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The EASIEST, MOST SATISFYING and FUN way to open a bottle!!!
The EASIEST, MOST SATISFYING and FUN way to open a bottle!!!
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Recent updates


All Rewards Officially Shipped!!!

Hi Everyone!

All the Kickstarter rewards have officially shipped, except the 19 folks who have not provided their address :( So if you have not provided your address please do so as soon as possible so we can get you your BROpeners! If you have not received your BROpener yet and you already provided your address, rest assured, it was shipped and is on the way.

Also, please be sure to "Like" us on Facebook so you can hear about any upcoming BROpener events!

We already have some videos and photos being posted so find a great place to install the BROpener and make a post!

Remember to keep those bottles vertical when BROpening and check out the instructional video:

Have fun,

Matt & Aaron

Remember to keep your bottles VERTICAL when BROpening!

Hi Everyone

We are now more than half way through shipping everyone's BROpeners so keep your eyes open! We've already heard that people are up and BROpening and some folks have even sent us videos already! Definitely feel free to send us pictures/videos of BROpening! We'd love to see it. Now that you will all be BROpening soon, we here at team BROpener want to make sure that everyone starts off on the right foot so we made this Instructional video with some tips on proper BROpening form! PLEASE WATCH!

That said, we have to get back to work shipping the rest of these out. When you get your BROpener and set it up, remember to KEEP THE BOTTLES VERTICAL and FOLLOW THROUGH!! You'll be BROpening like a pro in no time!


Matt and Aaron

The BROpeners are in transport!

We just got the tracking number from our manufacturer!!! Delivery 4/3!

Matt and I will be working hard to get them out to all of you as soon as possible!!!

If you have not sent us your address...DO IT!!!!!

Aaron & Matt

Quick update

Hey All,

We just got a report back from the manufacturer. All the BROpeners have been machined!

Next step: The BROpeners will take a dip in the anodizing bath. This process hardens the 7075 aluminum so your BROpeners are very, very durable. Oh, and so they look nice too.

We will let you know when we have more info. In the mean time if you have not responded to your survey, do so now so we have your shipping address.

Thanks, Aaron & Matt

Here is a picture of a few BROpeners on the mill followed by a completed BROpener with the new edge design. This makes BROpening even easier. Definitely not just for BROs! My girlfriend can't stop BROpening.

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BROpener gets even easier to use!

Hi Everyone,

We thought you were due for an update to let you know what we have been up to.

Current status:

  • NEW website launched!
  • Double sided tape ordered from manufacturer and should arrive this week
  • 7075 aluminum has arrived at the machine shop and machining should start this week
  • Magnets have been ordered and are on the way to the manufacturing facility
  • Directions are complete and will be ordered this week
  • Packaging has been ordered and should arrive this week
  • Packing materials have been ordered and should arrive this week

Now on to the more exciting stuff. While the Kickstarter campaign was going on we had an idea that we thought would make the BROpener even easier to use, and we were right! I made the changes to the print and had a few prototypes made so we could test it out. A couple hundred beer BROpens later (most of which were Lagunitas Dogtown Pales!), we are extremely pleased with it and know you will be as stoked as we are.

What did we do? We added a specially designed "lip" for you to rest the bottle-cap on so the cap comes off much easier! The trick is leverage! Check out the picture below.

We will be sending more updates out along the way. Keep an eye out for a Kickstarter Project Completion Survey coming out closer to deliver date to get all of your shipping information! Expect the survey mid-march. In the mean time, if you or a friend needs to pre-order more BROpeners just check out


Aaron & Matt

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