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The EASIEST, MOST SATISFYING and FUN way to open a bottle!!!
The EASIEST, MOST SATISFYING and FUN way to open a bottle!!!
607 backers pledged $41,505 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      George Chiang on May 2, 2013

      Has everyone received theirs yet? I'm still waiting for mine.

    2. Matt & Aaron Creator on April 14, 2013

      Dave, Great to hear. Post some photos of your install if you get a minute or email them to us. Thanks for the comment.

    3. Missing avatar

      Dave on April 14, 2013

      Greetings Matt & Aaron......Got mine yesterday, and was surprised at how heavy they were. Two have been gifted, and I have to tell ya, lots of smiles......Thank You..............Semper Fi

    4. Matt & Aaron Creator on April 13, 2013

      Mike! Great! Fire off a photo of your install to or post it to our Facebook:


    5. Mike A
      on April 13, 2013

      Hey guys I got my BROpener today in the mail. These lil guys have quite the heft, can't wait to use them.

    6. Bruce Worden on January 30, 2013

      Congrats, guys! A couple days ago I increased my pledge to $16, though, to get the silver one. And it said it was fine, but today it was back down to the $14 level, and that's what got charged to my card. Don't know what happened. Any way I can still chip in the extra $2 and get my order in for a silver one?

    7. Missing avatar

      Chris Sordillo on January 29, 2013

      hey matt can i get half red half silver?

    8. David Moyal on January 28, 2013

      Hi guys ! I just pledged 39$, in order to get two BROpeners (14$ + 10$) plus shipping to France (15$).
      Is it all right ?
      How much do i have to add for 1 extra tape ?
      Thanks ! Good work !

    9. Steven Kurtz on January 25, 2013

      Hey guys! would I be able to get switch one of my originals to the silver anodized version if I add another 2 bucks? right now I have two $14 and the one for $10.

    10. Matt & Aaron Creator on January 24, 2013

      Hey Kyle, we got you down for extra tape! Thanks!!!

      Jake, glad you are excited. We are too. Great to work on something I am passionate about. Trying to get manufacturing started early right now. Stay tuned.


    11. Missing avatar

      Jake Baldwin
      on January 24, 2013

      Congrats!!! I can't wait to get my Bropeners. This was such a smart idea and I was so happy to see it reach the goal in time. Keep up the good work!!!

    12. Kyle Gilbreath on January 23, 2013

      Congrats guys! I added a few extra bucks for some extra pieces of tape. Can't wait to try it out!

    13. Missing avatar

      Cheri Ruane on January 22, 2013

      Congratulations guys!! Let the Bropener Empire begin!

    14. Missing avatar

      Mark Lavoie on January 22, 2013

      Looks great, Matt, good luck with it!

    15. Matt & Aaron Creator on January 22, 2013

      Josh. Got it! Thanks!!!

    16. Josh Pearman on January 22, 2013

      just put in my extra $10 to get a second BROpener! great deal guys. thanks. i hope it all comes through.

    17. Missing avatar

      Marcus Perkal on January 22, 2013

      I am currenty in for 3, I will buy a 4th if I can get some extra tape. I want this for my apartment, but my lease is up in a few I will need more tape?

    18. Missing avatar

      George J Sheppard on January 16, 2013

      Just upped my pledge for the bonus BROpener. Can you include some extra tape as well?

    19. Chad Harding on January 15, 2013

      Hope it all works out fellas, really hoping i get one.

    20. Mike "TiMag Sheriff" Pilcher on January 14, 2013

      I figured in this time of my life where a bottle opener was always within my reach (keychain), I wouldn't need anything like this. But... ya know... its a pretty cool concept, not too expensive, and it wouldn't hurt to have something like this right next to the fridge in case I happen to want a beer and I don't have my keys in my pockets. Because lets face it.. you aren't always wearing pants when you want a beer.

    21. Matt & Aaron Creator on January 14, 2013

      Thanks for the support Luis! You will definitely get some extra tape!

    22. Missing avatar

      Luis Rivera on January 14, 2013

      I just pledged for the Bropener, awesome idea! threw some extra bucks, hopefully i'll get some extra pieces of tape haha

    23. Missing avatar

      mary apprill on January 3, 2013

      I am no BRO ... but will mount this on my future Airstream..... Girls drink beer too. in case you BRO's forgot.

    24. Jay Paz on January 3, 2013

      coolest idea on kickstarter yet. signed up and paid for 5 of them. thanks!

    25. Ivan Kirigin on January 3, 2013

      You should probably add a higher pledge level. Maybe $50 for 4 and free shipping? If you can custom etch them, you could add an even higher level.

    26. Brad on December 30, 2012

      What can we do to get more support here? Bropener is a very original idea, I think you guys need to target your local bar's, have these things mounted all over the walls at different angles. Have contests to see who can do the craziest opening with the Bropener, etc.

      Lets go Bropener!


    27. Matt & Aaron Creator on December 30, 2012

      Thanks Ernest! Appreciate your support!

      1 . With regard to extra tape, if you want to remove your BROpener after a while and put it somewhere else then you would need an extra piece to do that.

      2. If you are interested in custom designs and large quantities give us a shout. We originally were going to offer this as an option with orders in bulk, but ran into some issues with Kickstarter's recently changed rules. That said though, if you were thinking about ordering a whole bunch of BROpeners with your own design, feel free to reach out to us and we can talk!

    28. Missing avatar

      Ernest Grzybowski on December 30, 2012

      Two questions:
      1. Why are people talking about extra tape?
      2. Can I get a custom design on the front? That'd be sick. Thanks

    29. Missing avatar

      Ben on December 28, 2012

      Hey guys, this is a great idea! I grabbed five with extra cash for an additional piece of tape for each.

    30. Matt & Aaron Creator on December 20, 2012

      Thanks Brian! I made a note of that. Share this Kickstarter link of Facebook so we can get to our goal as soon as possible:…

      We really appreciate your support!

    31. Brian Martin on December 20, 2012

      This looks great! Im pretty excited about it. Just bought one and a couple extra bucks for 2 pieces of extra tape. Cant wait!

    32. Matt & Aaron Creator on December 18, 2012

      Thanks Bill! I will make a note in your account and I will be sure to send you 3 extra pieces of tape. Happy BROpening!

    33. Bill Hochreiter on December 18, 2012

      Hi, I pledged $45 for 3 BROpeners and 3 extra pieces of double-sided tape. My name is Bill Hochreiter. Thanks and good luck!