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$986 pledged of $4,000 goal
$986 pledged of $4,000 goal

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The BulletProof Ghost is now a novel and is available on Kindle

The BulletProof Ghost: Prototypes is now available on Kindle.  His Death is Only the Beginning of the Story.
The BulletProof Ghost: Prototypes is now available on Kindle. His Death is Only the Beginning of the Story.

 You can buy The BulletProof Ghost: Prototypes on Kindle for $.99!  

As some of you know, the comic version went through two Kickstarters and never received the funding it needed. Though unfortunate, this has given birth to a new novel series based on the comic scripts. I can say that after the editing process and several revisions, the novel is better than the original comic scripts. I hope to turn BPG into a comic or maybe a web series at some point, but at least this is a true first step. Thanks for the support.  

Keep an eye on the Twitter and the Website for more updates on the physical version of the book and the second volume, The BulletProof Ghost: In Spades in the coming weeks and months.

  -Jake dh

New Kickstarter is UP

For those of you pledged in the last campaign, the new one is up.  There were a lot of complications in my life including a lay off, unemployment, a job I thought I had falling through and working a 3rd shift job that has nothing to do with my degree.  That's why it's taken me over a year to get a new campaign going.  I have a lot of new ideas to get attention for the Kickstarter.  The rewards are different and there are better deals to be had.  Check it out and we can make this happen together.

New Campaign starting this week!!

New campaign for Issue #1 this week. It's been over a year since the last one. There are tons of updates on the blog, Facebook & twitter... All linked to . The only thing left to do is the video and to submit it to be approved. Unlike last time I've released a ton of info about the story as well as the full original linear scripts on the blog and the first issue that will actually be the template for the current Issue #1. Stay tuned.

Lower Route?

I have an option to maybe go with a less expensive route for BPG Issue #1.  I may go with another Kickstarter that is only for $1,000.  I'm hesitant about this, because I'd have to get everyone who pledged before to pledge again.  Let me know if you'll put the money that you pledged this time into a second Kickstarter. I may have some art from another source done before I start on the new one. Thanks for the support and I'll keep everyone up to date on this alternative art source.


We had a really good day of pledges yesterday, $355!  Unfortunately this only brings us shy of 25% of funding.  We have one full day and some change left for this project and it looks like for all intents and purposes we won't be able to hit our goal (unless we get $3,000 in one day). 

Thanks for the support so far, especially the high roller donors.  I had support from people I didn't know a month ago (or still don't know) and didn't get support from people I really expected to.  This was my first Kickstarter, so I'm not going to let this stop BPG from happening.  I've come up with a couple of alternate plans over the last week.  Like the Facebook page for updates on BPG's status.!/pages/The-BulletProof-Ghost/265555446806350

If by some unlikely stroke of luck we get the funding, I'll send all of you messages on when your rewards are coming in.  In all honesty, with as many over $100 backers that I have, I'd have to rewrite the script the little bit to fit your likeness in (not too much though).  Thanks for everything and hopefully things will pan out in the long run.

-Jake dh