandma and Visabuela
34. "Acalanto" - Amelie's Mother w/ Grandma

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